Jun 2, 2019

Top 7 Ways to Make Money from a Blog

Some people asked me ‘how do you make money from a blog?’ I will answer their question in this article. I will show the top 7 ways that they can use to make some money from their blog. Blogging is a passionate job right now, if you can run a successful blog, you will able to monetize your blog in several ways.

The most important thing in a blog is traffic or visitor. You have to drive a good amount of traffic. Then you will be able to make money from your blog. So let’s check top 7 ways to make money from a blog. There are lots of internet offers and opportunities now to make money online.  

Top 7 Ways to Make Money from a Blog

#1 Google AdSense

When it is about blog monetization, Google AdSense is my first choice because of its authority and reliability. Google Business Policy is really amazing and helpful for publishers. I joined on Google AdSense in 2015, and still, now I have not faced any serious issue or problem.

Google has the largest number of Vendors and Publishers. Their ad network is really big.

When you monetize your blog with AdSense, they will give you a javascript code that you need to put on your site header.

Then just set up the auto ads, they will start showing ads their own.
You can control the ad type and what type of ads should be shown.

#2 Other Ad Networks

There are lots of other Ad Networks available that you can monetize your blog with. All alternatives are not good. But some of them pay more than Google AdSense.

I want to mention AdThrive.

This is the best ad network ever. But they demand 100,000 Pageviews/Month get approved. So it’s pretty much hard for any beginner blogger. It’s an RPM based network who pays according to every 1000 page views.

#3 Amazon Affiliations

There are huge numbers of people who check reviews online before buying anything. Most of them don’t buy directly from an e-commerce website. They read reviews first. And that has come with a big business opportunity.

People started building websites and blogs to review products.

Let me give you an example, suppose you have bought and vacuum cleaner and you thought to share your experience with a blog post. Now you have written a detailed post, letting people know about the product and provided an affiliate link that points the product in Amazon or another store, if anyone buys through your link, you will get amount money as commission.

And I think Amazon is the biggest way to do it.

#4 Web Hosting Affiliate

Web hosting affiliation is a really great earning option for the people who love to blog about Tech, Web design or Blogging.

There are lots of affiliate program who is paying more than $50 USD for every conversion.

So without hesitation, you can start a blog reviewing web hosting all across the world and make a commission from there.

#5 T-Shirt Selling

There are lots of Affiliate programs where you can create your own designed T-Shirt and sell them with a link. It’s called ‘Merch’.

You may have noticed that most of the popular YouTubers wear custom design T-Shirt and ask their fans to buy the same T-Shirt.

If you don’t know anything about T-Shirt design you still can work in the industry. There is a platform named SunFrog, where you can promote any T-Shirt and make a really good amount in commission.

Personally, I am working with Teespring and it’s an amazing company for T-shirt business online. You must try this platform.

#6 eBook selling

If you are a professional writer, you can sell your own book by your blog. And also you can sell books from another online library.

Most of them have an affiliate program, you just simply need to join there and drive your readers into their library.

If your reader makes a purchase you will get paid. The logic is very straight and simple.

EBook selling is a really passionate and interesting profession for lots of people.

#7 Sell Visitor or Sponsorship

You can sell your traffic using a header banner in your blog.
There are lots of niche similar companies who want to put their company banner on your blog.

Suppose you are running a cycling blog now a local cycle company wants t to add their banner on your website. You can let them do that for a certain amount of money for a certain amount period.


All of these methods work great. You just need to focus on a specific monetization option. As I said before I love Google AdSense. So I prefer to monetize my blogs with AdSense. But if you are working with products and publishing product review content then Affiliation is the best option for you.

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