Jan 14, 2019

Who is the Best Vendor for CCTV Installation in Dubai, UAE?

Who is the Best Vendor for CCTV Installation in Dubai, UAE?

Who is the Best Vendor for CCTV Installation in Dubai, UAE?

Bluechip Computer is a major CCTV Camera Suppliers in Dubai with a Most reliable company to Buy CCTV Cameras. You can find out with us more Expert specialists for different CCTV Camera installation projects. We provide best quality Networking Cables and CCTV Cables, which contrast from other IT firms. Bluechip Computer is reinforced with the first-class infrastructure, experienced experts, and top-notch technologies to deliver results that would enable the customer to stay in the competitive market. The group of experts keeps themselves refreshed with the most recent and latest trends to add to the solutions that we are offering our customers.

Contract with Bluechip for CCTV installation services in Dubai when owning a property regardless of whether it's a business or a house, having a CCTV camera is an unquestionable requirement. Despite the fact that our staff is reliable, technicians are constantly eccentric, so having extraordinary surveillance for what's imperative to us is essential.

When you are outside or on vacation, a CCTV Camera installation in Dubai could enable us to keep any illegal action around your property. It's normal to trust that it won't have such an effect in any case, especially in Dubai, insights demonstrate that having a CCTV can truly upgrade the security of any property.

Advantages of CCTV Camera installation

·        Bluechip CCTV solutions lend to your security solutions and world-class; foolproof systems are used.
·        We work with your site construction team to give you the most customized security surveillance solution.
·        Gives you an opportunity to relax when you are away from home.
·        Stay connected to your home through your systems and always be in the know.

CCTV maintenance and CCTV installation in UAE

Our skilled expertise includes CCTV System designing, planning, maintenance and installation in Dubai. Our organization provides help our clients in arranging a successful solution for viable surveillance that achieves the outcomes you looked for after. Choosing a correct CCTV supplier in Dubai is important. Addition of this reality, Bluechip Computer in Dubai gives a solution with a fabulous exhibit of security items that can address any security difficulties within the company.

The arrangement of security items we manage includes Analog Cameras, IP cameras, Digital Video Recorders, HDCVI cameras, and Network Video recorders of main brands. Our inclination towards the latest techniques and technologies helped us to wind up an all-around created competitor in the CCTV security trade in Dubai, UAE. With increased market openness and by growing over the operating system to grow full arrangement crosswise over shifted organizations helped us to wind up the best CCTV installation in Dubai. The broad scope of the brand we manage includes Hikvision, CP Plus, Grandstream, Samsung, Dahua, Axis, Vivotek and Bosch items.

It's a competing marketplace where companies are searching for possible solutions across the board rooftop designing, maintenance, and installation. Here Bluechip Computer Systems has the effect by providing the accurate solution that one can use it for viable surveillance. Our arrangement of activities incorporates CCTV installation & maintenance in Dubai to guaranteed operations task of cameras and recording systems, the aggregate security management. 

The security maintenance and installation contract is relevant to a wide range of security surveillance cameras, Digital video recorders, HDCVI DVR, Network Video recorders and HDCVI cameras. Providing the correct maintenance and with the complete monitoring of security systems, we verify that the organizations and their business is obtaining the ideal outcomes.

Jan 13, 2019




We understand the value of a dollar. Whether you are looking to work from home full time or just make a few extra bucks, we want to share the best opportunities with you.

If you’re an app junkie, there are countless ways where you can make money online or save money just by using your phone or tablet. Here is a list of various apps that allow you to do just that.


1.==> Ibotta –  it is one of my favorite shopping apps because you can earn a decent amount of cash back on items you already purchase, without the need for coupons. After you are done shopping, you simply select the items you purchased and take a picture of your receipt. You can have your earnings deposited into your PayPal account or exchange it for gift cards from a multitude of stores.

2.==> Checkout 51 – Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta in the fact you earn money back on products you purchased. Check out 51 also offers weekly sweepstakes of $500 for anyone who uploaded a grocery receipt over $60, regardless if you purchased a specific product or not. Check out 51 pays via check, which you can cash out after a $20 balance. 

3.==> Snap by Groupon – Snap by Groupon is another post-shopping rebate app. Select the products you purchased and upload the receipt for cash back. You can cash out your balance after you’ve accumulated $20.

4.==> Receipt Hog – Receipt hog is one of the simplest shopping apps to use. You simply upload your shopping receipt and earn points (called coins) correlating with the total dollar amount spent. No need to match products that you purchased or stores you shopped at. There are special bonuses for uploading receipts, including sweepstakes and slot machine spins to win more coins. You can redeem coins for cash (via PayPal) or gift cards.

5.==> Ebates – Ebates is my absolute favorite online shopping app. With Ebates, you can shop virtually anywhere online and get a percentage back in cash. It’s free and there are no gimmicks. 


1.==> Viggle – Viggle pays you when you watch TV or listen to music. When you sit down to watch TV or listen to music, simply log on to the Viggle app and let it recognize the sound of what you are listening to. Viggle gives you points for each show you watch or song you listen to. You can exchange points for gift cards, movies, ebooks, electronics, trips, and more.

Update: a new update was implemented. Viggle is now awarding Perk Points. The Perk Points earned will sync with all other Perk apps and rewards. There have also been reports that the new update causes Viggle to not identify the show/song by audio anymore. If this is the case for you, you can still manually check in to the show/song and still receive points. 

2.==> Slidejoy –  Slidejoy is a pretty cool app that you earn money for not really doing anything.  Slidejoy simply places an ad as your lock screen. Each time you swipe your lock screen–swipe left interacts with the ad (which you receive no extra credit for), swipe up brings up a new ad, or swipe right enters your homescreen– you get paid.  Slidejoy pays via PayPal.


1.==> AuttoLotto – AuttoLotto allows you to purchase Powerball and other lottery tickets via the app. There are no extra surcharges, you only pay the $1, or face cost of the ticket, and a local representative purchases the ticket for you. If you win, AuttoLotto cashes it for you and sends you the check, minus their service fee. 

2.==> Lucktastic – Lucktastic is a fun scratch and wins app where you can win cash and prizes up to $10,000. They are currently also running a $1 million sweepstakes.  It takes about 10 minutes a day to complete all scratch cards. Don’t worry if you don’t win, you’ll still earn points in which you can redeem for cash, gift cards, or prizes. They have to earn the money to pay you somehow, so be prepared to deal with ads. 

3.==> Perk Scratch & Win – Perk Scratch & Win is similar, but with a larger variety of prizes to be won. The nice thing about this app is you can sync it with all your other Perk apps.


1.==> Swagbucks – check full app information then join.

2.==> CashApp – CashApp is a simple app that pays you to download other apps. You can earn up to a couple dollars, depending on the app. You can cash out with PayPal, Amazon, WebMoney, Google, or exchange for a PlayStation, Xbox, or League of Legends gift card. 

3.==> InboxDollars – With the InboxDollars app, you watch videos, complete surveys, download apps, or participate in other micro-tasks for cash back. You can cash out and get a check sent to you once your account balance reaches $30. You can also enter sweepstakes to win gift cards, cash, and other prizes.

4.==> Surveys on the Go – Surveys on the Go is a survey site conducted by political and market research campaigns. You can earn up to $5 per survey and get paid via PayPal.

Freelance Work (Supplemental Income)

1.==> TaskRabbit – TaskRabbit allows you to work part or full-time, based on your preference, doing virtually anything you are skilled at. You set your hourly rate and advertise your skills. If you’re a pro at running errands, dog walking, painting, cooking, landscaping, building furniture, household maintenance and more, people will request your services and pay you for your time.

I’d love to hear from you! What apps do you use on a regular basis to make or save money?
Learn Some Secrets of Video Advertising through Facebook

Learn Some Secrets of Video Advertising through Facebook

Learn Some Secrets of Video Advertising through Facebook

Facebook has become the best ally of video advertising.

In a revolutionized world in which investment for television advertising has been canceled almost entirely, platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat have become a new channel for video advertising. Within all the possibilities that exist to start up an online audiovisual advertising campaign, some sites like YouTube have already found their promotion formula to which many corporate video production companies in Dubai and around the world follow to guarantee the success of their video.

With approximately three years since the function was activated to upload promotional videos on Facebook, it seems that this social network has also begun to develop a unique format. If you want to go beyond the classic YouTube and become a master of the videos on Facebook, below we will give you some tips so you can achieve your goal.

1.==> Choose The Type of Video Advertising You Want for Your Facebook Page.

One of the main advantages that you can find on Facebook is that no matter the trajectory of your company, anyone can make a good low budget strategy. So that you can make the most of your video advertising through the most famous social network, you must first know that Facebook presents two ways in which you can post a video. The first is to create your video ads directly on the platform, you can upload a previously made material or generate a presentation of up to seven images at a time. The second is to make a publication with a Vimeo or YouTube video and promote it with a small investment.

2.==> Analyze Very Well The Objectives You Want To Achieve With Your Video Advertising.

Another benefit you can get when using Facebook as a promotional tool is the possibility of segmenting your market to find the ideal customer. In order to reach that specific client, you must plan your objectives thinking about it. Once you know who you want to reach, you can use the marketing settings offered by the platform to add all the options you need.

3.==> Take Care Of The Image And Titles Of Your Publications.

If you have ever paid attention to Facebook videos, surely you already know that this network contains the auto play function; that means that the video will start playing on the screens of all your followers and clicking on it will only make the sound integrate with the image. Taking into account this function, it is best that the video includes an attractive visual load in the first few seconds. Another resource that you can use in search of effectiveness is to accompany your publication with an interesting title that engages the user or invites him to participate.

4. Quality Will Never Cease To Be Important For Video Advertising.

Although the theme is the best and your video is very entertaining, no one will want to see it if the quality is not good. We recommend that at all times you have a clear image and a clear sound that is understood very well. Although quality is very important, you should also take into account that the heavier the video, the longer it will take to load. Do not make the mistake of recording in extreme formats such as 4K, the best format for this social network is the HD 720.

Jan 12, 2019

How to Create Perfect Packaging Design That Improves The Sale Of Your Business

How to Create Perfect Packaging Design That Improves The Sale Of Your Business

How to Create Perfect Packaging Design That Improves The Sale Of Your Business

No one can deny the importance of packaging. It is necessary to take care of the features of a perfect packaging box. The design of packaging has a significant place in making a box perfect. You must consider designing of boxes a feature to perfect packaging. The designing of boxes will give you many benefits in generating sales. Your business will also flourish. Let’s discuss some ways of designing the boxes for improvement of sales of your business.

How to Create Perfect Packaging Design That Improves The Sale Of Your Business

1.==> Design According to Type

The design of the boxes should be according to the size and shape. You can facilitate all types of products and businesses. Try to design the boxes by considering the nature of the product such as cosmetics, food, office equipment, chemicals, bakery items, fast food, sweets and many others. 

You can also design the packaging pouch, small packaging boxes, smart packaging boxes, packaging boxes with lids and glass packaging boxes. The customers prefer the products in the glass packaging or window packaging boxes because the products are visible to them. They feel comfort in buying such items. The products will look attractive in packaging fitted according to their size and shapes.

2.==> Occasional Design

You can earn remarkable profits by designing the packaging specifically for the occasions and celebrations. You can also increase the sale of gift packaging boxes in the events. You should take into account all the events before designing the boxes. You can design for wedding gifts, birthday, wedding anniversary, religious events, New Year celebrations, college and universities parties, Valentine’s Day and etc. 

You can design and print the boxes for a specific event by using decent colour combinations, greetings related with that occasion, decorate with flowers, greeting cards and ribbons. This will increase your customers enormously. Your wholesale packaging boxes business will also flourish tremendously.

3.==> Custom Box Design

It is a great source in generating high profits for your business in the recent time period. The custom packaging boxes are experiencing an increasing trend because the customers prefer to get packaging as per their demand. 

You can design and print the boxes with brand names, logo, image, address, ingredients and any specific message for the users of your product. You should offer variety in designing of the boxes to your customers. Try to offer these custom gift packaging boxes at economical prices. The affordable boxes will be demanded more by the customers.

4.==> Innovative & Appealing Design

You should apply the technical methods to design the packaging. The modern technical designs will give an appealing look to your boxes. You can use 3D technology designs for your packaging. This will save your time and input prices as well. You can design more boxes at a lesser time. The use of modern technology will make your packaging more appealing and decent.

5.==> According to the Choice of Customers

The most essential factor is to design the boxes as per the choice of your customers. The trend of everything keeps on changing. The mood and choice of customers also experience variations. You should be aware of your customer choice. 

You should realize to them that you highly care to your customers. You should assure them that you will provide them with perfect designed packaging at lower charges. You should maintain the trust if your customers on your packaging for the long term. Make sure that your packaging is durable and as per the choice of buyers.

6.==> Marketing & Social Networking

Another fundamental determinant for appealing designs of the boxes is marketing and social networking. You should advertise your packaging designs in print and electronic media and social networks. 

You can take opinion and feedback from the customers. The users and buyers will give you suggestions. You can know about the taste and the latest trends in packaging designs through these sources. This will be very useful to you to design perfect packaging boxes for the customers. You can flourish your business and sales surprisingly.




At the time of purchasing a new LG TV, there is always doubt regarding its installation and configuration, setting up an LG 4K TV is very simple since you only have to follow the indications that appear on the screen.


First of all, you must select the language of the TV set, as well as the country in which you reside, in this way the appropriate time range will be shown as well as the information of the programs in the selected language.

To know how to configure LG Smart TV, you only have to follow the steps that appear. After selecting the language, then you have to choose the Wifi network or the wired network of your home to enjoy the different features offered by a Smart TV. Once the Internet connection is established, the type of playback style must be selected.

After making the first steps, it's time to search the channels so you have to choose one type or another of channel tuning. You will be able to choose between the antenna, the network cable or via satellite to tune your favorite channels. To be able to enjoy the channels without the need to be connected to a Wi-Fi or similar network, you must configure LG TV for DTT. In this way, after selecting the tuning option, you can configure LG TV with channels. Once you know how to set up an LG Smart TV for DTT You can watch any current television show. Also, by searching for digital channels with automatic tuning, you will only have to wait a few minutes for the channels to be automatically found.

On an LG 55UJ620V TV, you can set up your favorite channels in just a few minutes and without complications. In addition, on this Smart TV, you can find all kinds of applications to entertain you for hours. Or if you prefer you can enjoy a quality image with the LG 65UK6100 4 Port HDMI switch.

If you have doubts about how to configure LG 3D TV, you should only follow a similar procedure.

When any original content is 3D the TV will detect it and the 3D mode will be detected automatically. In addition, it can also be activated using the 3D button from the remote control or activated directly from the TV settings.


On the other hand, if you want to configure LG TV for PS3 and enjoy an exceptional visual and gaming experience, you just have to keep in mind the following indications. Once the PS3 is connected to the LG TV, the HDMI port where the game console is connected must be renamed.

You can also choose the game mode to enjoy each of the movements in real time. The most advisable thing is not to use the filters or image processing so that the image quality offered by the video game console is not damaged.

On the other hand, you can also configure the LG TV as a monitor, simply connect the device to the TV using an HDMI cable. This way you can enjoy a better quality of image and sound. Connect your laptop and view your multimedia tasks or contents on the big TV screen.
Architectural Visualization Is Important Before Construction

Architectural Visualization Is Important Before Construction

Architectural Visualization Is Important Before Construction

Ever since the human realizes the importance of shelter there has been a construction of housings which has now been replaced by high-grade homes. Although at that time, some line on the sand was considered to be important for the visualization of the shelter construction. But, now there are a number of tools that are used just to create a clear visualization of the construction in order to change the home before it starts to be constructed. Since then up till now, we have progressed a lot in terms of the tools that should be used for architectural visualization, but the importance of visualization remains that same as it was before.

Nowadays as the designs are more complicated, it was needed to clearly identify the builder about the design otherwise your concept can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. So, in order to communicate properly, there should be a medium that completely defines one's perspective and proposal.
A visual structure has always been an appealing attraction for the audience. So, what if the structure of a house is prebuilt in a 3d architecture modeling model that describes the model in a 3d format in order to be understandable and impressive for your customers. It is the best way to communicate a deal. Though these images are not that easy to be made and all the architects wouldn’t have the resources to create precise images that will satisfy the customer.

The importance of creating visuals for the customers is described in the following points.

1.     Visuals reflect the ability and professionalism of a designer

As a new brand in the domain of architecture, it is important to make your space while creating trust and professionalism among your customers. This is where these visuals help you create an impact in the industry. Make attractive visuals for the work you got and satisfy the customer in order to get more customers through the word of mouth. If you somehow able to get a positive review from your customer, it will help you in getting the next best customer for your brand.

    2.  Through visuals, you can identify the mistakes and make your design perfect

These visuals play a vital role in making a perfect design, as there is a chance to create more and more iterations just on the visuals so that the end product is perfect and flawless. This process gives you visual information which is easy to be corrected as compared to the original structure. Additionally, through having feedback for the visual design helps you make the design better and helps your design grow in a positive way.

3.     Visual designing helps in gathering skillful employees

It also opens a number of opportunities for the brand to grow. There is a concept of having a good image in order to attract the skillful people towards an organization. These visuals will help you in the growth of your organizations as more and more people will be interested to be a party of the organization that is impressive for the customers. It will help you make the best team that will deliver the best work to the customer in order to get more customers. Virtual reality has just introduced in creating such visuals in a more creative way. Which is attracting the most advanced workers towards your organization.

4.     It will make the visitors your customers

The first thing to attract a customer is to create an incredible first impression that will force your customer to come again for a deal. The visuals of your successful projects will help you generate numerous customers that will be attracted by the visuals of your previous work. In this way, you can make their dream into reality before it is even built.

5.     It is also a source of competitions win

This also significant for the companies that are always interested in entering a competition. These attractive made visuals will help you attract the audience and increase your chances of winning.

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Mostly the winners, other than the type of competition, wins on the way they present their product which can be easily done through these amazing 3d models that will enhance the work you do. Also, there is a requirement in many of the competitions to showcase the product and these 3D or 2D models will help you present your experimental work successfully.

These visuals are gaining importance due to a number of advantages, and many of the organizations are implementing it to their business for better positioning of their brand in the market.

Jan 8, 2019

How Bounty Hunter Can Ease Your Start up Pain.

How Bounty Hunter Can Ease Your Start up Pain.

How Bounty Hunter Can Ease Your Start up Pain.

The ico campaign is typically contacted to raise money that will help the company develop. If you are a user, you can feel free to join the team in the campaign program that will aid in raising the money needed for the projects. It is usually a platform that is created as a startup and website developers which helps the people to be recognized and compensated for marketing tasks, social media campaign and also translation. The form in which they are rewarded is through the tokens which are the sales that they make during the campaign.

How To get a Good ico bounty program online

Finding a bounty program is not a hard task as people may think; rather some sites may be accessible to find that will help them in tracing the bounty program. Some of the sites that will help people in discovering more about bounty program is the forum called bitcointalk and also talking similar topic is the ico bounty hunt. All the information that you want to know about bounty program will be found in these two. The most common type of ico bounty campaign includes content campaign, social media campaign, signature campaign, translation campaign.

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Content campaign

In this area, content plays a vital role as people will be rewarded when they create a blog. This can either be in the form of writing or video posts. The only distinguishing factor that will separate the bounty is the number of viewers and followers that it will gain in the course of the campaign. Just as another campaign has terms and conditions to be followed this is not an exception, those terms should be followed to the later to enable it to get approved and awarded some points for the same. If your capacity to write good review articles you can visit websites like EssayMojo.com

Social media campaign

A lot of people know how social media works, and therefore this sector won’t be new to many. For a successful bounty campaign, you need to post, share, like as a form of spreading the content online. Social media can be a better way to do this since a lot of people nowadays spent a good time on social media. The bounty that each person will get will full depend on the number of followers you get in your post. 

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Signature campaign

In this, you are not required to create a complicated image. The company will create some signatures for you which you will use to post them. The signature created by the company is generally with codes, in which you are required to post them and win people over. In this signature campaign there is usually some level, then you will keep on upgrading once you reach the targeted post for that particular level. What you should know in this particular campaign is that each level has its stake.

Translation campaign

Just as the word suggests, translation campaign will give the participant tokens basing on translating some pages. The translation is normal on Ico and landing pages. The terms in translation include; if you want to render a specific page, then you should have the full knowledge required for the conversion of the piece of work. The bounty will always vary on what you translate, and therefore there is no need of translating additional pages as they will be rejected automatically.
How to choose the best WordPress themes for your blog?

How to choose the best WordPress themes for your blog?

How to choose the best WordPress themes for your blog?

Before starting a blog it is obvious to choose the best WordPress blog theme for your upcoming website. Your success in making a professional and an attractive site largely depends on choosing a cool theme.

There are thousands of theme you will find online. It is really hard to select an appropriate theme for your new blog. But it can be easier for you if you maintain some rules and get some proper knowledge. In this post, I am going to show you how to select the best theme for your upcoming blog.

So keep reading all the points I will give below.

Actually, there are a lot of facts you have to know and take care. I am showing the most important facts that you need to know before choosing the best template. However, within this time you can check the top 7 Reasons to use WordPress.

1.                 Search on Google
Google is the most popular search engine and contains almost everything you are looking for. In the case of finding the best template, Google is also beside you. You can get a lot of suggestions and options to select a theme. New ideas can also come into your mind getting the result from Google. So I advise you to search the name of your "blog" and then add temple after that and get the suggestions from Google.

2.                 Free theme or premium theme?
We all know there are thousands of free themes as well as lots of premium themes available. Premium are those which costs some money and provide better services. In case of creating a unique site, I will advise you to select a premium theme. But free themes are also well compatible with most of your necessary. Always keep a fact in mind that a premium can't always be a quality theme.

3.                 Make a list of the most wanted features and harmonize them with the chosen themes
Surely you will select more than a couple of themes for your blog. Then make a list of your necessary feature and compare them with the chosen themes. I suggest you select the theme which one is the most compatible with your chosen features.

You may have some personal choice about features. Sometimes you need the theme which is WPML ready or which has lots of homepages album, or an attractive gallery. Your target is to get as many necessary features you can catch from a theme.

4.                 Never select a nulled WordPress theme

Nulled WordPress theme is those pirated version themes which are distributed for free. You may find nulled themes on different insecure websites.

First of all, a nulled WordPress theme is illegal. You won't get any legal license from a nulled theme. Besides, no update and supports are provided by a null theme. There is always a risk of falling SEO if you use a nulled theme. And the worst thing can happen that your theme can be hacked as there are seated coding included with the nulled themes.

So avoid those cracked pirated versions of themes.

5.                 Use a theme of responsive design

At first, learn what is a responsive design. Responsive design means that your website responds to all types of screens just like the desktop version. Also, the layouts must the changeable according to the screens. According to a survey of Internet monitoring firm StatCounter, 51.2% traffic uses mobile or tablets to enter a site.

So you should understand now that how necessary it is to choose a responsive theme. If you want to get some best WordPress themes review and suggestion then GoodlyWP is the best place to get the most popular and useful WordPress themes review.

6.                 The best place to find a theme

Before choosing a theme you need to reach the best marketplace. I am recommending some of the best places to find a theme.

Theme forest: This is one of the most helpful marketplaces for purchasing a theme. Anyone can submit a blog design here for the others and there is a huge collection of templates. You can also get features of all themes and reviews as well. So this marketplace can be helpful for you.

WordPress theme dictionary: Visiting WordPress.org theme dictionary you can find lots of themes. The biggest advantage of the site is you can find theme using feature filters. There are lots of free and premium themes available.

Pipdig: Pipdig is also a common name who sells themes. Especially lifestyle blog temples are produced by them. Installation is free and also they provide great support.

Studiopress: Studiopress is another popular place for purchasing themes. They provide a complete package with hosting attachment. They also have some themes of their own. Most of their themes are easy to use and reliable. So you can visit there to get a good suggestion.

7.                 Ease of use

Before downloading or purchasing a theme you need to be sincere about the customization and installation options. If you are going to do it alone then it is mandatory to understand all the instructions.

Some code requires some coding knowledge. If you are not expert then avoid them. Find out if the theme is well documented or not. Also, check out the providing supports are enough for you or not. So don't waste your time and money without knowing anything.

8.                 Don't choose a theme with a complex font

Sometimes some fonts look great but hard to read or understand. Your main target is to catch the attention of the audience. They can find out your theme as garbage if they are uncomfortable with the fonts. It is a very sincere fact for selecting a theme.

There are some popular fonts available online. You can select Open Sans, Josefin Slab, Lato, Arvo or Vollkorn. These fonts are popular, clean and sophisticated. I am suggesting to select those fonts.


I have discussed the most necessary facts you should beware before buying a theme. Finally, I will say you should check if the theme is responsible, a good marketplace and easily customizable or not. Don't be in a hurry. Take enough time to find out the appropriate one for you.

Hopefully, you will meet your dream theme.