Jan 17, 2018

Eight (8) Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers (with Fast Approval) in 2019

Eight (8) Best Ad Networks For New Bloggers (with Fast Approval) in 2018

Are you a new blogger & looking for an ad network which lets you monetize your new & low-traffic blog?

Welcome to Guide Tricks this article is actually written for small and new bloggers this post will be very interested in you. Today, you will be learning about eight best advertising networks that are very friendly to new bloggers and I am very sure the work very effectively.

AdSense is clearly and the best popular ads network because of its quality, but the major problem is getting AdSense approval. Even though you are a professional blogger and you run your blog for almost a year it’s very difficult to get approval due to their strong policy sometimes is just a lucky. Unique content is not the only factor AdSense Team consider when approving sites. There are many other factors the AdSense team wants to see before giving your site the thumbs up. Small blogs usually found it difficult to get AdSense approval, so I have found several other good ad networks for new bloggers and I am sure you will like them. At the same time, there are many other ad networks in the industry. But not all of these ad networks are good and trusted. They may end up cheating bloggers by refusing to pay even when the minimum payout is reached like Effective ads.


  Yllix is one of the best advertising media sites like Google AdSense. Yllix is familiar by the name of YLLIX Media. This site is very new but looks very professional, anyone can use this site for money making online. Use Yllix site and boost up your online earning very quickly. Actually, this site is the best alternative to Google AdSense. Yllix inaugurates their advertising business in October 2012. You can use this site as a publisher and also the Advertiser. You can use this advertising media site with all kind of standard Advertising setups like as Banner Ad, PopUp Ad, Layer Ad, Redirect Ad, Prepop Ad, Full page Ad in size like as 300x250, 728x90, 468x60, 120x600, 160x600. The best thing I like with Yllix media is you can withdraw your earning as low as $1 and their payout method is Payza, PayPal, the also accept other payment methods like Payoneer, bank wire but you need to reach at least $50 for payooner while Bank Wire Must at least $100 or above.

Revenue hits


Revenue hits unlike other advertising network is a performance-based advertising network. It is a CPA based advertising network which pays around $30 in eCPM which helps you make money blogging. It doesn’t matter what kind of website you have, Revenuehits shows ads/offers to depend on the traffic brought by the publisher rather than advertisers needs. Since Revenuhits is a Geo-Targeted and Contextual Ad Network, it adjusts according to the traffic your blog receives rather than you bringing in the traffic an advertiser requires. They have not any $50-$100 payment there sold method. Revenue hits minimum there sold money in $20 only, So when even you touch or cross this $20 marks. You will get your money end of that month and The pay via Paypal, Payoneer & bank transfer.

Propeller Ads

Propellerads is an Internet media company making digital advertising effective and reliable. With a global reach across the web and mobile channels, Propeller Ads gives publishers the ability to monetize their traffic, while providing advertisers access to a large number of ad places on premium sites of various categories. The propeller is an Ad network that has been working since 2011. They serve 650 million of daily impressions and have several monetization methods for both desktop and mobile traffic. They have a plethora of formats when it comes to ads. Direct links, banners, sliding banners, pop-under ads and many more formats.

Propeller ads the have the traditional banner ads like every other network does, they have some very interesting ads that can grow your Revenue substantially. However, Propeller uses a less intrusive technology called On Click Pop Under, which means the ad is only triggered after the user clicks anywhere on your website. With this network, you could generate with on-click Pop-Under Ads. The average CPM goes from $7 on different GEOS and up to $12 or more on Tier 1 GEOS. Most people struggle to get $7 just with AdSense or similar solutions, and the best part is that you can leave your banner Ads no matter what you’re using and add Propeller to stack your earnings and double your profit. And the pay using Payoneer, Payza, webmoneyz and other methods.


Bidvertiser is Founded in 2002, is one of the oldest ad networks. They offer a large range of ad formats. The minimum payout of Bidvertiser is $10 via PayPal, $20 via check, and $50 via bank transfer. They also offer a lot of ads format.

Read full guide by my friend Karishma on how to get started with bidvertiser


Chitika was one of the top AdSense alternatives, over time & with newer advancements in technology, many other networks have replaced Chitika. One thing which you should know about Chitika is it really only works if you have search traffic. If you dont have search traffic, dont use Chitika. If a majority of your traffic is from social media sites, you should use other suggested ad networks.

Signup on Chitika


is another popular ad program which is also very newbie blogger friendly. Infolinks offers many ad types & is popularly known for their in-text ads.

Create Account on Infolinks


PopAds is a premium pop ad network. They started in 2010 & promise to offer 100% fill rates. They allow all types of blogs including illegal ones, porn sites, and other adultrelated content. Once you signup, do setup auto withdrawal option. This way, you will get paid automatically once you reach the minimum payout threshold. Approval is instant.

Create Account on PopAds


Popmyads I just similar to popmyads is one of my best ad networks before, the allow all type of blog without any requirement the accept both illegal ones, porn sites and more and they never fail me on payment it, their approval is instant.

Create Account on Popmyads  

I would be happy to hear about other ad networks that you are using & is helping you generate revenue. Do share what other ad networks you are using in the comment section below.

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