Dec 26, 2021

Top Major Reasons Why You Should Always Backup Your Blog

Top Major Reasons Why You Should Always Backup Your Blog

Are you one of those bloggers who does not back up their blogs from time to time? This might be of a great risk, because, losing your blog and all its content can be shocking and it can simply be done within some few minutes. It can even discourage you from volunteering into blogging anymore. So, it is, therefore, necessary to back up your blog content time to time.

There are many reasons why you should always backup your blog content but today here at Guide Tricks I will list and explain the most important ones among them so let’s check them out;

==> Free Blogging Platform

If you are using a free blogging platform like Wix, or Blogger one day the might simply decide to delete or disable your blog without your prior notice due to a violation of their terms and condition or disclaimer. So, always backup your blog content time to time to avoid any destruction in future.

==> Security Attacks

By the time your blog begins to get popular, your site became like a chocolate to hackers the will always target your blog and try to gain forceful access into it. This could be dangerous as you don’t know what the next move or loop hole is they just discovered. It is, therefore, necessary you install a Backup plugin to your WordPress blogs such as the Backup Buddy which helps to send you your blog backup daily to your email address or send it to another server, and this way it’s taken care of every day without you having to do anything extra works.

==> Virus Attack on Your Web Space

You might come across a lot of malwares and virus in your web host from PHP scripts or other web applications you installed into your web hosting server. Some of such Virus can be as poisonous as deleting your blog and all its content in a short minute. If you tend to notice viral attacks on your blog, it is advisable you contact your web host to run a scan on your account.

==> Webhost Server Issues

Visualize something happening to your Web Hosting company and they do not have any backup to any single file on your blog, this is just a way of losing your whole efforts over the years in a single second. This applies to self-hosted blogs such as those using the so always back up your blog content for future use.

==> Free hosting Providers

This is almost similar to free blogging platform so when you choose free hosting for your blog or website one day you will weak up without your blog than to discuss the content, if possible if you want to host your website always use premium hosting than free ones because its disadvantages it more than its advantages in some cases you can’t afford paying the premium one tries always to back up your content.

Now you see some various reasons why you need to make a backup of your blog time to time Losing your whole blog in a day without a backup can be an awful incident. Make it a habit to back up your blog for at least once a day. I hope you find this article helpful show your appreciation by dropping your comment in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this post with your lovely ones.

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