Dec 23, 2018

How To Attract More Free Organic Traffic To Your Site

How To Attract More Free Organic Traffic To Your Site

Yes, to attract more free organic traffic to your site needs some attention when you could possibly have a nice domain score. Without the proper maintenance of your site would give damages to free organic traffic. Especially when you are publishing some quality affiliate marking content. You should be more cautious about maintenance because there are some big Giants on the market to compete.

This guide would give you some lead point that how to maintain your website on reducing spam score and increase your ranking on top SERPs. Do not forget that lowering your spam score would increase your content ranking for free organic traffic. Now the question is how to reduce your spam score. This guide would cover you with this part.

Step By Step Guide

For an understanding of the techniques, I am classifying it in a step by step guide. The step by step elaboration would make you able to know what exactly you need to do for the maintenance of your site.

Analyze Your Site For Backlinks From High Spam Score Domains

Here you would need some online tool like MOZ link explorer to know the backlinking domains to your site. Simply open MOZ explorer and put your site URL to know the backlinking domains to your site. Check the list with focus and concentration. You will find a column indicating the spam score of the sites linking your pages. Download or import the list in excel spreadsheet to your computer.

Now filter the high spam score domains and extract all the domains to a text file. Let us learn what should we do with this text document.

Pro Tip: Why I am suggesting MOZ? Well MOZ site explorer is a tool that is recognized by Google and Google is main search platform most of the people use for searching information. Google also recognizes the domain authority score shown by MOZ.

Use Search Console For Removing The Backlinks

If you remember you saved a list of domains and also extracted a list to a text file. I explained how to find the high spam score domains in the previous step. Now open your Google search Console for starting the process to remove these extracted domains.

Open a new tab in your browser and go to the Google search page. After opening the page write “disavow links” to find the disavow tool. Disavow simply means the links which you do not want to be crawled by Google bots in your backlinks profile.

When you find the tool for disavow go to the disavow tool button and press it. A new page will open to give you the options “how to upload a disavow file?” You will find an option to upload disavow file. Click the button and upload the extracted text file. And press done. You will get a message in your search console for confirmation of updating of the disavow file.

Now send an email to Google to redirect the Google bots to your site to reconsider it and remove the penalty. It’s done, now Google will crawl your pages and would start ranking your keywords and would send you the free organic traffic.

How Much Time Google Takes To Read Disavow File

If you are lucky it would not take long more than four days. But if you are unlucky the crawl process would take about two weeks to read your disavow list. With the passage of time, you will get the results by getting free organic traffic.

Pro Tip: You know what the search engines like especially Google bots? Well, you will understand the logic here. Google likes the disavow links, infographics on your site, backlinking other sites with relevant information for knowledge sharing naturally, updating your old content and of course backlinks from clean sites.

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