Jan 22, 2018

How To Add Contact, About, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy page In Blogger

How To Add Contact, About, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy page In Blogger

Hello welcome to Guide Tricks today you are going to learn how to customize your blog template by adding About, Contact, privacy policy and disclaimer page in your home page, actually designing and customizing of blogger template is very simple but you have to use some techniques before you achieve your dreams. Having those pages helps your blog to look more professional and help your visitors to judge you. If you really want to get AdSense approval you must provide those pages in your blog and make them visible in your blog, if you think providing it is very useless to others really matters must especially Google AdSense to them is almost the first thing they consider in reviewing your blog/website before checking other things.

I recommend you to use your computer in designing of your blog because it is very easy than using the mobile phone it just takes you a few minutes to finished. First, you must have a blog in blogger you can read the full article on How to Get Started with blogger.

The second thing you need to provide a good premium or free template from other websites and upload it in your blog you can read full guide on how to upload a template in blogger never use blogger in build templates. Actually, there are a lot of differences between premium or free template from other website and those blogger inbuild templates.

The template that you can get from other websites for sale (premium) the usually comes with good design easily customization and High SEO Optimization while other free from the website comes with good design but they are not so good as premium they have some limitation you know in life you can’t compare free and paid things. On the other hand, blogger inbuild templates are not SEO friendly and they are not good at looking at all I never advise people to use inbuild templates because it has a lot of disadvantages but using the platform is one thing that I have never regrade of using it because of Blogger Advantages.

How to add a contact, about us and privacy policy in blogger

 The first and famous thing you need to do is to create a page and add your details in it’ to create a page simply go to your dashboard click on “page” and click on “Create New Page”

how to create page in blogger

a form will just open similar to your posting page where you need to add your details for example in this tutorial I am going to create about us page so in the title bar I will write “About Us” while in the body I will write about my page so also if you want to create the same for your blog write what’s your blog is all about one’s you are done make sure you edit your permalink to make it more professional and hit the “Publish”

Button don’t worry this page will not appear in your post area so now we have created our about page so to view how the page looks like just click on the view link which is located at the button of the post

 ones you click on it a window will open and you will see your post but there is a difference between page URL and post URL usually post URL come with blogurl/2018/ month while page comes with blogurl/p/ that’s the different 

now I will just copy just /p/aboutus.html instead of copying all the link it will be helpful in the feature to make it visible in the homepage you need to follow the following steps

Step 1: Click on “Theme” 
Step 2: Click on “Edit Html” 

now a page will show up containing the writing language which your blog is using if you don’t have an idea what programming is all about or how to program something I suggest you not to delete anything there because it will really affect your blog structure or it will start behaving something very crazy.

Step 3: now check your blog header or footer and locate where you want the about us page to appear so that when someone clicks on it he will now see what’s your blog is all about, for example here in my blog template the write “Featured” which is located at the top header of the page so instead of this “Featured” I will replace it with About us,

Step 4: so, in the code box just click anywhere and press CTRL + F a search box will appear so now I will just type ‘Featured’ in the search box and hit the enter button now it will automatically search all the codes ones he found the word it will highlight it and stop there

Step 5: so now just replace the old word with the new one for example mine is “Featured” I replace it with “About Us” and in the link, which is <a href=”#” it usually comes blank which is indicated as # if you don’t know what it means I suggest you read The 10 Basic HTML tags that every Blogger need to Know’ so I will just clean that # and paste the page link that I have copied before and hit the save button and I am done!!

Your page will start working well but in some cases, it doesn’t work drop your problem in the comment box below I will surreally help you if you found this post very helpful show your appreciation in the comment box and don’t forget to share with your friends. 
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