Aug 17, 2019

Virtual Reality In Hospitality
Virtual Reality In Hospitality

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality, in this reference, can be defined as a world created with the help of computers that can be experienced and interacted with by humans in accordance with the laws of that world. In simple terms, Virtual reality is a reality created in such a way that humans can have an immersive and interactive experience. This is generally achieved by a closed headset, programmed simulations, and input tracking. Virtual Reality aims to create a completely immersive experience, in which the user is not aware of the human world around him, only the reality created by computers. This reality may resemble the world we live in, like pilot simulations, or have completely different laws reality, such as zero gravity simulations.

VR has the potential to revolutionize any business experience. Here are some of the promising applications of VR in the hospitality sector:


Virtual Reality can be used as a marketing tool quite effectively. It can be targeted at traveling purchases, which are quite specific. Travelers can be given an accurate experience of whatever they want, to ensure customer satisfaction.  The immersive experience helps customers pic their options with full satisfaction. For example, an airlines company may give customers a tour so that they can market their services effectively. A restaurant might create a short video in virtual reality, showcasing their dishes, giving the customer an idea of what to expect.


Virtual reality allows the tourism industries to showcase the location through virtual reality. Hotels can give travelers a virtual experience of their hotel through virtual reality. Prospective customers can be given the opportunity to explore the hotel themselves, virtually. They can have a preview of what the facilities look like, and what services are offered. It can also give the customers an idea about the ambiance, the restaurants, the menu and a lot more. The extent of possibilities is truly vast.

A virtual preview of a hotel, the atmosphere, and its services takes away the uncertainty experienced by travelers. It makes them feel comfortable and at ease. It is an excellent way of greatly improving the customer experience and to market the hotel.

Local attractions

The prospect of allowing tourists to get a virtual experience of their destination is not limited to a hotel. Visitors can explore entire cities with the help of virtual reality. If not the entire city, they can be shown the chief attractions of the place they are going to visit. A lot of additions can be made to these videos, such as the relation of historical events relevant to the place. Since the experience doesn’t have to be limited to audios, the tourists could even experience historical events through virtual reality.

This idea will allow an excellent itinerary planning experience for tourists. They will know exactly what to expect while visiting a place. They will know what attractions they like and will be able to devote sufficient time for them. A virtual experience of place wold also increases the popularity of the place, which in turn would improve the business.


This is an experience that could be added to the hotel exploration experience. Customers would be able to book rooms in hotels in the same experience of exploring the hotel and its services. This would improve customer service. Seamless integration of the booking experience in virtual reality would definitely increase customer satisfaction.


Digital virtual reality is a developing technology. It has not yet been introduced to the hospitality industry. However, it has the potential to revolutionize key elements of the sector. Multinational hotel chains like Mariott, Hyatt, and others have shifted their focus to VR content marketing.

Mariott has created a virtual reality film of three cities. It is therefore expected that the chain will be the first to employ virtual reality on a commercial scale. It can be said with certainty that VR has great prospects in the hospitality sector.

Authors Bio-  Vikram is the founder of TopOnlineTool. He is a businessman by day and writer by night. He has years of experience in business, technology, finance, and marketing field. He loves to share business & finance ideas through his collaboration.

Aug 15, 2019

3 Plugins to Create Funnel On WordPress
3 Plugins to Create Funnel On WordPress

A well-designed funnel can help you improve the conversion rate and make it easier to find and attract really interested leads to your products and services. In this guide, I present you 3 plugins to create a funnel on WordPress.

When a user arrives on your site, he must be taken by the hand and led through the decision-making process until the purchase is made. For this, it is very important to build a funnel on WordPress.

You will be able to present them the right contents, helping them to recognize a problem and proposing solutions to them. By gaining his trust, he will be convinced to buy.

The mistake many businesses make is to assume that the visitor who has just arrived on the site is already ready to buy, so all they do is present the product and invite them to contact them.

In reality, it is still too early to hope for conversion: a new user, for example, is not there to buy but to understand if he can trust you.

Thanks to the creation of a WordPress funnel, you can create content that follows the various steps of the purchasing the decision process, turning to leads (the user potentially interested), the prospect (the user who really intends to buy) and customer ( the user who made the purchase).

So keep in mind that a user, as soon as he arrives on your site, is in the phase where he has a problem and is looking for a solution. I assure you that this is NOT the moment when you will be contacted, not even to get a free consultation.

How to create a funnel on WordPress

The first thing to do is to present a general content that helps users to recognize the problem (enough to make them exclaim "That's it, that's what happened to me!" ) By providing several details to allow them to identify themselves in a certain situation.

For example: do you sell heating systems? Explains how thermal insulation works. Sell ​​SEO services? Talk about recent updates to Google's algorithm and how these have had a negative impact on a particular category of websites.

In these articles, you should then insert a Call-to-action, for example, aimed at collecting subscriptions for your newsletter, in which you cover the same topics in more detail. In emails, you can also insert links to in-depth content, in order to facilitate the transition to the next stage of the process, that of evaluation or consideration.

Tell us how you helped similar customers solve similar problems. Focus on solutions, including case studies or answers to common questions. You can start introducing specific offers to give visitors the opportunity to request additional information.

In the next stage, it begins to present more specific offers, to help users choose the right product or service for them.

They have already invested time to know what you have to offer, so it's time to think about conversion. The method depends on how you conduct your business: it can be trial offers, demos, or product sales page.

"I'm getting a headache! I do not know where to begin!"

Do not worry! Here are 3 plugins that will allow you to put these concepts into practice immediately.

3 plugins to create a funnel on WordPress

Now that we've seen how a funnel works, what are the steps a user goes through to become a customer and what types of content can you propose in each phase, let's move on to practice.

These 3 plugins are really useful to help you create a WordPress funnel.


The first tool that I present to you is LeadPages, one of the most popular for creating landing pages. The landing page is a fundamental element in the creation of your funnel in all its phases, since it allows you to acquire leads, to create sales pages and to stay in touch with your customers by offering them additional services.

Once you have created a LeadPages account, you have access to lots of templates, or you can create a personalized page by dragging the various elements available. But the extraordinary thing is that you can count on an integrated guide that will allow you to improve the page design and get the best possible result.

Thanks to this tool, you can also create pop-up forms to collect user details, or even alert bars to highlight a call to action.

The WordPress plugin can be downloaded directly from your account and you will need it to implement the pages created with LeadPages in your WordPress site.

Finally, you can integrate it with many services, including Google Analytics, GetResponse, MailChimp, LiveChat, PayPal, Facebook and even YouTube.

Payment plans start at $ 25 a month, up to $ 199 a month for the advanced account, suitable for large sites. You have a free 14-day trial before buying.


Instapage allows you to quickly create landing pages to be used to create your funnels on WordPress and manage them easily. The available templates are responsive and adapt to various purposes: lead generation, webinars, mobile app downloads, product and service pages. There are also thank you pages to use after the conversion.

This tool also includes features dedicated to A / B testing and analytics, which allow you to perform tests to try to optimize your funnel.

The developers have made Instapage compatible with various marketing tools:

  • Advertising: Adwords and Facebook Ads
  • Analytics: Tag Manager Google Analytics, KISSmetrics
  • CRM: Salesforce, ActiveCampaign
  • Email: MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse
  • Pop-ups: OptinMonster, Sumo, OptiMonk
  • Chat: Zendesk
  • Automation: Marketo, HubSpot
  • Integration: Zapier.

Again, to use Instapage with WordPress, you need to install a plugin.

The prices for subscriptions to Instapage start at $ 99 a year but, even in this case, you can take advantage of the free 14-day trial period.


The full name of this plugin is "Free Popups, WordPress Lead Generation Opt in, Email Popup, Exit-Intent Popup" - for friends, Poptin .

It is a free plugin that allows you not only to create pop up forms, but also to monitor the visitor's behavior and show the right message at the right time.

An example is the possibility to trace the moment in which the user intends to leave the page in order to be able to view a message with, for example, a very attractive offer that could make the visitor change his mind.

The use of certain cookies also allows Poptin to collect valuable information about your visitors, for example from their shopping cart, so as to then show customized pop-ups based on their interests.
You can link Poptin to different services including Mailchimp or GetResponse, Zapier and many others.

If you also need an autoresponder, you can take advantage of premium plans starting at $ 15 a month.


As we have seen today, you can use various tools to build your funnel on WordPress. Starting from the creation of landing pages from which users will enter your site is certainly an excellent strategy.

Author Bio:

Dorothy is a content writer and a blogger who has working in a leading company who helps people to get amazon restricted categories approval. She also manages different social media platforms for different brands.

Aug 9, 2019

How To Contact Facebook About A Problem IN 2019(NEW COMPLETE GUIDE)
How To Contact Facebook About A Problem IN 2019(NEW COMPLETE GUIDE)

I create a new Facebook advert and also insert my card details to pay for it, just to target some few audiences; after they have successfully deducted the money from my bank account, then I realized that the ads that I have created are showing an error message “Ads cannot be created”.

This is the first time I come across to such a problem in my entire life since when I started using Facebook which is around 2013, I taught it was a false error, maybe I made some mistakes or there is a possibility that I have skipped something which is very crucial so I decided to delete it and create a new one since my Facebook ad account is credited.

I follow the same procedure as I always do but with caution, the funniest thing is that after I completed all the necessary steps then boom! the error message I got before still appears now what comes to my mind is to search online to find out whether if someone has come across the same error message that I am seeing now but actually I couldn’t see anything related, so finally, I made a decision to contact Facebook directly to know what actually the problem it is and how to resolve it.

But some questions start to come over my mind it’s possible to contact them? how to contact Facebook directly? How to contact Facebook about a problem? Does Facebook have online support if yes how would I contact the Facebook support team? Is there anything like Facebook support chat? but I really know that must of the top companies that operate online have a different method in which people can communicate with them either directly or indirectly. But even if I found it today is there any possibility to get a reply from them just for this issue? since the have trillions of users using their platform and they are making billions of money every single minute.

Maybe you also faced the same problem like mine or you are experiencing some difficulties what so ever the case it may be and you really want to know the actual way on how to contact Facebook about a problem in this post, I am going to walk you throughout the simplest way on how to contact Facebook directly without spending much time and without spending a penny.

Is there anything like Facebook support chat?

Yes of course, from time to time a lot of people are facing a different kind of challenges in their account and may wish to get it fixed within a short period of time some can be done manually while others among them cannot be done unless you have contacted Facebook to get it fixed. Some major problems among them include change of complete name, date of birth issues or account verification. No matter what the issue it is if you can’t fix it you can always have a conversation with the Facebook support team and they will help you out no matter how small the problem is “A problem is always a problem”.

How to contact Facebook directly?

Contacting Facebook support team today is a very easy task then you can imagine, Facebook provides two best alternative ways to contact them which are:

  • Live chat or
  • Email Contact

If you wish to have a conversation with Facebook support team either via chat or email about an issue here are the necessary steps you must follow to get started, One more important thing you should keep in mind is that Facebook the support team are normal human beings not AI they normally operate in working days which is Monday to Friday and from 7am – 6pm in some cases they may be above that time it depends on the query and messages they have in-ground, but it is very difficult to get respond at night which is anything from 9pm because they have a family like you and they also need to have rest.

Step 1==> First you must visit there Help Center by clicking Here or Facebook Help center you can also click Business Help to skip step 2 and step 3.

Step 2==> Scroll to the button of the page until you reach where it said “LOOKING FOR SOMETHING ELSE?”

Step 3==> There are two options provided under the heading ‘Visit help Community’ if you wish to check out their discussion forum as for now, we are going to choose the second option which is ‘Visit Ads Help Center’ now Click on it to proceed.

how to contact facebook about a problem

Step 4==> It will now redirect you to a new page, scroll to the button of the page until you reach a heading that says “Find answers or contact support” now click on the ‘GET STARTED’ button to proceed to the next step.

how to contact facebook about a problem for free

Step 5==> A page will pop up asking you to choose a category that you are looking for resources basically there are six (6) of them as for now that I am writing this piece of content and these categories include: Policy & account security, billing & payments, Business pages, Ad management tools, Ads, and then Measure & improve results 

facebook 247 customer service

you have to be specific in term of choosing these categories, you have to choose a category that is based on your problem if you really want to get strong respond and solution in time because of they have different departments in the industry, for the sake of this tutorial I am going to choose “Business pages” as an example choose on your preferred category by clicking the icon or by clicking the category name.

Step 6==> A new page will now appear containing some topics that are frequently asked by some users as for now we want to have a conversation with their agents either live or via mail not looking for any resource. Now scroll a little bit to the end of the page you will find a heading that says “Need more Help? Contact support”.

facebook business help

Step 7==> Under the heading there are two buttons provided the first one is the chat button while the other one is for email contact if you want to contact the Facebook team at night which is anything from 9pm or at the weekend which is Saturdays or Sundays then you will realize that the chat button is inactive this indicates that they are not available and you cannot have a live chat with them but you can choose the second alternative which is to send them Email.  

How to contact Facebook via chat   

Step 8==> Click on “Chat with a representative” a new page will load up and open sometimes it can take some minutes just exercise patience it will not take more than two (2) minutes.

Step 9==> A new page will appear requesting for your personal data such as phone number, email address, ad account, and Facebook page. Usually, it takes your account data and fills it up however you can make any modification if you wish it is just needed in case of network failure or system failure, they can easily contact you either through phone call or email address.

contact facebook support live chat

You also, need to select your question among the list and the question is about what? Also, in the second list in a situation, you didn’t find your question about what, you can select the last option which is other. If there is additional information you really need to provide then you can write it down in the last provided box.

Step 10==> When you are done click on the “Start Chat” button to proceed to the next step. 

contact facebook support live chat for free

The page will automatically redirect you to the messenger and you have to log in with your credentials sometimes you just need to click on the ‘continue + Your full name’ to proceed.

contact facebook support live chat new method

Step 11==> It will automatically open messenger chat for you, and here is the last step all what you need is to exercise patience, within some few minutes one of their agents will join the chat and you can discuss with him about your issue. Below is an attachment of my last chat with there agents.        

contact facebook support live chat new update

contact facebook support live chat new method

contact facebook support live chat new untold way

Note: some devices or accounts do not support live chat but in most cases is a device that does not support it if you are one of these victims kindly have a try on a pc which I am very sure you will find it working perfectly.

This Video covers step by Step Guide on how to contact facebook about a problem for free

How to contact Facebook via Email Support 

Step 8==> Click on “Email our Support Team” button a new the page will pop up and you have to provide all data for the fields if you really want to get their feedback and these include:

Full name: You have to provide your full name in the first field, though your account name will be automatically added in the column if you wish to change it you can make so by deleting or editing the column.

Email Address: followed by your email address so also it will take the current one from your account but you can make any modification to it

Phone Number: Next is your phone number just the same thing with the previous one.

Type of problem: Here you have to choose from the provided list the problem is under what you need to specify.

Title of your Request: It can be anything just make sure to write the title here and the last one is.

Message box: Here is the place where you explain what the problem is and how would you want them to assist you, I am not really sure if they are accepting other languages than English but just make sure it is written in English and in well-written grammar.

Step 9==> Click on “Request Support” which is at the end of the page and you are done just relax they will get in touch with you any moment via the email address you provided.       

facebook contact form for free

This Video covers step by Step Guide on how to contact facebook about a problem by sending them a mail (Facebook Contact Form) for free

If I contact Facebook support team, would they respond to my message and also get it fixed?

Yes, for sure, I was even very impressed the first time I message them through there live chat about an issue I was thinking that it may take me some hours to get a response from them, just like my bank support does but actually it takes me less than a minute and I communicate with one of the Facebook agents within 10 minutes and I got my problem solved. So, having to respond from them is very easy but sometimes if they have many queries then there would be a possibility that it may take some minutes but just exercise patience.    

What is the best time to contact Facebook directly?

I cannot give you a single time since I am not working with them but like I said before I am very sure that anytime you contact them the will respond to your message if it is within working days and also working hours whether through their email or via there live support chat.


To contact Facebook directly about a problem you don’t need any tricks, tips or hacks from somebody all that you need is to follow some simple steps and you can get your problem solved within a short period of time without much stress, without spending a penny and without somebody’s help.

Do you know other ways that you can contact the Facebook team about a problem which is not mentioned in this article? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below we will love to hear something new from you. And if you found this post helpfully kindly show your appreciation in the comment section below and don’t forget to share with your lovely ones.    

Aug 7, 2019

Which Is The Easiest Credit Card To Get In 2019
Which Is The Easiest Credit Card To Get In 2019

If you are just starting off and require credit, it can be wearisome when no one provides you with credit. How do you start making a credit record? Or in the case of bad credit, start to rebuild a positive credit record? It is a precarious state, but they're actually ample choices that’ll assist you in simply getting approved for a new credit card for starting building credit, or get a 2nd chance for improving bad credit. You might even discover that you can be eligible for a rewards-earning card!

Know The Credit Score:

If you do not acquaint the credit score, your initial step on the way to a good credit score will be to decide the starting point and learn the score. You do not need to disburse to secure this info. You can access the credit free of charge by simply going through the Credit Sesame or Credit Karma. Another free choice is to use free credit checking tool of Discover (you do not need to be a Discover client). Chase also provides a service for checking the score for free named Chase Credit Journey. Once you have verified the score, you will acquaint which credit cards you can contemplate and start the improvement procedure if applicable.

See If You Are Pre-Approved Or Pre-Qualified:

Numerous credit card issuers provide pre-approval or pre-qualification options on their sites. It’s a chance for inputting the info to check if the credit card provider has any offers accessible for you. The great thing about pre-approval or pre-qualification is that it doesn’t affect the credit since no hard inquiry is being completed. There’s no assurance you’ll finally get accepted, but it does boost the odds.

Card Match Tool:

Desire to learn if there's credit card offers to wait for you without requiring doing and submitting a formal credit card form? Such offers can be accessed risk-free using the online tool called Card Match. This tool is simple to utilize and doesn’t affect the credit score. Simply input some minimal info, and a list of any accessible offers will be shown to you.

What’re The Easiest Credit Cards To Acquire?

In short: the simplest credit card to acquire rides on the creditworthiness. When you ask for a credit card, the credit card provider will run a check as part of the forming process. It will get your credit record from one or more of the main credit bureaus, and will also evaluate factors that are not on the credit reports (such as your revenue).

If you have a good credit record and revenue, you will probably be eligible for numerous good options such as the bank card systems. But if you do not, you will need to be a little more selective about the cards you ask for. To check which credit cards may be right, you can check for the pre-qualified offers on the providers’ sites. Such offers are like invites to apply, and your odds of getting accepted are better than with the other cards.

Simple To Acquire Cards For the Fair Credit:

Whether you are creating a credit for the 1st time or recreating after some mistakes, most customers will have fair credit at some time in their lives. While the choices are not quite as inadequate with the fair credit record as they’d be if the credits were bad.

In general, the simplest cards to acquire with the lowest credit card processing will be the ones without any yearly fee. They can be awesome for creating credit; though, if you are capable of paying a yearly fee, you can also likely locate a card with purchase rewards. Simply make certain the rewards are worth the bill before applying. 

  • Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card
  • Capital One® Platinum Credit Card
  • Capital One® VentureOne® Card
  • Credit One Bank® Platinum Visa®
  • Deserve Classic MasterCard
  • Deserve Pro MasterCard
  • Journey® Student Rewards from Capital One®

Final Thoughts:

There is always a way to secure new credit or recreating the past bad credit record, and it begins by acquainting where you presently stand. Once you have learned the credit, reviewed the report, and choose a credit card that’s simple to get accepted for, the journey starts. It is not simple to improve the credit; you will need to manage the new credit well, but the rewards for carrying this out are life-changing!

Aug 6, 2019

How to Catch a Cheater?
How to Catch a Cheater?

Cheating has become rife these days. Many people are worried about their relationships because they doubt either partner is cheating on the other. It is not wrong to say that relationships now are weaker than they were in the past. People break up early nowadays. Then they try to find new partners. Even many have multiple relationships at the same time. Ways to Catch a Cheater

Catching a cheater is not an easy job. It has more to do with technology. Most of the traditional options people were using in the past have become obsolete. They do not work anymore. So you have to be innovative when it comes to catching a cheater. Below are some of the options which will help you catch a cheater red-handed.

Track the Location

If someone is in a relationship and doubts their partner, they can track their location. This option is really effective to find out where your partner is and what he or she is up to. In order to track the location, you can use a good and reliable Android spyware app. Many options are available for the users. For android and iPhone, you will find many spy apps which can help you track the location of your partner to see if they are cheating.

Spy on Text Messages

The next option to spy on the text messages of your partner if you are worried about their cheating. In order to check the text messages, you will also need the same mobile spy app. The tracking tools are really good when it comes to spying on text messages. They allow the users to check all the chats and messages. Users can also access other stuff like phone numbers and when the messages were sent and received.

Check Social Media

Nowadays, social has become a great source of communication and information sharing. A lot of people prefer to use Messenger when it comes to sending messages, images, making audio and video calls and communication. That is why tracking social media can bring you some proofs and helpful information which will let you find out if your partner is talking to someone else. Tracking social media is easy as well.

Monitor Instant Messengers

Millions of people use instant messengers. There are over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users. It shows how popular and effective instant messengers are when it comes to communication. So the purpose to tell all this is people in relationships also use these apps. A partner can spy on these apps to check what their spouse is up to and who they are talking to. It will provide some solid evidence in case your partner is cheating on you.

Go to Multimedia and Images

Multimedia files, images, screenshots, audio and video files are of great importance. If you are serious about catching your cheating partner, you should also check their images and other media files. There are good chances you will find something valuable which can help you find out if your partner is cheating or not.

Choosing the Best Spy App

As we have talked about various options when it comes to catching a cheater, you will need a good and reliable spy app for this. However, many users have issues when it comes to finding good and reliable software for the very purpose. Users should take care of the following things when they have to choose a hidden spy app

  • Make sure it has all the necessary features required for spying.
  • Performance of the app should be amazing.
  • It should be affordable and offers good functionality.
  • Never ignore customer service which is of great importance in such cases.
  • Check how the app maintains your privacy and helps you in spying.


Abby Sandel is a Passionate Blogger and keeps a keen eye on useful apps and gadgets. Enthusiastic about helping and empowering users with Tech-related stuff. Absolutely loves running and goes for a run whenever she feels. To know more follow on twitter @BlurspyA