Mar 15, 2019

Failure Is Not An Option is an opinion

Today I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that online businesses -- just like brick and mortar businesses -- have a very high failure rate for startups. Ever wonder why that is? There are numerous business consultants, success gurus, and motivational experts who can tell you. The problem is: Most of us don't listen to them. How many times have we heard the "success secrets" of the multimillion-dollar pros? Countless times we have all been spoken to about setting goals, having a defined plan, giving it all we've got, and aiming high. Yet still, take a look around. The statistics of small business failures have not changed. In the first five years of starting a new business, the odds say that you'll fail.

Ready for the good news? There is one thing I can tell you from personal experience, and from the experience of well-known, successful online business owners that I know. More important than setting goals, more than following a plan, more than shooting for the moon, is your mindset. Ask people who have succeeded online how they did it, and they are sure to tell you that they had to. That's right they HAD to. Why? Because failure is not an option.

When you set your sights on something as grand as starting your own business, you simply have to have the mindset that, regardless of what happens, you will not allow yourself to fail.

When difficulties come, the "failure is not an option" attitude will drive you to overcome them. When things aren't going as you originally planned (and many times they won't), "failure is not an option" will keep you from folding. When everybody else tells you that you can't make it, you will be able to tell them you can because "failure is not an option." Those whose thinking allows them an "out," those who begin a business with the idea that if it doesn't work out -- "oh well," are the ones who will most likely falter. However, on the other hand, those who have no choice but to succeed will do exactly that.

Are you considering starting a new business? Do you have a business that isn't performing the way it should? Take a look at your attitude. Yes, it is important to set goals and follow through with them. It is vital that you have the knowledge and funds to operate a business the right way. However, those things won't carry you very far if you allow yourself to think that it's OK to fail.

Take some time this week to double-check your thinking. Are you "hoping" your company will make it? Do you "wonder" if everything will work out all right? When you eliminate the option of failure, you open up the flow of creativity, you boost your level of willpower, and you energize your thinking so that only those things that lead to success can control your mind. Once you accomplish that, the only viable alternative is to make it, and make it big!
Adding new pages and blog posts in
Adding new pages and blog posts in

To create new posts and pages you have to use the dashboard options. For posting use “Post” and for pages use “Page” -> “Add new”.

I usually don’t bother myself much with pages. In short, “pages” are usually your Contact location while posts are your blogging posts. Quite simple, right?

So let’s create a first blog post and see how it goes. In order to do that, you have to click on “Post” then click on the “Add new” button.

Here’s an example of my first blog post (you need to click on “Publish” to make it live).

Before you hit the Publish button, you can add some “tags” to make it more “searchable”. if you add correct tags, it’s easier to find your blog from the search engines.

Adding new pages and blog posts in

However, don’t be too excited since new blogs won’t get much traffic at first. You have to share it with your friends, colleagues and use Twitter/Facebook etc.
Snapchat Introduces "Snapkit" Platform
Snapchat Introduces "Snapkit" Platform

Undeniably, Snapchat is widely-used by a great number of people around the world most especially the teen generation. However, it seems that it was quite hard for the multimedia messaging giant to fully spread its wings and make a name away from Facebook. Many developers believe that it can actually do more and hook more and more people with some development.
Recently, Snapchat introduced a new feature that brings a huge possibility that it will be one of those that will play a big part on the social media sites and the field of apps in the near future. It launched a platform tagged as the 'Snapkit', a full-fledged developer platform that brings Snap's camera and log-in to other applications. Previously, Techcrunch received multiple feeds that the Snap Inc., the company behind the said multimedia messaging giant, was having talks with other developers of apps for the integration of the platform of Snap.
The new feature of Snapchat raises the possibility that the log-in button and content of Snapkit will dominate the apps. Those who wish for a more private place in the online world can turn to the said platform that requires lesser information. It also allows users to sign up to other applications using their Snapkit account. Most likely, the presence of its log-in button everywhere can attract new people to make an account on the Snapchat platform.
Another great thing about the new feature of Snapchat is that users can bring with them their Bitmoji avatar after the company acquired Bitstrips. It was in 2016 when the company acquired the Toronto-based maker of Bitmojis at $64.2 million in 2016. It is one big thing that sets Snapchat apart from other messaging apps.

Have you tried the new feature of Snapchat? What can you say about it?
Top Major Reasons Why You Should Always Backup Your Blog
Top Major Reasons Why You Should Always Backup Your Blog

Are you one of those bloggers who does not back up their blogs from time to time? This might be of a great risk, because, losing your blog and all its content can be shocking and it can simply be done within some few minutes. It can even discourage you from volunteering into blogging anymore. So, it is, therefore, necessary to back up your blog content time to time.

There are many reasons why you should always backup your blog content but today here at Guide Tricks I will list and explain the most important ones among them so let’s check them out;

==> Free Blogging Platform

If you are using a free blogging platform like Wix, or Blogger one day the might simply decide to delete or disable your blog without your prior notice due to a violation of their terms and condition or disclaimer. So, always backup your blog content time to time to avoid any destruction in future.

==> Security Attacks

By the time your blog begins to get popular, your site became like a chocolate to hackers the will always target your blog and try to gain forceful access into it. This could be dangerous as you don’t know what the next move or loop hole is they just discovered. It is, therefore, necessary you install a Backup plugin to your WordPress blogs such as the Backup Buddy which helps to send you your blog backup daily to your email address or send it to another server, and this way it’s taken care of every day without you having to do anything extra works.

==> Virus Attack on Your Web Space

You might come across a lot of malwares and virus in your web host from PHP scripts or other web applications you installed into your web hosting server. Some of such Virus can be as poisonous as deleting your blog and all its content in a short minute. If you tend to notice viral attacks on your blog, it is advisable you contact your web host to run a scan on your account.

==> Webhost Server Issues

Visualize something happening to your Web Hosting company and they do not have any backup to any single file on your blog, this is just a way of losing your whole efforts over the years in a single second. This applies to self-hosted blogs such as those using the so always back up your blog content for future use.

==> Free hosting Providers

This is almost similar to free blogging platform so when you choose free hosting for your blog or website one day you will weak up without your blog than to discuss the content, if possible if you want to host your website always use premium hosting than free ones because its disadvantages it more than its advantages in some cases you can’t afford paying the premium one tries always to back up your content.

Now you see some various reasons why you need to make a backup of your blog time to time Losing your whole blog in a day without a backup can be an awful incident. Make it a habit to back up your blog for at least once a day. I hope you find this article helpful show your appreciation by dropping your comment in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this post with your lovely ones.

Mar 10, 2019

Essential Tips and Tricks need to try with Alexa
Essential Tips and Tricks need to try with Alexa

Amazon's Echo voice aides have gone from costly parlor trap of a contraption to the ideal stocking stuffer, so you most likely weren't shocked to see one of these keen home speakers wrapped up with your name on it. All things considered, possibly be somewhat amazed.

The Echo is an ideal initial step or expansion to a keen home, and exploiting a portion of its lesser-realized highlights could take you from shrewd home cynic to change over quicker than you might suspect.

Quit saying "Alexa"

Fortunately on the off chance that you have a companion or relative with a name that sounds anything like "Alexa," you can change the "wake word" that enacts your new voice right hand. Download the Alexa application to your cell phone, at that point explore to the Devices tab. Select "Reverberation and Alexa," pick your Echo gadget, at that point select "Wake Word." You can pick from Alexa, Echo, Computer, and Amazon. While it's an, in fact, restricted choice of choices, you'll be glad to be free of any bogus positives, and will feel like a Star Trek character each time you state "PC!"

Motivate your Echo to peruse to you

Connecting and setup Echo Dot to your Amazon account accomplish more than customize your experience. It connects your Echo to the substance you've just got from the organization. So when you're attempting to slow down through the night, your Echo can peruse you a story from your library of Audible substance. You can likewise set rest clocks, so your book finishes as you float off to a fantasy world.

Get acquainted with Alexa Skills

Voice colleagues can reveal to you the climate, turn on your lights, and caution you to a forthcoming arrangement. In any case, with the assistance of outsider designers, your Echo gadget can get much all the more fascinating and engaging when combined with the privilege of Alexa Skills.

Alexa Skills are basically applications you can empower on your Echo, and incorporate contributions like question and answer contests, contemplation clocks, and news reports from real outlets. You can begin by requesting that your Echo gadget "help me begin with aptitudes." Use Skills to get familiar with another word every day, play a series of Jeopardy!, or even discover your telephone when you lose it.

Give everybody a voice

It's your blessing, yet everybody in your home can profit by your new Echo by giving every individual their own customized understanding. You can request that your Echo "gain proficiency with my voice," at that point experience a couple of minutes of rehashing what your Echo says.

Showing the Echo your voice implies you can send and get messages secretly, skirt recently heard news stories, and sidesteps the shopping voice code required for voice buys. In case you're an individual from an Amazon Household, you'll additionally have the capacity to interface your administrations to the Echo gadget being referred to.

Use Alexa for speedy choices

Need an unprejudiced sudden death round among you and your kin in the course of the last cut of the pie? Regardless of whether you're not a devotee of voice partners turning out your lights, bolting your entryways, beginning your movies or turning on your microwave, you can generally utilize your Echo for the seemingly insignificant details. Request that it flip a coin, give you an irregular number between any two you pick or play shake, paper, scissors to see who sits shotgun.

Murmur mode is your late-night home aide

Voice collaborators aren't the best at keeping it calm, particularly in the event that you knock up the volume up to tune in to something prior in the day. You can quit getting shouted at when you're attempting to hold the clamor somewhere around empowering the Echo's Whisper Mode. Request that your gadget "empower Whisper Mode" and it'll crank the volume down and address you, well, faintly.

Erase your imbecilic inquiries

Regardless of whether you're worried about the voice information you produce being misused or simply don't need a record of you soliciting whether a pound from quills gauges in excess of a pound of blocks assumes responsibility for your information by erasing it yourself.

Visit Amazon's site and look at the Alexa Privacy segment in the Content and Devices page. There you'll see a rundown of each request your Echo has recorded, and have the alternative to erasing everything through and through. Surprisingly better, you can wipe the history and deal with the entrance of other keen home gadget and Alexa Skills you may have disregarded, as well.
DesignCap Review: Free Online Editor to Create Poster in Minutes
Good marketing is achieved with striking advertising, and the most traditional way is by placing a poster to inform your product, service or event, but for this, you must first have a program to make posters. You will find that it is not easy to figure out the complicity usage of professional graphics editors like Photoshop. Do not worry! You are in the right place. I am going to introduce you an easy-to-use graphics editors which you can use online and 100% free so you can edit your posters online professionally and without spending a penny. To be honest, there are many easy-to-use editors in the market, but I would like to recommend a tool that based on my experience may be the most intuitive and clear graphics editor. DesignCap is a professional tool that helps you create flyers and poster in minutes. It has a great variety of templates and resources which you don’t have to start from scratch. What’s more, there is no need to download and install any program on your computer. You can directly use it on browsers to quickly create a poster.

DesignCap Review: Free Online Editor to Create Poster in Minutes

How does DesignCap work?

All you need to do is enter the homepage of DesignCap, click the “make a free poster/flyer” button. No register or sign in required, you can access to predefined templates and abundant resources to get started your designs. The designing process is also quite simple, and all designs can be used only the following 3 steps, which are:

·         Choose a template

DesignCap provides a wide range of predefined templates, such as promotion, festival, animal, sport, art, etc. I believe you can find a preferred template among those. As I mentioned above, DesignCap is entirely free, and all templates are available to access with a click.

DesignCap Review: Free Online Editor to Create Poster in Minutes

·         Customize the poster with resources

After you choose a template, it is time to personalize with your taste. You can upload your photos from your computer. Besides, it is possible to search for photos in the photo library. If you are not satisfied with fonts of the template, DesignCap gives more options to add other predefined fonts it provides.

Besides, it is available to insert different kinds of clipart which can further complement your poster. If you want, it is easy to change the background color of your poster just with a click. In short, DesignCap offers different resources which enable you to customize the poster with dragging and dropping.

DesignCap Review: Free Online Editor to Create Poster in Minutes

·         Save and share your creation

Once you are satisfied with the results, you can save it in a preferred format (JPG, transparent PNG or standard PNG).

DesignCap allows users to choose the size for download, including small, medium, large, large size. It is also possible to directly share the results on your social media.

DesignCap Review: Free Online Editor to Create Poster in Minutes

In conclusion
If you have been convinced of its easy-to-use and free-of-charge, then go for it! On this web page, you can enjoy hundreds of templates ready to be used. It also has an extensive library of photos, fonts, clipart, backgrounds that we can use for customizing designs. Anyway, DesignCap allows you to create a professional poster without effort, even for those who know nothing about graphic design. I'll leave you the link so you can start trying out DesignCap to design your own unique poster now.

Mar 7, 2019

How to Resolve Quickbooks Error 6000
How to Resolve Quickbooks Error 6000

This blog is tied in with familiarizing clients with the few manners by which they can fix QuickBooks mistake 6000 - 77 that happens when the Organization record is opened. Peruse on to investigate about this blunder is its causes and arrangements. The blog contains the accompanying. Otherwise, you get more information to you need the help of Quickbooks Support customer service and clear all the issue. We are available 24 hours per week.

  • Issue Articulation with QuickBooks programming
  • Intuit QuickBooks Blunder 6000-77 subtleties – causes and repercussion
  • Arrangements
  • Manual strategy – QuickBooks Document Specialist
  • Utilizing Excellent Fix for QuickBooks Programming
  • The highest QuickBooks Recuperation way
Presentation of QuickBooks programming Blunder - 6000, - 77

Utilized most extreme by the SMBs, QuickBooks-the well-known bookkeeping programming by Intuit has totally changed the manner by which organizations deal with their Records division and its different segments. With its accessibility both on cloud and on reason, it has helped organizations achieve the following dimension.

Likewise, with its different kinds that are Basic Begin, Chief, Expert, and Undertaking it obliges organizations of various sorts and sizes. In any case, alongside such huge numbers of hits, it likewise has a couple of misses. It gives its clients a bad dream by ceasing to work, springing up with mistake messages, and so on. One such mistake message is QuickBooks Blunder - 6000, - 77.

QuickBooks Blunder 6000-77, Issue Articulation with QuickBooks programming

It is safe to say that you are a bookkeeper utilizing any of the QuickBooks programmings which have experienced QuickBooks blunder 6000 while working with the generally utilized bookkeeping programming. Also, is it your prerequisite to fixing it as quickly as time permits all things considered as it is extremely hampering the efficiency of Records in your business. 

As a QuickBooks client, if your response to both of these inquiries is a Yes without uncertainties and buts, you would need to take the correct measure to evacuate the blunder code 6000-77 rapidly and effectively so your work isn't hampered for a more drawn out term.

Intuit QuickBooks blunder 6000 - 77 subtleties – Causes and repercussions

Causes: A portion of the conceivable reasons for QuickBooks blunder message 6000 - 77 are as per the following:

  • Inappropriate organizer consents of the envelope that stores the Organization document inside.
  • The Organization record is situated on an outside capacity gadget that ought to have been on a system or nearby drive.
  • The Organization document in QuickBooks was opened by referencing a drive that was mapped.
  • Correspondence issue when QuickBooks running in multi-client mode.

Repercussion: The result is that the QuickBooks (QBW) document winds up degenerate or gets harmed.

Answers for fix QuickBooks Blunder 6000, - 77

The fixes accessible for the QuickBooks Blunder 6000-77 are as per the following:

Manual strategies

Restart the QuickBooks programming with more consents. Much of the time, the mistake gets evacuated after the product is restarted and does not require further workarounds.

  • Run QuickBooks Document Specialist. It is an inbuilt apparatus that can fix harmed or degenerate QBW records. Be that as it may, here and there this utility bombs in QuickBooks record recuperation and consequently the fixing of the 6000-77 blunder message. This owes to its feeble and essential fundamental innovation.

  • Move the Organization record to the nearby or arrange a drive in the event that it was recently put away on any outside capacity gadget. At that point, endeavor to open QBW document in QuickBooks support number and check whether the mistake has gone or regardless it exists.

  • In the event that the QuickBooks Organization document referenced a mapped drive, at that point change the 'Settings' and select the 'right server'. To do as such, click on 'Open or Reestablish Organization' in Record menu. Next, select 'Open an Organization Document' and after that click on 'System Spots'. Further, click on 'Whole System' and pick the server in which the Organization record was put away. At long last, restart QuickBooks programming to check if the arrangement worked or not.


  • Does not cost cash


  • Complex
  • Befuddles clients
  • Requires specialized skill in taking care of QuickBooks mistakes
  • Devours quite a bit of client' time
  • Not fruitful unfailingly

Utilizing Excellent Fix for QuickBooks Programming

At the point when all the manual strategies that have been proposed in the above area bombs in fixing the QuickBooks mistake 6000-77, go for Excellent QuickBooks record fix programming to determine the issue starting with no outside help, for example, the one that can fix the QBW record that is in degenerate or harmed condition.

The reason being, all information identified with records in any business is critical, secret, and huge. Accordingly, dawdling in attempting the manual techniques is hard to bear the cost of and isn't prompted.

The highest QuickBooks recuperation way

Rather than utilizing any of the manual techniques, it is better and smart choice to utilize Outstanding Fix for QuickBooks Programming. It recuperates everything about the degenerate QuickBooks (QBW) record in an issue free manner. Implanted with the progressed inside basic innovation.

It can establish all parts of representatives, sellers, organization, and clients. It can recuperate checks, financial exchanges, work detail, and so on and bolsters various monetary forms. Further, it is perfect with QuickBooks forms 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007, in this way, expanding its client base. It offers many increasingly beneficial highlights. To wrap things up, it is unmatched quality programming that can satisfy your motivation of fixing degenerate QuickBooks (QBW) document.
10 On-Page SEO Tips For Optimize Your Blog Post
Title: 10 On-Page SEO Tips For Optimize Your Blog Post

Most of you would be well aware of the fact the SEO is incredibly important for internet marketers. But the real question is how you be able to know which SEO strategies and tactic ought to work and which would not?

Well, you are in luck, this article is all about On-page SEO tips and tricks and I’ll also be discussing what is now considered to be old school. All you need to do is that sit back and read till the end.

There are many people who have just started to blog and there are even more that are have been running their own website for quite a while now, but they surprisingly they do not know about Search Engine Optimization and how to properly implement it.

Let’s make it more simple for the people who have little or no idea about SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this is the place where you construct your web pages and then you implement certain tactics that help you further rank high on the search engine result pages. The higher your pages rank on search engines, the more traffic your website is likely to get.

Now, let’s split SEO into two main categories; On-page SEO & Off-Page SEO. Now, you’ll be wondering as to what is Off-page and On-pages.

Off-Page SEO: It refers to all of the things that you can do directly off your websites that can help you rank higher. These things include such as article submitting, social networking, blogs and forum marketing.

On-Page SEO: As the name implies, this refers to all of the things that you can do on your website that helps you to rank higher on the search engines. Things such as page titles, Meta tags, descriptions, and internal linking.

In this content, we will only be specifically be looking into On-page SEO. To know what’s hot and what’s not in On-page SEO, you’d have to go through all of the On-page checklists below.

Title: 10 On-Page SEO Tips For Optimize Your Blog Post

Meta Descriptions

Most of the internet marketer neglect to include Meta depictions for their webpages. As a matter of fact, Meta description is a vital place to include keywords for your articles, as these are used within the search engines indexed lists when your page is listed.

For example, as we keep on using the 'Cheesecake Recipe', at that point one of the best Meta descriptions for our webpage would include relevant keywords and the ones that are related to it.

Along these lines, "This simple cheesecake recipe is mouthwatering, potentially the most scrumptious cheesecake at any point made." would be a remarkable Meta description to use in your content, as it is quite short, while it contains long tail keywords too.

Meta Tags

For every single page of your website, you have the option to include a lot of keywords as a Meta tag. But you need to keep in mind that they must be all the relevant keywords of your article, blog, or content, which you will have looked into already, that for sure.

Most of the newbies use WordPress plug-ins on their websites called 'All in One SEO Pack'. This enables them to enter the majority of their Meta tags, keywords, Meta descriptions, and page title at the base of every one of their content before publishing them online.

This is simple words, set in most of the information on your page’s HTML format for you, making your life somewhat a lot simpler.

URL Structure

Incorporating search index friendly URLs for every one of your pages is highly suggested, as these bring better traffic. However, the shorter URLs appear to perform better in web crawler results, anyway, that is not the only main factor.

Body Tags

Remember when you are writing your articles for publishing, it is considered to be a good practice that you break down your content into small segments and paragraphs to make it simpler for the reader to read. These small segments can be given heading, which is the place H1, H2, H3 and so on tags are used.

Keyword Density

Incorporating relevant keywords all through your writing is considered to be utmost imperative, as it helps web crawler’s to work out as to what your content is all about.

To avoid this, you need to endeavor to keep the density of the keywords to approximately 1-2%. And if you find this hard, take out a thesaurus and widen your writing vocabulary. Along these lines, you are as yet expounding on a similar thing, without danger of being penalized by Google.

Author: Justin Mark has been running his digital marketing agency, CityLocalPro for more than a few years. The mutual interest in digital marketing took me here, where I opt online marketing as a profession. My tactics and marketing strategies are not bound by any form but confide the latest trends and happenings of digital marketing and the ways SEO is tackling it. To stay connected with what’s latest, my posts are a great help.