Jan 23, 2019

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Laptop Hard Drive Easily

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Laptop Hard Drive Easily

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Laptop Hard Drive Easily

Recover Permanently Deleted Data Files from Laptop Hard Drive Quickly

Hello everyone, I was removing some unnecessary files from my system memory. But accidentally I deleted my precious data files from the E drive. The actual problem is that I removed the files using Shift+Delete keys rather than Delete option. Now, I seriously need those files back into my system. Can anyone knows how do I recover permanently deleted files from laptop hard drive? Please provide any appropriate method.”

There are lots of workarounds available to get back softly deleted file from the PC. However, when the users either erase files from Recycle Bin or remove data items using Shift+Delete keys, then both of the situations come under the permanent deletion of files. And, the manual recovery of hard deleted data is not possible.

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So, after analyzing this situation, this technical post will provide some techniques through which users can recover permanently deleted files or folders from laptop hard drive. Before moving towards the recovery methods, look at some other factors that are responsible for hard deletion of files.

Reasons Responsible for Permanent Deletion of Files

Eliminating a file with the help of shift+Deleted keys or delete a file from Recycle Bin, both causes permanent erasure of data items. Besides these, some other factors are responsible for the hard-deletion of data items and all of them are listed below.

1.     The virus attack on PC makes the data files inaccessible or corrupted. Due to which users need to format the drive and the data will erase permanently.

2.     Most of the time users accidentally removed the precious data file while creating new space in drive.

3.     In such a situation when ‘Do not move deleted files to the Recycle Bin’ feature is On, then the file gets hard deleted during the deletion process.

It is impossible to recover the permanently deleted files with the help of traditional workarounds. However, after deep analyses, we describe two solutions that can resolve the most prominent user query how do I recover permanently deleted files from laptop hard drive?.

Top Two Methods to Recover Shift-Deleted Data Files from Computer

There are following two techniques that can work in hard deletion file case and recover them efficiently. Follow the below instructions that are described beneath.

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Approach #1: Use File History Feature to Restore Data Items

This feature originally provided in Windows 8 Operating system, and become more advanced in latest Windows 10 OS. The File History function is to automatically back up all the folders or files stored on the PC. So, whenever any file is deleted or missing, one can restore it using File History feature easily. Now, go through the below steps to use this feature on Windows 10 and recover the files.

1.     The initial step is to go to the folder from which files had deleted.
2.     After that click on the Home tab from the above menu and select History option.
3.     Next, you need to press Previous and choose the file that you wish to restore.
4.     At last, select the Restore button to recover the removed file back into its original folder.

Limitation: The file history option is disabled by default in the operating system. Users need to enable this feature manually. Moreover, a network drive is also required to back up the data on the regular basis. Furthermore, if this option is not enabled, then no history will be created. And, one cannot restore the deleted files. So, if this solution is not capable to recover permanently deleted files from laptop hard disk. Then move the approach 2.

Approach #2: Efficient Way to Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Hard-Drive

It is evident from the above that the File History feature is worthless when it is disabled. So, it is better to have a solution that is always available and provides 100% data recovery. For this, users can take help of SysTools Laptop Data Recovery Software. The technical knowledge is not required to operate this tool. Even, with the help of self-guided interface, any naive users can use this software.

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This utility has an outstanding feature that enables users to recover permanently deleted files or folder from laptop hard drive, The storage drive can either be external or internal. Apart from this, the software supports recovery from a formatted and corrupted file system such as FAT, exFAT, NTFS.

The tool is built with highly advanced technology that provides the facility to represent the hard-deleted data in red color on the software interface. So, users can smoothly differentiate the data items which are permanently deleted or soft deleted. Here, the steps are provided that can restore deleted data from the storage media.

1.     Launch the software on Windows system and home screen will appear like this.
How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Laptop Hard Drive Easily

2.     After that, either select Scan or Formatted Scan option.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Laptop Hard Drive Easily

3.     Once the tool scans the entire drive successfully, all the permanently or soft-deleted files will be displayed on the software interface. Here, you can use the Search option and can find relevant data from the heap of files.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Laptop Hard Drive Easily

4.     Finally, click on Save to store the files on the system.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Laptop Hard Drive Easily


In this article, we have discussed one of the general cases where the users deleted their file forever from the system. And, looking a solution for ‘how do I recover permanently deleted files from laptop hard drive?. Thus, we have provided two relevant approaches that can restore the files or folders from the system in an efficient manner. As per convenience, users can follow any of the above-described methods.  
6 Tips for getting maximum MQL

6 Tips for getting maximum MQL

6 Tips for getting maximum MQL

It is not just about generating a sale and leaving everything else. Generating sales is more about keeping the lead. A marketing qualified lead (MQL) is a form of lead which can take the customer through a journey of ease. A journey where the customer starts from a place where he is willing to solve a problem.

When the brand reaches the customer, it means the client is looking for a company that can help them solve their problem. MQL is basically handling the customer with care. It’s about listening to the customer and handling them to the sales personnel.

Once the customer reaches the salesperson, it is the job of the salesmen to close the sales. At this moment customer knows everything about how the brand will solve the problem.

MQL is the modern-day approach to gain an advantage over competitors and provide the customer with better services. Check out this amazing infographic by Branex – a digital agency which explains how to generate MQL and keep the customers coming back for more. It’s not just about keeping the customer, in the end, it is about letting the customer know that they can come back for more. 

Author Bio:

I’m Muhammad Osama qualified professional with a ground-breaking experience in developing SEO campaigns, analytics, and monitoring the ranking in Google search pages. A clear communicator with experience of digital marketing and improving the ranks of a brand within a few months.
7 Task Management Tips For any Professional to increase Productivity

7 Task Management Tips For any Professional to increase Productivity

7 Task Management Tips For any Professional to increase Productivity

After entering the blogging world, you would have understood it by now that task management is not a child’s play. The experience would have also given you an idea about how important task management is for a professional.  A proper plan will enable you to get an overview of the future situation and give you an idea how to modify it to make it better.

Now, don’t get worried about task management, mastering it is all about patience. You just need to know where to start and then keep going. Check out these simple 7 tips, it will give you an idea and help you out with task management were you ever in doubt.

Difficult tasks first

No one will like the work to get going difficult with the passage of time. So, it is always advisable to do the difficult task first. At any point you look behind, you will know that you have completed the toughest ones and now it is very simple for you to finish your job.

Divide and Conquer

Break a big task to smaller ones and distribute it to your teammates according to their skillsets. Another thing about organizing a task well is about giving clear instructions to your team on what to be done. A work may appear big and difficult at first, breaking it up and assigning it to the team will make it small and easier. Be clear with the instructions, the task becomes achievable and effective.

Be Prepared. Always

Always be prepared for any kind of work. When given a task, think of all the possible scenarios and also the possibilities of failure. There are a lot of individual problems also to be taken care of, like what if one of your teammates didn’t show up one day, what if one of your teammates decided to quit before the completion of the task. You should be prepared to face any of these problems and overcome the difficulties and carry on the work smoothly.

Use Kanban to plan ahead

If you have no idea where to start, you can check out online free task management template. You can keep track of the team’s task easier by using a weekly planner template.

Start with Small

Never take up the entire work, just look at the point where you can start with. As mentioned before, what it needs is a start, and then the work will go on well. Start smaller and it becomes easier to achieve bigger tasks. Prioritize your tasks according to the importance and the demand with respect to time.

Do One thing at a time

Focus on one task at a time. Break up the work and assign the tasks in such a way that every team member has one job at a time. Avoid multitasking. You may be good at multitasking, but multitasking has the possibility of failure and hence you might waste a lot of time in redoing the works if anything goes wrong. Take up one task at a time and give your complete attention to it.

Work on the negative side

One mistake that the professionals make often is ignoring the possibility of failure. You should consider all the possible scenarios in your plan and failure is one of them. It will help you a lot if you have a plan to counter the failure rather than being in a dilemma when things go wrong.

Follow these tips to plan your work and you won’t face any difficulties in the future.

Puran Kaushal

Author BIO: Puran Kaushal, a professional marketer, blogger, freelancer but a true content creator. Having proven track record of Guest Posting, SEO, and Writing can stretch into a wide variety of skillsets.

Jan 19, 2019

Facebook Pixel and its Working Applications

Facebook Pixel and its Working Applications

Facebook Pixel and its Working Applications

Facebook Pixel meaning?

A Facebook pixel is code that you can place on your website. It will help you to track the conversions from your Facebook ads and optimize your next ads based on collected data, building the targeted audiences for future ads, and remarketing to the qualified leads with targeted messages to the people who have already taken some kind of action on your website like purchased your product, subscribed for your blog etc.

It works by placing the pixel code on your website and triggering cookies to track users as they click on your Facebook ad to reach to your website. It helps you to gather your targeted group data and then making strategies on the basis of their last time behavior on your website. This helps you to make effective strategies for your next social media advertising campaign. With all these factors it is necessary to use Facebook Pixels in your next advertising campaign.

Facebook Pixel and its Working Applications

How does a Facebook Pixel Works?

Facebook used to have a custom audience pixel before for retargeting your website visitors and conversion pixels for tracking your website conversions and subscriptions. But in 2015 Facebook simplified this process by introducing a new Facebook Pixel, making it much better than before. It was then updated again in 2017 to make the Facebook advertising easier and effective.

At Rankfrog we believe the process starts when someone clicks your advertisement to reach your website and taken an action there like completing a purchase. Your Facebook pixel will then trigger that and report the action in Facebook ads manager. This helps you to analyze if that user has completed the desired action of the ad like buying a product or filling out the form on your landing page. The Facebook pixel give you the deep insight into your marketing strategy, by providing you the detailed analysis about your ads conversion rate and not just the click-through rate. This helps you further implement the desired changes that are required on your landing page or your advertisement content.

Facebook Pixel and its Working Applications

What Activities Can a Facebook Pixel Track?

When a user takes an action by clicking on an ad and reach your website, the Facebook pixel records it as an event. It can track 9 of them:
       View content - Tracking the key page views per session (article, landing page, product page)
       Search - Track searches done by your user on your website (product searches, content    search, and blog search)
       Add to cart - Track when items are added to the cart or save for later by your user

       Add to wishlist - Track when items are added to the wish list for later purchase or decision.

       Initiate checkout - Track when people enter your checkout flow and show intent to purchase your product.

       Add payment info - Track when people add payment mode of information regarding their card etc. during the checkout flow

       Make Purchase - Track purchases or checkout flow completions (landing on purchase confirmation page or thank you)

       Lead  - Track when someone converts into a qualified lead (through the form submission, sign up for trial)

Complete registration - Track when someone completes your registration form (complete subscription, sign up for a service)
Top 5 Free Music Apps

Top 5 Free Music Apps

Top 5 Free Music Apps

If you looking for free streaming music apps then you are the right place. In this article, I will share top free music apps for Android and iPhone. In Past time, download and save songs on your phone or in your computer taking your valuable time. Nowadays, you can stream online any song you want to hear.

Here the best 5 free music apps:

1.     Spotify
2.     Pandora
3.     iHeart Radio
4.     YouTube Music
5.     SoundCloud

1- Spotify

Spotify is a standout amongst the broadest music streaming on the planet with more than 30 million tracks in its library and more than 83 million paying clients. You can tune in to advertisement bolstered music for nothing on rearranging. Finding and tuning in to tracks is likewise conceivable, yet is restricted in the complementary plan.

Spotify App available for both Android and iPhone.  You can pay 9.99 dollars per month and through this app, you will save songs offline, create your own custom playlists and some more features available.

2- Pandora

Pandora is another web radio style application. Enter the name of a kind, artist, genre, song name. The more music you listen in to any rate, then Pandora app more understands your music taste and show you music according to your taste. It's an incredible method to find new music.

In spite of the fact that Pandora app is free of cost, you'll need to make a record to listen in to music. The free arrangement is additionally advertisement upheld and gives you a chance to skips limited songs per day.

Pandora app available for Android and iPhone version of smartphones. The Pandora app gives 4.99 dollars per month additional plan other than the free version. In which unlimited music skips, replays, four offline stations, no ads, and high-quality audio. The Premium plan of the Pandora app is 9.99 dollar per month which gives you music on demand and addition features of playlist creation.

3- iHeart Radio

In past, iHeartMedia group is the best websites for streaming music where iHeart Radio is the part and run over 850 channels across the US.

You can listen to live radio, podcasts, news and create your own radio station based on your music taste. Not required to create an account to listen to songs but skip limited songs per day. This free streaming music app available for Android, iPhone and also for other devices.

4- YouTube Music

Google's ongoing changes to YouTube has transformed its excellent services into different levels. YouTube Red has been supplanted by YouTube Premium and YouTube Music, the last planned only for music.

In the case of nothing else, YouTube Music work like Spotify. You can search for music and listen to playlists, etc. They additionally have an incredible determination of music from free artists. You additionally get the intensity of Google's propelled search; search for lyrics or even portray the song to discover it in YouTube Music. The free version of YouTube Music show advertisement. YouTube Music also Premium version at the cost of 9.99 dollars per month which get you advertisement free and play music in the background.

5- SoundCloud

SoundCloud offers an incredible method to appreciate and find new music. You can discover a portion of your most loved music there, however, that is not SoundCloud's core interest. SoundCloud gives free artists a chance to transfer and host their music. The more you use it, the more it will learn and suggest music dependent on what you as of now love.

You can download SoundCloud app in your Android smartphone as well as in your iPhone.
 Mobile App Management is Being Driven by Unmanaged Devices

Mobile App Management is Being Driven by Unmanaged Devices

 Mobile App Management is Being Driven by Unmanaged Devices

I work for a software company, where I am tasked with writing elaborate lines of code on a daily basis. Most of this work has to be conducted in secret. Because if my firm’s on-going assignments were to fall into our competitors’ hands, we’d be faced with a loss of our intellectual property. Something which is really unacceptable. And in my country, we can’t generally sue for such thefts. 

At the very beginning of my coding career, I worked on a Cox Internet Plans project. And it was while I was sweating over this assignment that my firm had to deal with its first episode of theft. 10 years have passed since our software blueprints for this project got stolen. We still haven’t been able to catch the culprit responsible. He later turned out to be one of our very own colleagues, no less!

‘A snake hiding silently among the reeds’, as our CEO later put it.

A Word on Common Office Security Protocols

Just like the software trade, there are many other professions in which work assignments have to be kept undercover. And strictly so, otherwise the companies involved could be looking at some major monetary losses. One of the most common ways to keep security tight is for organizations to keep their employees from taking their digital equipment home. Or from bringing their personal devices to the workplace.

But this method can prove to be too restrictive. Especially in the case of professionals who have to work on-the-go. For this purpose, they obviously need their official devices with them at all times. And so in such cases, many companies are increasingly making use of Mobile App Management (MAM) software solutions. In the hopes of resolving this problem.

Mobile App Management Solutions: A Very Basic Intro

In a nutshell, all the tools that fall under this software category can be used to ‘lock’ important office applications. And on different levels; by either freezing the complete app or simply restricting some of its features/facilities. This allows employees to take their office devices with them outside the company premises, and manage their work remotely. At the same time, these tools provide some much-needed peace-of-mind to the organizations’ management officials.

Holistically, it can be said that unmanaged devices are driving the need for MAM solutions. And with time, their use is only expected to grow – as organizations tackle with ever-more-complex security issues.

Traditionally, mobile app management tools came as part of comprehensive EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) suites. But these tend to be pretty pricey, even today. And their cost-per-employee figures are high, so it’s difficult to gain adequate budget-approvals for them. A simpler, and more cost-effective, answer to this problem lies in purchasing standalone MAM application licenses.

Some popular MAM tools in common use nowadays are listed as follows:
1.     Oracle
2.     App47
3.     Pulse Secure
4.     Apperian
5.     Appaloosa

Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs): A Similar Ballgame

For organizations that manage a lot of their work in the cloud (the web), Cloud Access Security Broker software offers the same advantage. Additionally, tools from this software category can be partnered with existing MAM applications to provide full-proof data encryption. This provides organizations, which invest in both cloud and offline platforms for their work, with an amazing level of security.

Most CASB applications are pretty easy to understand and make use of.

Some I.T security analysts predict that by 2025, at least one-half of all mobile devices will come equipped with default MAM applications. A 2018 Gartner survey has estimated that over 10% of office-based devices in the U.S use some kind of ‘App Locking’ security interface. Investors in security software companies, however, are more hopeful about the future of CASBs. Because they reckon that their future dividends lie securely with them.

But ‘Who Guards the Guards’?

A very real concern being raised in some MAM circles, however, has to do with the question of ethics. The software coders who design these tools are also the ones most favorably disposed to exploit their weaknesses.
This, unfortunately, is the issue faced by all software applications – and is hardly unique to anyone in particular.

Some experts have suggested that the source code of these applications should be designed by multiple ‘compartmentalized’ engineers. In this way, no one designer will have a lot of insight into the work of the other. Others have recommended the use of ‘Blockchain’ to be incorporated into the applications’ backend interface. Still, others have advised the use of complete EMM suites instead of standalone applications.

The debate, for better or for worse, continues.

A Recent MAM Application Experience

Recently, I was charged with improving a call-waiting application tethered to the Cox customer service number. The company wanted me to fine-tune the time-lapse that occurred when subscribers dialed its sales team. This delay prevented these officials from getting through to customers on time; with the result that the callers eventually hung up in frustration. But the company didn’t want to give complete software access to their staff; for which reason I had to hook them up with a MAM application. And last I heard from them, their issue had been completely resolved. As if it never existed in the first place!