Oct 28, 2017

Download Bloggers Guide From Guide Tricks: Learn How To Create and Monetize Free Blog

 I am delighted to inform you of my first free eBook on blogging; Bloggers Guide. Is a free guide for those new to the blogger platform. From creating your very first blog, this eBook covers all the basic knowledge you need with detailed instructions and full color screenshots.

==> Where to get a free blog (Blogger.com)
==> How to set up your blog
==> How to generate the address for your free blog
==> How to choose template for your blog
==> How to write, preview, save and publish a blog post
==> How to add labels (categories) to your blog posts
==> How to schedule blog posts
==> How to insert links inside blog posts
==> How to change font size, color, style of blog posts
==> How to add image to your blog posts
==> How to configure basic settings for your blog
==> How to configure “posts and comments” settings of your blog
==> Understanding Blogger layout
==> List of Blogger gadgets you can add to your blog
==> How to add HTML codes to your blog using HTML/JavaScript gadget
==> How to add “Recent comments”, “Recent Posts” to your blog
==> How to customize Blogger template with Template Designer
==> How to adjust width, change background and change layout of your template
==> How to make HTML changes to your blog
==> How to find a specific code in your blog HTML
==> How to back up and restore your blog template
==> How to activate Blogger mobile template
==> How to create navigation tabs e.g “About Us”, “Contact Us” tabs etc
==> How to link navigation tabs to labels(categories)
==> How to register for Google AdSense
==> How to log out of Blogger dashboard
==> Ways you can monetize a blog
==> How to get traffic for your blog
==> Resources and recommendations for bloggers

Why Publish A Book For “Beginners”?

After looking back through the 500+ posts from different blogs on Blogger platform, I recognized there was very little information for those completely new to the platform. Blogger's help site is very extensive, yet there is no single page or downloadable file available to help those who have just started (or would like to begin using) this service.

So I decided to put a little time into explaining the very basics of using Blogger in much the same way as I explain more complicated tutorials on this site - using step-by-step instructions and helpful screenshots. I hope this eBook will be useful for those starting their first blog with Blogger, and those who may not have used the platform in a while and are unfamiliar with the new Blogger interface.

You can view and download the eBook online here via Google Docs.
To Download, click on “Download” which is place at the top of the page
Feel free to share the free eBook with your friends.
Let me know what you think about this free book via comments.
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