Dec 26, 2021

7 tried and true tips for protecting your WordPress site!

7 tried and true tips for protecting your WordPress site! 

Many businesses have a misconception that their business is fully secure. Well, in this online world, everything is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Yes, you read it right! Cyber attackers, day-by-day are becoming sophisticated in their skills, and so businesses are very much concerned about data protection. Number one target of attackers is the company’s website as they can capture maximum data of their customers from a website itself.

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Attackers are eagerly waiting for one wrong moment or negligence from your side, and the game is in their hands. That’s the reason companies should choose the right platform for their website protection. As we all know that WordPress is the first choice of entrepreneurs due to the flexibility and easiness it offers. But again, risk and security concerns are evolving around this platform as well. Therefore, you should stay on top of your site’s security and follow the below-mentioned tips that can prevent your website from security breaches:

PS: A website is a human body, and so every part of it should be working seamlessly to stay ahead of competitors.

7 tried and true tips for protecting your WordPress site!

1.      Make a habit of updating your site regularly-

Whenever you upgrade your WordPress website, you’re not only improving the functionality of the site but its security too. Do you know upgrades are often considered as the best way to revamp several bugs and vulnerabilities? Yes! So, you should always stay on top of every WordPress upgrade consistently. More so, the WordPress developer’s community detects all the malicious bugs and fixes them efficiently, providing you with a new safe version. Thus, not updating your site could be your biggest nightmare.

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For updating your WordPress site, you need to go to WordPress dashboard, and on the top of the page, you’ll see a notification every time a new version is out. Click on the “update now” option, and your website gets updated in a few seconds.

7 tried and true tips for protecting your WordPress site!

2.      Backup is a must-

Backup is all about maintaining a copy of your site and storing it in a safe place during website crash or hack. In this way, if any mishap takes place, you can restore the site data quickly. For restoration, you should add a plugin to your WordPress website. However, there are several backup plugins, but we recommend Jetpack as it is equipped with some integrated backup features and is very affordable. With Jetpack, you’ll get daily backups, spam filtering, one-click restores, and a lot more. You can also opt for WordPress development services to create a customized plugin for your website security.

3.      Restrict accessibility and change your passwords-

When you allow too many users to access your site, it invites hackers to your website. Therefore, restrict the member’s accessibility to your website to avoid cyber attacks. More so, keep changing your passwords every month or quarterly. Make your passwords stronger by adding special characters, numerical, and alphabets. When you create an unbreakable password, hackers won’t even evolve around your network. These preventive measures are fundamental, but can significantly benefit you in the long run.

4.      Update themes and plugins to enhance the security and functionality of the site-

As I have mentioned above concerning website update, in the same way, you should update your themes and plugins as well. By updating your current themes and plugins, you can prevent your site from bugs, vulnerabilities, and potential security breaches. Sometimes, security breaches hit the software products of WordPress; for instance, Woocommerce and Ninja Forms were affected by nasty issues.

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You can easily update the plugins by just clicking on the installed plugins/plugins. After that, a list of installed plugins will appear and incase if any plugin is missing WordPress will let you know.

5.      Don’t forget to rename your URL plugin-

WordPress always provide you with default URL whenever you login into your dashboard, which can be wp-login.php or wp-admin. These are added after your site’s main URL, for instance, And you know what these are the most accessed URLs by hackers to get into your database, putting your business at stake. If you change your URL, you’re reducing the chances of stepping into trouble because presuming a custom URL is way more difficult for hackers.

6.      Firewall can do wonders-

Install a firewall to secure your WordPress website efficiently. You should install a firewall on your computer as it protects you from online threats. It questions every strange thing and keeps you away from such attacks. Although it has nothing to do with your WordPress website security, yet one thing is for sure. It connects your desktop with the admin area of your website. Therefore, if you feel your PC is compromised, that means your website is at risk too. Think twice about it!

7.      Run security scans-

Security scans are either plugins or software that runs through your website to search for any suspicious activity. If it detects something strange, it will eradicate it at the same moment. These scans are like anti-virus for your website. You can use Jetpack plugin for the same as it has the daily scan ability as well besides backup. If you find this task time-consuming, you can choose a WordPress Plugin Development Company that can help you with the right plugin.

Bottom line

These are some practical tips that you can implement to protect your website from malware activities. More so, you can also, hire an offshore WordPress development firm to perform all the non-core activities of your website proficiently.

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