May 24, 2019

Best CRM Software for your Small Businesses in 2019

Do you compare the best CRM software for small businesses? CRM software helps you manage customer relationships, increase sales, manage leads and grow your business.

Because of the crucial role that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software plays in your business success, it is extremely important that you research the industry well and compare the best CRM providers before making a decision.

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In this article, we show you our expert choice of the best CRM software for small businesses. We compare popular CRM software in terms of functions and share the pros and cons to help you choose the best platform.

What is CRM software?

CRM software or Customer Relationship Management software is a tool that allows you to manage customer data and provide streamlined customer services for your entire company.

Most companies need a contact manager to process contact details of their customers and prospects. In the early stages of most companies, this is usually done manually via spreadsheets or simple contact management tools.

However, these processes become inefficient as your business grows and if you do not solve the problem quickly enough, this can lead to a significant loss of opportunity/sales.

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CRM software helps solve the problem by storing all aspects of the customer relationship in a database and making it easily accessible. This allows your marketing, sales and customer support teams to have all data at hand when needed.

CRM software is incredibly useful in increasing sales, building customer relationships and providing great customer service. Your customers receive more personal, more attentive and highly efficient service.

What should you look out for in your CRM software?

Because there are so many different CRM software companies, it becomes quite overwhelming for small businesses to decide which is the best CRM for their needs.

Here are some quick tips for choosing the best CRM software for your company:

1. Ease of use - A recent survey found that 67% of companies conveniently placed the most important feature of their CRM software. You and your team will use it for a few hours every day. If CRM is not easy to use, it does not help you achieve your business goals.

2. Cloud and mobile - In 2008, less than 12% of CRM software was running in the cloud. Today, 87% of CRMs are cloud-based software. It is safer, faster and easy to integrate with other apps and services.

Another study by Nucleus Research found that 65% of companies that use a mobile-friendly CRM have exceeded their sales objectives. This means that you are looking for CRM software that is mobile-friendly.

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This makes it easy for your teams to reach their goals. Your customers receive faster responses and do not have to wait for hours to get a quick response.

3. Create a list of functions You must create a list of functions that you need in your CRM software. Don't worry if you can't immediately think of all functions. This exercise gives you an idea of   what is suitable for your company.

CRM software is not just an address book with the contact details of your customers. They are useful because they are integrated into your marketing, sales and lead generation.

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They help you manage every aspect of a customer's journey with your company down to the smallest detail. You should see how you can integrate the specific CRM software with your existing business processes and sales activities.

4. Integrations - Much mode CRM software contains a large number of functions. However, you must continue to use them with other apps such as your WordPress site, lead generation software, e-mail marketing service, business e-mail service, social media platforms, and more. Make sure your CRM software supports those integrations.

For example, if you manage a membership website or online store, you must integrate your CRM with your membership plugin or e-commerce platform.

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These are just some very basic requirements that you would like to check. You can also consider pricing, the ability to add users and departments, security, GDPR compliance, and more.

We made a list of the best Sales & CRM tools of 2019.

1. CorporateStack CRM
2. Salesforce
3. Bitrix24
4. Zoho
5. FreeAgent
4 hosting mistakes that prevent you from getting digital rewards
4 hosting mistakes that prevent you from getting digital rewards
There are many hosting mistakes such as no SSL certification, going against the guideline of SEO, not focusing on bandwidth, low-level security, web hosting plan limitations, etc.

Either it’s a business web hosting or corporate hosting, in one way or other when we can’t understand web hosting solutions properly, we often commit mistakes that result in low site performance, increased downtime, malicious issues, and more.

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In order to counterfeit it, your must need is to roll out a healthy plan for the site hosting.

It is not always your mistake because maybe you are a non-tech person or you have less knowledge about hosting. In any case, your site face processing issues, and the traffic on your website suffers.

More importantly, your visitors, consumers, regular customers, and others lose a connection which you established with the help of digital rewards.

What Are Digital Rewards?

Motivating employees and customers to visit on your site is a never-ending challenge for the site owners. Publishing a detailed-oriented creative content is one significant factor in getting more traffic.

However, nowadays, visitors want more from your site; actually, they want rewards from you on your site visit. Digital rewards help in establishing a connection with the consumers.

A digital reward is a kind of incentive to the customers given by site owners such that they revisit you. It means you are tempting the consumers/customers for your business benefit, but providing them what they deserve, i.e., reward.
Though digital rewards are the same as physical rewards we get from the shop owners, online digital rewards are open for every site visitors.

"There are kinds of digital rewards like coupon codes, offers, freebies, gift rewards, surveys, loyalty cards, membership cards, extra services, etc. These rewards on your site work as an attraction to the consumers."

Once these rewards are on your online platform, then the consumer gets attached to your site and keeps visiting it. There are several advantages of digital rewards, but the most important one is that your traffic increases once these rewards come into public eyes.

The second advantage is if your traffic increases, then you need the best out of the best hosting plan. And keeping that in mind, I am going to tell you the 4 hosting mistakes that prevent you from getting digital rewards on your website.

Remember, a cheap host giving you hosting services can impact your web future. Thus, rather than looking for affordable web hosting services, I suggest to look out for the best hosting services or hosting provider.

Never Make These Web Hosting Mistakes

There are lots of options available in web hosting services, but the choice to chose one as per your needs make it harder. If your decision goes wrong, then your website performance will suffer.

A poor website performance provides you poor user experience. Consequently, good user experience uplifts your business in search engine rankings.

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In the long-run, simple web hosting mistakes hurt your business eventually, putting a big dent in your profit margins. So avoid making below hosting mistakes in the first place.

Understand How Host Affects SEO

Choosing the wrong web hosting puts your hard work in vain and decrease SEO. There are many ways how negatively host impacts your SEO. Some are discussed below:

  • Slowly loading website damage your web credibility, people receive bad experiences, you don’t get a chance to use digital rewards, which ultimately reduce your web traffic.
  • If people click through your site but quickly leave, they didn’t find what they are looking for, which increase your bounce rate and reduce your rankings.
  • In a shared hosting service, if other websites quality is low, credibility in the eyes of search engines is weak, which prevent you from getting coupon codes, offers, gift cards, etc.
  • A frequent downtime, database connection errors, and speed issues lead to poor user experience.

“Don’t only follow positive reviews, follow negative one too while choosing a hosting plan and reacting to irregularities quickly.”

Know What You Get

Downtime is when your website isn’t available when someone tries to visit it. It’s why we sometimes face 404 error page while browsing the net.

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Many business owners don’t take note on this and fail to get the profits from digital rewards. Before, choosing any hosting, you should be asking the following questions:

  • How much of the storage and bandwidth I will get?
  • Can I use SSH (Secure Shell) on my website?
  • Is it possible to maintain multiple POP accounts?
  • Can I add any new software without taking the help of a developer?

Not Using SSL Certification

For most search engines, an SSL certificate is must for a website. Providing a secure site for your audience to access digital rewards is a must.

Make sure your web hosting provides give it to you. More importantly, web hosts include an SSL in your package, not like an add-on.

Cheap Or Free Website Hosting Solutions Is Your Call

Though a cheap host can save your money now, later on, it can become less productive. Sites hosted with free services rank lower in search engines. This is a problematic situation for a lot of businesses because;

  • Site downtime increases
  • Running scripts for animations or videos in digital rewards tends to become impossible
  • Even more, you don’t get the chance to advertise something on your site, which could have become the best digital reward from you to consumers.
However, all of this can be prevented with the right web hosting service. You can grow your business, can make consumers go gaga with digital rewards over your websites.

It is achievable by avoiding these key mistakes and remaining top of your competition.


Digital reward is considered as an incentive to the consumers from the site owner in the hope that they revisit them. However, you may give the best rewards to them, but if your website hosting isn’t well enough, then the rewards will never come in the public eyes. Hence, this article is about avoiding the key mistakes of hosting and choosing the right hosting plan for your site.

Author Bio

Alisha is a content writer and director of operations. She writes for various industries like travel, wildlife, history, art, and of course technology! She works with B2B and B2C businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.
Why Your PCB Projects Are Taking Too Long
Why Your PCB Projects Are Taking Too Long

When you are working on a PCB design project, you need to make sure that you are meeting your deadlines. Of course, this can be tricky when you are working on a project alone and don’t have a lot of experience.

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To help you with this, we have put together some advice to help you figure out why your PCB projects are taking too long. Keep reading if you’d like to find out more about this.

You Aren’t Using The Best Software

Which software package are you using your printed circuit board design project? If the answer is an out-dated program then you will find that this is the main reason why your project is taking too long. Newer packages like the one available from Altium offer a unified environment that allows you to get the job done a lot quicker. On top of this, it comes with plenty of tools to help you get your PCB looking great and you’ll cut your project time a lot if you utilise them.

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You Aren’t Asking For Help

One of the biggest ways to waste time on a PCB design project is to spend a long time worrying about an issue that you are facing. While trial and error can be effective sometimes, it can also lead you down a hole that you can’t get out of. For this reason, we suggest that you try to ask for help either online or from a colleague. You might find that someone else knows the answer to your questions and so can help you to get back on track in no time at all. If you do this, you’ll find that your project time cuts down a lot.

Your Hardware Is Slow

The final reason that you might find that your PCB projects are taking too long is that your hardware is far too slow. If you are constantly having to wait between tasks for your computer to update, then you are only going to cause more problems for yourself. Other issues with hardware could be that your mouse or your keyboard is not working effectively. To stop your projects from taking too long, we suggest that you upgrade your hardware. Think about investing in some new computers or other hardware in order to improve the way that you work and reduce the amount of time that it takes you to complete a project.


If your PCB design projects are taking far too long to complete, then we suggest that you take on board some of the advice that we have given you in this article. Think about the software and the hardware that you are using. This type of project requires advanced software and if you don’t have the right tools then you could be wasting your time. You should also remember to ask for help when you come across a problem and this should speed up your projects in the future.
Facebook Just Shoplifted Snapchat’s Best Idea
Facebook Just Shoplifted Snapchat’s Best Idea 

On the off chance that you need to realize why Mark Zuckerberg is abruptly so inspired by protection.

"Zuckerberg makes choices dependent on information and not values," an individual acquainted with Facebook inward activities said when I got some information about the CEO's dazzling turn around this week on the new direction of the web-based life industry he practically established.

I would wager a great deal that Mark Zuckerberg saw the information I have seen that demonstrates that what's to come isn't looking better for the enlarged, oversharing, counterfeit news regurgitating, Russian tainted enormous blue application that made him both rich and amazing and, presently, very powerless.

What's more, what do those numbers state? All things considered, as a matter of first importance that social media based life is stuck in an unfortunate situation with the youthful and that it is long past time for it to move to a protection arranged position that was never part of its DNA, aside from maybe as a disposable line in a news discharge.

While Facebook has dependably demanded something else, its responsibility to securing the data of clients has been frail, best case scenario since its very establishment. However at this point, Zuckerberg has composed a blog entry, with not one single hint of incongruity and with nary a notice of the numerous security manhandles he has directed, reporting that the organization would wager huge on private informing and ensured correspondences for its billions of clients.

You know, as Snapchat, however on a Facebook scale.

Throughout the years, Facebook has swiped numerous clever thoughts from Snapchat, the vaporous informing stage, which Mark Zuckerberg really attempted to purchase numerous years back when it was as yet a start-up. That has been particularly valid at the Facebook-possessed Instagram, which completed a discount shoplift of Snapchat's Stories by making sit tight for it.

In a web recording meeting with me, the Instagram fellow benefactor and previous CEO Kevin Systrom did not by any means try to conceal the demonstration. He said that he appreciated the inventiveness of Evan Spiegel, the Snapchat originator and that taking a smart thought and improving it was a thing that dependably occurred in tech. He contrasted the Stories include with a vehicle radio that Instagram had basically enhanced. Surely it did, and it has been an enormous hit for Facebook.

That is sufficiently reasonable, I presume. In any case, this time Mark Zuckerberg is stealing a great deal more, drawing out a future business that looks a ton like Snapchat, with somewhat like China's WeChat blended in. Furthermore, generally, not in the slightest degree like Facebook.

Facebook Just Shoplifted Snapchat’s Best Idea

The huge takeaway is that the penny has at long last dropped with Zuckerberg that informing and social-based life are altogether different to clients, as much as he has attempted to drive them into an unholy mush.

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All you would need to do to make sense of that is ask my 16-year-old. In any case, I as of late observed some inner Snapchat information that drove this message home utilizing information from both Snapchat and Facebook Ad Managers. It demonstrated that Snapchat promotions achieve more 13-years-old to 24-year-olds in the US than advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger joined. Among 13-Years-old to 17-year-olds, the delta is even more extensive.

Regardless of whether those are Snapchat details, obviously the youthful statistic that Facebook pines for doesn't much think about open sharing by means of posting. On the off chance that it did, would Mr. Zuckerberg have seen the need to make this declaration? He would not, since the promotion substantial Facebook release board is as yet a tremendous moneymaker, and it's a lot harder to make such scratch from a business concentrated on private informing.

That has been one of the issues of Snapchat, which is a lot littler than Facebook, just as interior stumbles brought about by a pivoting arrangement of supervisors and systems.

Be that as it may, Spiegel's thought, that individuals care a great deal about protection & privacy and don't need the data they transfer to be sold like a Christmas pig, remains an outstanding one. Incidentally, Mark Zuckerberg may end up being the person who can make it productive.

So humor me for a moment with a correlation, Zuckerberg is to Bill Gates like Spiegel is to Steve Jobs.

Mr. Steae Jobs dependably would do well to thoughts and vision than Mr. Bill Gates. In any case, Apple spent quite a while in desperate straits while he drove his abnormal state ideas about security, protection, and plan and effortlessness.

Bill Gates, then again, was an inadequate virtuoso at systems & business, and he unmistakably comprehended the discouraging truth that adequate was sufficient for a ton of buyers.

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Obviously, Steve Jobs staggering imagination, in the end, won out, with the appearance of the iPod, which was before long pursued by the iPhone, and, well, the rest is history. Bill Gates and his No. 2 at Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, laughed at the endeavors of Apple before attempting to retreat angrily. It didn't work.

In a web recording meeting a year ago, Zuckerberg name-checked Bill Gates as a significant guide, and he has clearly adapted well. He has just demonstrated an ability for turnarounds, moving the organization from work area to versatile in a standout amongst the most amazing administration moves in tech history. While he faltered at first by completing a Facebook telephone, the deft Zuckerberg immediately recouped and the organization has never thought back.

Also, presently this, an opportunity to desert every one of the migraines that accompany running a gigantic open stage. As I have said previously, Facebook resembles a megapolis, directed by Mark Zuckerberg. Overseeing it is hard, on the grounds that it needs a solid police power and able individuals to get the rubbish and working sewers, and there are awful individuals everywhere. While the development of this city, how about we call it ZuckTown, has been great, it has likewise been carelessly overseen in manners that have harmed society.

Possibly the Facebook of things to come will be unique. That could be a generally amazing thing for the world, and I'm happy that Zuckerberg appears to have chosen that the guide spread out by Snapchat is the one to go with, regardless of whether he didn't give Snapchat any acknowledgment for it.

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One individual, I talked with compared Zuckerberg to a skipper who has chosen not to go down with a ship that has sprung some genuine releases "He's simply going to hop to another ship instead of fixing the first. Also, continue going."
How a Sales Force Management Software Has Evolved in the Last Few Years?

Businesses deploy a variety of software solutions in order to streamline the different tasks and processes performed on a daily basis. One such software solution is the sales force management software that helps businesses to maximize sales by increasing the productivity and efficiency of the field force. Over the years, sales force management software has got enhanced with new features increasing its overall productivity.

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Below are few of the ways in which a sales force management software has evolved in the last few years. Let's have a look.

Automation of Sales

A sales force automation software automates all the different areas of the sales processes. The software comes with a feature of contact management modules that tracks and organizes the contact information like names, emails, addresses and phone numbers. Having this data helps an organization to get all the needed information.

Advent of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has slowly and steadily made its way into the different business processes enabling businesses to scale faster and have complete control over their daily operations. A sales force software solution helps you become a data-driven organization, make better informed and far-reaching decisions and achieve better retail execution.


Reporting is a useful feature for a sales force management software involving collecting and presenting the data helpful for making data-driven decision making. There are various data sources from which the data can be collected and organized. Once the data is available, it is visualized in a way that can be easily understandable.

Contact Management

The software solution offers a complete view of the contact details of your customers. This includes customer contact details, past interactions, activity history, and internal account discussions easily on your fingertips. A few of the software solutions also offer an insight from the different social media platforms. Having all the information about your customers is always beneficial in order to serve them with the best possible services.

Performance of the Sales Team

Getting real-time data of your sales team is pivotal to provide the relevant feedback to the team as and when necessary. The software solution helps you to set metric-based goals and also enables to drive better performance from the team by rewarding them for their efforts. One another important aspect that a sales team needs to take into consideration is lead generation. The software solution helps in tracking the real-time leads and deals, and even optimize the various on-going campaigns to stay on top of your game.

Summing Up

In the last decade or so, the sales force management software has evolved with the addition of new features that have made it easy for businesses to have complete control over their sales teams. As there are a lot of options available out there, making a selection can be a tedious task. Therefore, it becomes pivotal to choose a software solution that perfectly fits the needs of your business. Before making a choice, ensure that the solution offers all the features you would need to scale up your business.
10 Website Design Optimization Tips
10 Website Design Optimization Tips 

An enticing website has become a crucial factor for all type of businesses who are looking to find success online. However, if your website doesn’t rank in top search engine rankings, then that attractive website design is useless.

How attractive your web design may be, it is worthless, if your user doesn’t get what he is looking for. The most important element of designing a successful website is knowing the user intent.

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Whether you are making a major overhaul in your website or designing a new website, you must know the effective website design optimization tips that ultimately generate high traffic and increased conversions.

     1.    Design keeping user in mind

You are not the only one to look at the website. Remember, your website is about the users. Design your website so that users can easily find out what they are looking for. Improve your site navigation and make as easy as possible. Today, users want to access the information quickly, and they don’t find it on your site, they will bounce back quickly.

     2.    Keep it simple

While you may think of an impressive website with a lot of add-on features, animation, and trendy designing elements, most web designers agree with the fact that simple is attractive. Websites which are easy to navigate and minimal design features are highly appreciated. Let your service and product speak for itself.

     3.    Don’t ignore Image Alt Attributes

Use descriptive image alt attributes for all your pages. Image alt attributes are very important as it helps in increasing the rank of your website. However, many people just add text for the image alt attribute. No alt attribute is much better than inaccurate alt attribute.

     4.    Make it easy to contact you

Design our website in a way that it is easier for the user to find your contact information. As a customer, when you visit a website, you surely don’t want to waste your time in looking for the phone number or any other contact information to ask a question.
The most effective way to offer quick access to customers to get in touch with you quickly is to add your contact information permanently on your homepage.

     5.    Make mobile-friendly website

With the increasing number of mobile devices users, optimizing your website for mobile is a good SEO strategy. A website which is not optimized for mobile phones is difficult to navigate. 

     6.    Use concise messages

When a user lands at the homepage of your website, you are surely wanted to address their needs with the short yet compelling messages. Having too much text on your websites’ homepage compels users to bounce back from your website.

To hold the user, use concise and compelling messages on the homepage of your website.

     7.    Use strong calls-to-actions

Call-to-actions are what attracts the users to take action. It offers you the opportunity to engage with users. However, simple calls-to-actions won’t serve your purpose. Like simply saying, “learn more” won’t compel the users to click on it.

Use strong and enticing call-to-action to create user engagement and keep your audience involved in your website.

     8.    Update pages with fresh content

Include a blog section in your website and update it frequently with the new and updated posts. Search engines love to see changed web page content as it shows that the website is alive and working well.

     9.    Make it personal

A website that does not show any connection with a company or a person that represents the company is very unpleasant. When any user visits your website, they want to know the real people behind the website.

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One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is to use stock photographs. Users today quickly recognize the stock photos and give your site a fake feel. So, use high-quality photos to give a professional look to your site. This website design optimization technique offers better ROI helps in gaining a better ROI on your website.

     10.                        Use design that drives conversions

The most important thing about website designing is that your main focus should be to answer the user’s questions very efficiently. So, design your website keeping user intent in mind.

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Incorporate these website design optimization tips on your website and enjoy a great user experience with increased traffic and conversions.
Start optimizing!

Aarif Habeeb is a Digital marketing Consultant, blogger, and content strategist at WomenFreelancer, a platform for Hire Freelancers Online and Find Job for work from home. He is Passionate about content marketing, blogging and always up-to-date with the latest trends. Follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.