Sep 18, 2018

Free up Space on Android internal memory 5 Simple Ways

Free up Space on Android internal memory 5 Simple Ways

Free up Space on Android internal memory 5 Simple Ways

Nowadays the way our smartphones are structured helps us to perform a special and amazing task that before can only be done with either a computer or a tablet. Android device has many amazing features which some’s are well known while others are hidden features in both plays an important role in our day to day activities. Android device comes in different version and also with different type of internal memory, the capability of this device may vary than the other one which also packages from the same company that’s why sometimes you will figure out that some device accept and store a few application and other media file  because their internal storage capacity is very low, whenever you try to fill up that provided space your android device may hookup at a time or it will start slowing down which is so annoying. And in some circumstances where you don’t fill up space but there is a possibility where you will be found out is just fill up so how? And what to do? The solution is to free up space in your device.

The good thing you should know is that freeing space on your android device is a very easy and simple task, in this post I am going to show you the best five (5) great ways on how to free up space on your android device so that your phone will perform well and have a great space for your favorite photo, application, audio and also video.    

Free up Space on Android internal memory 5 Simple Ways

1.==> Uninstall unused applications: if you have some applications that you are not working with them consider removing them. As I always said your device is not a dictionary or a search engine that everything must be found there, adding such unused or unnecessary application in your device only consumes your internal storage memory and also leading to device slow down. Removing or uninstalling such applications will free up some space and increase your device performance to do so Go to Settings>> application manager or apps>> uninstall the application that you don’t use or you don’t want to use anymore.     

2.==> Clear App Cached: you can also clear app cached on your android device clearing the cached removes the application temporary files and can free up some space in your device to do so simply go to settings>> storage >> clear cached >> and hit ok in some device this feature is actually absent don’t worry you can easily download some other applications that work the same feature those applications include clean master or phone master and in some latest version of the Android device you will find the phone master application which is now an inbuilt application.

3.==> Upload your photos to online storage: some pictures often occupy a lot of space in any device rather than storing them all on your phone you can easily use a cloud storage like google photos which will automatically backup all your pictures in the cloud to enable cloud syn open the photos application go to settings>> backup and syn>> change the settings to on and now all uploaded photos can easily be used on your desktop or other Android devices that are connected with your Google account. Even if you lose a picture in your device you can simply retrieve it back any time anywhere with any device.

4.==> Delete unnecessary files and folders: Most of the people downloaded files and gadgets and after use you can easily find them in the device, those files consume space in your device so it is advisable to always delete them after use by doing so it provides space in your device and space will be available for the next download. Deleting unnecessary files regularly keep your device storage free.

5.==> Moving files and Applications to SD card: moving apps and media file to SD card storage could not only free up your phone internal storage but it will also increase your phone performance by making it work and respond faster to move application to SD card storage Go to settings >> Application manager or Apps >> select application >> click move to SD card though keep in mind there are some apps that do not support moving to SD card they have to be stored in the device internal storage and also there are some Android devices moving application with one click feature is not available but you can use the method I provided in my previous post about the 7 hidden features of android device.     

So, guys those are my simple ways to free up your space on android device. Give this post a share if you found it very helpful, do you know other ways on how to free up space in android device that you think should be added to the post? let me know about it in the comment section below and if you are new to this blog subscribe to stay update with the tech related stuff.                       

Sep 13, 2018

6 Best Programming Languages You Must Learn 2018

6 Best Programming Languages You Must Learn 2018

6 Best Programming Languages You Must Learn 2018

One of the specific purposes for designing a programming language in the world is to provide a solution for people that face challenges in their day to day activities. However, there are some programming languages that are more powerful than the others and also there are some that need support from other programming languages to bring a perfect solution. Today in Guide Tricks I am going to discuss six (6) programming languages that you must master in other to be a super programmer. Put in mind there is no programming language in the world that is completely Build each programming language is designed to solve a specific problem. you cannot do everything by learning just a single programming language if you wish to provide a solution to different purposes then consider learning different programming languages.

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1.==> C++: This is one of the best and powerful programming language in the world, you have to learn and learn this If you want to be a great programmer, in every aspect of programming you will definitely come across with C++ and if you complete learn C++ learning other programming languages like Java and C# will be completely simple to you.

2.==> Java: It is also referring to the mother of programming language and one of the most popular well-known programming language nowadays. It is a platform in depended on everything now is all about java Games, Applications, mobile apps, and web application are all build with this programming language but another thing I would like you to know here is that if there is no C++ there is no Java completely.

3.==> C#: The next programming language, of course, is C# is also one of the most popular programming languages today. If you wish to get started with developing windows application or windows games or developing anything related to windows then, you must learn C#. in fact, it is the only programming language that is used in developing windows tools or application.

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4.==> C: This is also another best programming language, the reality here is if there is no C programming there will be no C++, C#, and Java, everything has been implemented from C. C++ is just drive from C Programming and the language is close to hardware so when you are going for embedded system programming then C is what you need.

5.==> Python: Python is quite a new language but is getting much popular. Python is very strong because you can build everything with it, and it is very easy it takes you nothing more or less than one week to master the variables and strings so it means you can master it very quickly.

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6.==> PHP: The last one which is PHP the only and the only one, this language is very flexible and popular it is mostly used in web pages development or software development. So, if you are interested in learning website design or software development consider learning this language. It is one of the most popular script languages for web development and software development.

So those are the programming languages you need to master if you really want to be a super programmer. if you find this post helpful kindly drop your appreciation in the comment section below and don’t forget to share with your lovely ones. Happy visiting!!

Sep 7, 2018

5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Are you looking for free software designed for your computer? there are a lot of them out there to choose from. To separate great software from the bad one's today in Guide Tricks I am going to show you some free software that is actually great. This edition will primally focus on the free software for computer running Windows operating system.


5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Puffin browser is a perfect browser which has been getting popularity on the mobile phone for the last few years and now has the version of windows. Puffin browser uses cloud servers when you browse the internet server preprocesses and compresses the data so that you download fewer data to show the web page which can be useful for those of you with internet service providers that are rolling out data caps for home internet users. 

The cloud servers also help to secure your computer by blocking any malicious website. Puffin browser is currently in data on windows other than a cloud computing technology the feature set is limited for increase privacy you can open a new incognito window by selecting the menu upper right then select “new incognito window” this one sure that the browser does not save your cookies, temporary file, web pages, and searches. The windows version of this browser should become more interesting as more feature get added. Puffin is artificial out of data and available for use on IOS and ANDROID. Check Website          


5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Pot player is a multi-player that is similar to VLC and KM player, in fact, it was created by the same theme that created KM player. Pot player supports any type of audio and video format that you can think of. It will also optimize your media for similar playback. When you first install pot player you will notice that it has minimum less style without a lot of colors. 

Along the button, it has all the typical playback options at the right-hand side it has the settings option which when you click it will bring up the control panel where you can easily change the audio, video, subtitle and playback settings. If you want to access more features just right click anywhere inside the window to easily go to the settings that you want to change. Having only used the pot player for a short time it has already replaced any media player on my computer. Check Website


5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

This is a type of video editor that has full features that are often found in expensive software. It contains a lot of visual and audio facts including color correction, object transformation, object filters, special effects, and transaction effects. VSDC also allows you to export video in different format and Adding files is very easy in the upper ribbon you can select add object and select file type from list you can also use click and drag method open the folder where your file it is either audio, image, video or amination just simply drag and drop the file into the main window. 

One the limitation of the free version is that it does not allow hardware acceleration to speed up the process of exporting and you won’t be able to export unless the hardware acceleration is turned on. In the upper right go to option select acceleration option and make sure you use hardware acceleration for encoding video is not check then select ok. The higher the quality the longer will take your video to export. If you need additional help you can visit their help forum which has many types of tutorial and YouTube is a great source for full tutorials. If you are looking for a new video editor with a great feature check out VSDC free video editor. Check Website

4.==> CPU-Z

5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Is a system profiling and modeling software that detects the CPU, ram, motherboard chips along with other hardware features on your computer it is more inadept than the tools provided within the Windows operating system. When you open CPU-Z you see your data and a tap interface with several categories to choose from including CPU, caches, motherboard, memory, SPD, and graphics. The data here is rove with no explanation and so it is not for beginners. At the button, if you select tools you can check for a driver, or BIOS update, check your clock speed and you can save your report in.TXT or.HTML format. CPU-Z is a great program that can give you a lot of useful information to help you analyze your computer. Check Website

5.==> Real world Cursor Editor

5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Is a tool that helps you create a mass cursor or modify the existing one. This is for those of you that have been asking me how I am highlighting my cursor in some of my videos. Some of the features include being able to create a cursor from images, make multi revolution cursor and the ability to make animated cursors. Some screen recorders don’t have the option to highlight a mouse cursor that’s when the software will play an important role. Whether you are creating a video for a presentation or you just need a unique cursor for personal use gives Real World Cursor Editor a try. Check Website

Give this post a share if you found it very helpful, do you know other free cool software that you think should be added to the post? let me know about it in the comment section below and if you are new to this blog subscribe to stay update with the tech related stuff.     

Sep 4, 2018

The Biggest Secret That Will Guarantee Your Online Success

The Biggest Secret That Will Guarantee Your Online Success

The Biggest Secret That Will Guarantee Your Online Success

Until people recognize that the internet is a new communication vehicle and not a new entertainment medium, success will continue to be elusive. The reason for this will become very clear as you read through this article.

It is not too difficult to see why many internet marketers insist that the World wide web is an entertainment medium - a development from TV. The typical person is more interested in the new offerings on the web that can entertain and less excited in the details of the enhanced communications capabilities this new phenomenon brings.

It is therefore not surprising to learn that the net is actually the first activity in over 40 years that has been clearly documented as something that causes people to spend less time watching TV. No wonder most people think of it as a substitute for TV.

But they have done this with disastrous consequences. Even as you read this, entrepreneurs all over the world continue to pump money into all sorts of advertising schemes on the net. Fascinating when you consider that the same people doing this hate to be interrupted by advertising when they're surfing.

I find it much more useful to think of the net as an improvement on the telephone. Then everything makes sense and any promotion on the networks like magic. People hate interruptions on the phone from telemarketers. They prefer to call and ask about a product they are interested in and then to place an order using the same telephone. If you look at the Internet as an enhanced telephone, rather than try to advertise through it, you will seek to advertise elsewhere (offline) to direct the people to contact you (by visiting your website or sending for details via email). That's exactly the way it has worked with the telephone for decades.

Experts have already proved that although the web has not been a very successful advertising medium, it has increased advertising revenue for offline mediums like newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV. There is another very effective proven way of using this improvement-on-the-telephone medium to promote your business, and it works much better than advertising. It is by cashing in on the way most people use the internet. For years the telephone has been a valuable instrument for getting information. People looking for information have frequently made a few calls to get the info that they are looking for.

Being an improved telephone, the net makes that even easier. You use a search engine or you visit a website and get all the information you want. You rarely look for information in online advertisements. So what better way to attract attention to your offering than to provide lots of useful free articles packed with information that your target market may be looking for? And the advantage of doing this online is huge. Offline PR articles will hardly carry the full contact or address of where the business or service being written about can be found. Online, a resource box will not only include contact information, but it can also have an enticing special offer or opportunity for the reader to seek more information via email.

This way an article writing business easily and effortlessly builds up a valuable opt-in the contacts list. The list can be contacted later with information, updates and all sorts of interesting offers. Having realized that the quality of their content is the key to success, websites have been grappling with a low-cost solution to keeping their content interesting, fresh and informative. They seem to have found the answer in offering to post articles free on their site. More and more websites do that these days.

And more and smarter businesses need to take full advantage of this to get out the word over the net about their offerings. One more aspect has rendered free article posting extremely effective. It is as a result of the fact that there is really very little well-written material around, so any well-written piece will quickly enjoy an amazing viral effect.

Here is how it happens. Most of the sites that post these free articles target websites and ezine publishers who download and use these articles. Many of the websites that do this in turn also allow others to download and use the same material. All with one condition, that they do not edit the article and that they leave the resource box intact.

The result is that a single article finds its way around the net to dozens of sites and ends up being seen by thousands and ultimately hundreds of thousands of persons interested in the subject written about and therefore very interested in the sort of products marketed by the person who wrote the article. That is exactly how you make full use of the power of the net to advertise effectively online - and it's free.
10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

With the continuity of development, the web technologies are making the website better, now there are many applications that can be run inside your browser that they can perform a different type of task just like your computer software. In this post, I am going to discuss the best 10 useful websites that can replace your PC desktop software all what you need is your web browser, a good internet connection because it is web based the work in any type of computer operating system.

1.==> TINY PNG

10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

Tiny Png is the site I used to compress my blog and website images this is very useful if you are looking to reduce the amount of space been used up on your drive. If you are a website developer then this is a good option for you reducing the image size will definitely make your website load faster. It is almost impossible to differentiate the quality between the compress and the non-compress images.

it is very easy to use at the top of the page just click and locate the image on your computer or you can easily highlight and drag images if they are many to the top position of the website. You can also select up to 20 images not more than 5 megabytes each. When it is done the will show you how many images were reduced in size. With tiny PNG you can download each compressed image, save to Dropbox or download all if you compress more than one image. Check Website   


10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

Pixlr editor is a great alternative to photoshop or GEB. PIXLR editor have tool, feature, adjustment option and even has layers. With the web application your choices are to create a brand-new image, open image from your computer, open image from a specific URL or open an image from your Facebook or other library, after selecting your image all the tools you are going to work with it is located on the left-hand side of your screen you can add new layers on the right. PIXL editor is completely free but if you want to do quick pix to an image then I recommend you should also check out PIXLR express. Check Website


10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

Google Office Suite is an alternative to Microsoft Office but this not fully feature; there are separate tools here for a document, spreadsheet, presentations, and forms there are just some certain features here to satisfy the average users. If you prefer the layer of the Microsoft office the do provide free online version called ‘Office Online’. Check Website


10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

Online Office the online apps that are available include the word, excel, PowerPoint and many others. The office online is lacking some of the best features that are available in the PC software but it’s just like an office suite from Google most people prefer to work with them. Check Website 


10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

this is easy to use file converter, it can take any media file on your computer, not more than 100 megabytes and convert it from one format to another base on your choice this is flexible and very easy to operate. Check Website


10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

Music Services instead of using media player on your computer to play songs consuming your hard drive space, making your computer to slow down you can easily use a web player from one of the online music stream services such as Deezer and Spotify must have free plans while others have an option to spend $10/month. Must of that music stream has thousands of songs with high quality and others even support offline services. Check Website

7.==> TRELLO

10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

Trello is great project management tool for individuals or team that has been organized with the use of visual boards which are broken down into a list for a particular task when collaborated on a project all those involves have an access to comment and attachment.

One of the best features I appreciate is that any important thing happens with the project you will be notify through the notification system. In addition to the web application TRELLO have an app for Android, IOS, Mac and windows for most users the basic functionality of the free version of TRELLO will have all the need, if you run a business that needs some additional features including integration with services like Dropbox the plan starts at $9.99 each month. Check Website   


10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

This is an external pdf editor with features not often found is some of the free alternatives. It helps you create or fill out forms within your browser in addition you can add text, stick notes, link, draw basic shapes along with other features. When creating or loading a pdf file the size must be less than 100 megabyte and less than 100 pages. The free version of the pdf is supported with Ads to remove those ads and get other features they offer other plans starting from $2.00/month. Check Website

9.==> MINT
10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

Mint is a trusted online site that offers personalize financial tools that must of you are familiar with, you can link up your bank account, card, and bills to get traffic budget and investment it will also show you the best way on how to save more money for your business and they can even track your bitcoins. Most of the mint features are free even making payment with your bank account but sometimes the offer small fee when making payment with your credit or debit card other than that it's an easy service to use to keep tracking your spending budget. Check Website


10 Useful Websites That Can Replace Your PC Software! 2018

This post cannot be completed without mentioning virus total which is a free service that uses more than 60 scanners to detect malware, viruses and other kinds of malicious content its simple to use. Just select choose file and select the file you wish to scan ones it is done it will let you know how many scanning engines detected malicious content. 

In some situation, I use virus total multiple times per week to scan my favorable link its easy to use to scan URLs select URL to copy and paste or type the URL of the website and if you are done hit enter, the scanning engines will search the URL and also provide the result after scanning. Virus total is not replacing your antivirus or malware security software but you should use it as an external tool to check out some suspicious sites and URLs. Check Website

Give this post a share if it is useful to you, do you know other websites that are a good alternative to desktop Software? let me know about it in the comment section below and if you are new to this blog subscribe to stay updated with the tech related stuff.     

Aug 30, 2018

Best Way to Protect Your Laptop From Overheating

Best Way to Protect Your Laptop From Overheating

Best Way to Protect Your Laptop From Overheating

Best Way to Protect Your Laptop From Overheating

Every computer generates heats but other computers overheat, Overheating is one of the worst-case problems of a computer system It makes the computer not to be useable and it also leads to loss of Valuable Data in the computer due to unalert hang-up or shutdown.  Today in guide tricks we are going to be examining various way and tricks on how to protect your computer from overheating or reduce its overheating.

When we say overheating it simply means it’s a process where computer changes its normal Temperature or raise within a few minutes of Booting, this problem happens as a result of computer processors not too strong enough.

Major Things that lead to computer overheating

1.==> Improper usage of the computer
2.==> playing of a high graphic video Games
3.==> Running some heavy application in the computer
4.==> Opening of Too Many applications at the same time in a computer can lead to overheating
5.==> Long usage of the computer can as well cause overheating
6.==> Buying a low processor kind of laptop like AMD

Best ways to prevent your computer from over-heating

1.==> Avoid installing of heavy Graphic
2.==> Buy a computer that contains other processors than AMD
3.==> Avoid Playing of Heavy Graphic Games in a computer, for example, PS Game, except you, have a high processor that can withstand the Pressure
4.==> Always operate your computer in a good conducive environment
5.==> Don't overuse the computer means don’t use it for many hours.
Things to Consider Before Starting a Website

Things to Consider Before Starting a Website

Things to Consider Before Starting a Website

In the time that I have been utilizing the Internet, (since 1996) seen a considerable measure of sites. I have seen a ton of good sites and I have seen a great deal that was out and out dreadful. Here are a few things to consider before you begin a site. What is the motivation behind your site? Is it intended to be fundamentally a business site or is it intended to be absolutely enlightening? When you have chosen your site's motivation, you have to choose a subject.

There is nothing more regrettable than heading off to a site and playing think about what this site is about. To pick a subject, I recommend that you record a rundown of things that you are keen on or potentially learned about. When you have recorded your rundown, you have to do some examination. Utilize an apparatus, for example, the hunt term recommendation instrument on the suggestion to check whether there is an interest for your point. On the off chance that you write in your subject and see a lot of scans improved the situation your theme then you should utilize that point. 

On the off chance that you don't see a considerable measure of scans improved the situation your specific theme, attempt another. Since you have picked a subject that is popular, you have to either build up an item that fits the topic of your site or discovers an item to offer that fits inside the topic of your site. You additionally require some kind of complimentary gift to offer on your site so you can construct your own select in the list for showcasing purposes. You should offer a digital book or an exceptional report. Possibly offer an e-course. Whatever you offer, ensure that you have a method for catching the email locations of your guests. These individuals will turn into your "warm market" or individuals that you can showcase your different offers to. You should discover a facilitating organization to have your site. 

Free Web space is fine for quite recently easygoing sites, yet in the event that you are not kidding about profiting on the web, you should in the end graduate to a paid host. The explanation for this is many individuals see a website facilitated on a free web space to be amateurish. I don't concur with these individuals myself, however, you do need to manage what the dominant part thinks in this industry. You additionally require your own area name. See the above tip. You should code your site. You can either figure out how to do this without anyone else's help or you can employ somebody to do it for you. The measure of cash you need to spend on this undertaking should help you to choose whether or not you need to enlist somebody. Finally, you have to make sense of how you will advance your site. Here are a few recommendations: 

1.==> composing free articles for republishing in ezines and on sites. 

2.==> purchasing publicizing in ezines 

3.==> purchasing publicizing on sites 

4.==> exchanging joins with applicable locales. 

This is in no way, shape or forms a thorough rundown of things to consider when beginning a site. This present article's motivation is simply to kick you off. You should surely read all that you can discover about working together on the web while you are building your business.

Aug 26, 2018

Making Your Websites More Compelling

Making Your Websites More Compelling

Making Your Websites More Compelling

The Internet is a surprising distributing medium. With only a little exertion, you can make your website pages outwardly overpowering by playing with shading, shapes, and content. Regardless of whether your sites are as of now propelled or you're prepared to make your initial few, utilize the 3 basic strides beneath to kick things up an indent and make your destinations proficient and engaging.

Stage 1: Grab People's Attention with a Photo or Graphic. 

Without a logo or visual picture to speak to the focal offering on your site page, you are asking potential customers to quickly take a major jump and plunge into your content. Why chance the likelihood of them not perusing your imperative message? Individuals perusing the web are famously restless. Catch their consideration with a photograph/realistic before they click off your site.

Pick the ideal picture from Photodisc, ClipArt or Corbis for as meager as $9 to $90 per picture. People are visual animals. Consider your most loved magazine for a minute. Would despite everything it be your most loved on the off chance that it utilized just content on its cover this month?

Stage 2: Boost the believability of your administration or item by utilizing an expert shading plan. 

Utilizing the picture you chose in stage one, it's anything but difficult to go the subsequent stage and force together an expert looking shading plan. ColorSchemer is a little, economical programming (US$25) that causes you to pick a shading plan that is attractive and unforeseen, regardless of the possibility that you're shading tested. When picking hues, don't be hesitant to give your identity a chance to appear on the other side. Look at

Stage 3: Use graphical "signposts" all through your material to enable perusers to assimilate your message. 

As you peruse the web, begin giving careful consideration about locales you appreciate going to. I'm willing to wager the ones separate content with hued shots, numbers and different signposts that rationally draw in you the most. I'll even go so far as to state that a site that does not utilize graphical signposts demonstrates a nonchalance for the requirements of the peruser, deliberately or not.

Think about these smaller than normal designs as a method for indicating thought to your peruser. They need to peruse your material and you enable them to make it simple by giving mental blank area and spots to rest their eyes.

Only a couple No-Nos:

Try not to overcompensate.

The energy of visual correspondence can be weakened if an excessive number of pictures are utilized on each page. There is both craftsmanship and science to finding the correct adjust since an excessive number of pictures on a site can be similarly as incapable as excessively few. The key is to work at discovering this adjust by concentrate different sites.

Try not to utilize Flash or other liveliness.

As a rule, streak/activity seems to be modest as opposed to proficient and has just been appeared to be compelling in particular conditions. Additionally, website pages made with Flash don't rank well with web crawlers. In the event that you should utilize it, do as such sparingly and make sure to have it professionally outlined.

Whatever you do, don't be dull.

With a huge number of sites distributed each day, you should emerge to be taken note. Designs that reflect you, you're putting forth and your identity will enable you to end up plainly more appealing to customers - rapidly, moderately and with style.

One of the difficulties of working on the web is to lighten your customer's normal reservations in another and new condition - the virtual world. Making things more agreeable for them is your main need and illustrations will enable you to accomplish that. By going the additional mile to influence your sites to look 100% expert, you turn out to be more believable in your own eyes too.