May 29, 2019

7 Tips to Boost Event Attendance with Social Media Marketing

7 Tips to Boost Event Attendance with Social Media Marketing

Even the best-planned events need proper marketing to bear fruits. You can’t expect events to do all the benefits if you’re not ready to learn the art of boosting event attendance. 

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Thanks to social media, it has become incredibly easy to spread the word about anything really quickly and set the tone for your event. In fact, a lot of brands now leverage social media marketing when it comes to boosting event attendance. You too can do the same with a bit of planning and some consultation as this will go a long way in making your event the kind of success you think it would be.

Here are some of the tips to boost event attendance with social media marketing -  

1. Choose your social media platform correctly 

We all know social media can widen the reach and bolster the presence quite easily. Social channels have massive reach across regions and geographies and any business can leverage them to their own advantage. However, the selection of a right social platform becomes the key for your cause of boosting attendance for the event. There are channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. and you can trust them accordingly to devise a channel-specific strategy. 

2. Publish frequent posts on social network 

You must actively promote your event on social media to get it more eyeballs and coverage from the target audience. The event info should be posted frequently so that words about it spread. It’s always a good idea to post about the event across multiple social platforms and then look to share it to maximum people possible. The focus should be on posting content that gives detailed information about your event to users to comprehend easily. 

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3. Create content that temps people to come 

When you decide to inform the audience about your event, the focus should be on creating content that actually tempts them to come. It’s fine to first give detailed info about the product as after that you can layout other meaty details that customers would be more interested in like foods, VIPs guest, location, etc. If your content is able to show people benefits, they will definitely come to the event.  

4. Promote it with a hashtag

The use of the hashtag for promoting content is a great way to get the conversation going about your event and draw more people into the mix. Hashtags are quite a rage on Twitter and Instagram, and you could benefit from both the channels to achieve targeted conversation about the event. You can use the hashtag to build hype and excitement around your event and the more people find and use it and the more it will have chances of boosting the event attendance.

5. Create a Facebook event

A lot of people use Facebook to search for events that are taking place in and around them. So, you can take a cue out of this and create a dedicated Facebook event page for the same. You will thus have more avenues for interested people to find your event and this can definitely help spike the event attendance. On the dedicated page, you can expect interested people to register their interest and add to the hype of the event. 

6. Encourage social conversations through a widget 

It’s always a good idea to create a widget and give a push to social conversations. The widget then can display social media conversations on the website and add to the cause of event promotion. The use of widget is particularly helpful in displaying Twitter conversations which you can add to the site and amplify the reach of your event. This will definitely help in boosting event attendance. 

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7. Build up the event on the blog and share it on social media

You should benefit from the power of blogging to get a positive reaction to your event. It’s always a good strategy to build up event on your blog, share details, use charts, graphics, etc. and then share a link on a social channel. You can also think of taking help of a top event company as it can use technology and social networks to your advantage in a cost-effective manner. This is how your event will become a real success for sure.

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