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Here on www.guidetricks.com, you'll and out quality tutorials about Blogger platform, Blogger SEO, Plugins, Widgets, Template Customization, Traffic Tricks and link building, and other related things.

About me: Hey! I’m Muhammad Abba Gana, popularly known as AbbaGana, a blog Scientist by mind and a passionate blogger by heart fountainhead of guidetricks and Duniyan Fasaha, I am twenty-something-year-old guy from jimeta, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

I’m a freelance writer, information marketer, professional blogger.

I make living with my laptop and can work from anywhere I find myself (as long as there is a power supply and a reliable internet connection). My aim with this blog is to help people around the world as I realize their dreams of setting up successful online businesses and making money online.

To achieve this aim, I share in details my own stories and experiences if I have succeeded at something you can learn about it here


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