Aug 25, 2019

How to Schedule Blog Posts for Auto Posting in Blogger

How to Schedule Blog Posts for Auto Posting in Blogger

Scheduling a post is among the best and well-known feature included in Blogger Platform. These additional features were as part of the new interface of blogger some years back. With the scheduling feature, it helps you to schedule your post that will automatically publish when you are online or not, now all blogger users can simply publish the posts in a specific period by setting up the particular schedule timing intended for post publishing. 

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We've seen a lot of Pro Bloggers that they follow the program timing for submitting the posts as well as articles. So being a blogger user you need to know all the functions around blogger platform. I know this scheduling function would help Blogger users to Auto publish posts automatically.

You may decide to ask yourself why do I need to Schedule? 

We may have learned that readers appreciate and like frequently updated blogs. They are landing again and again if you retain your post frequency steady & on a regular basis. And you also realize that fact to operate a blog by a single author is just not an easier task or keeping post frequency. So there are several factors that may come while your blog is operated by a sole author. How could you update your site continuously to avoid visitors lose?

What did you design for your blog even when you will be absent for some days maybe you are going to write some exams or going on occasions? This time you'll likely lose your post frequency and some of your dependable and lover viewers.

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Now by playing a little trick, you could easily manage your blog even if you will be absent for some days without losing your readers the best thing you should do first is to multiple posts for the blog and schedule them to ensure these posts tend to be published automatically. let’s begin to see how to make the schedule.

How to Schedule:

Follow the below-given steps carefully and implement on your blog.

==> Go to Blogger Dashboard:

==> Create New Post, Now Once you finish writing your posts, click on the Schedule option from the post editor located on the right side.

==> When you click on the schedule option tool, you would be able to see two options. Click on the set date time option. And select your desired timing and dates on which you want to schedule your blog posts for auto-publishing or posting. See the below illustrative screenshots.

How to Schedule Blog Posts for Auto Posting in Blogger

==> Finally Click on Done

==> Remember: You still need to click on the publish button. It will not publish your post on pressing publish button. But it will automatically publish your posts at the same time and date which you have scheduled for it.

This is an easy and little tutorial to schedule your blog posts in blogger even if you are busy on any occasion then your blog will be active. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your views in comments Box Below Happy Scheduling!

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