Jan 2, 2022

How to choose the best WordPress themes for your blog?

How to choose the best WordPress themes for your blog?

Before starting a blog it is obvious to choose the best WordPress blog theme for your upcoming website. Your success in making a professional and an attractive site largely depends on choosing a cool theme.

There are thousands of theme you will find online. It is really hard to select an appropriate theme for your new blog. But it can be easier for you if you maintain some rules and get some proper knowledge. In this post, I am going to show you how to select the best theme for your upcoming blog.

So keep reading all the points I will give below.

Actually, there are a lot of facts you have to know and take care. I am showing the most important facts that you need to know before choosing the best template. However, within this time you can check the top 7 Reasons to use WordPress.

1. Search on Google

Google is the most popular search engine and contains almost everything you are looking for. In the case of finding the best template, Google is also beside you. You can get a lot of suggestions and options to select a theme. New ideas can also come into your mind getting the result from Google. So I advise you to search the name of your "blog" and then add temple after that and get the suggestions from Google.

2. Free theme or premium theme?

We all know there are thousands of free themes as well as lots of premium themes available. Premium are those which costs some money and provide better services. In case of creating a unique site, I will advise you to select a premium theme. But free themes are also well compatible with most of your necessary. Always keep a fact in mind that a premium can't always be a quality theme.

3. Make a list of the most wanted features and harmonize them with the chosen themes

Surely you will select more than a couple of themes for your blog. Then make a list of your necessary feature and compare them with the chosen themes. I suggest you select the theme which one is the most compatible with your chosen features.

You may have some personal choice about features. Sometimes you need the theme which is WPML ready or which has lots of homepages album, or an attractive gallery. Your target is to get as many necessary features you can catch from a theme.

4. Never select a nulled WordPress theme

Nulled WordPress theme is those pirated version themes which are distributed for free. You may find nulled themes on different insecure websites.

First of all, a nulled WordPress theme is illegal. You won't get any legal license from a nulled theme. Besides, no update and supports are provided by a null theme. There is always a risk of falling SEO if you use a nulled theme. And the worst thing can happen that your theme can be hacked as there are seated coding included with the nulled themes.

So avoid those cracked pirated versions of themes.

5. Use a theme of responsive design

At first, learn what is a responsive design. Responsive design means that your website responds to all types of screens just like the desktop version. Also, the layouts must the changeable according to the screens. According to a survey of Internet monitoring firm StatCounter, 51.2% traffic uses mobile or tablets to enter a site.

So you should understand now that how necessary it is to choose a responsive theme. If you want to get some best WordPress themes review and suggestion then GoodlyWP is the best place to get the most popular and useful WordPress themes review.

6. The best place to find a theme

Before choosing a theme you need to reach the best marketplace. I am recommending some of the best places to find a theme.

Theme forest: This is one of the most helpful marketplaces for purchasing a theme. Anyone can submit a blog design here for the others and there is a huge collection of templates. You can also get features of all themes and reviews as well. So this marketplace can be helpful for you.

WordPress theme dictionary: Visiting WordPress.org theme dictionary you can find lots of themes. The biggest advantage of the site is you can find theme using feature filters. There are lots of free and premium themes available.

Pipdig: Pipdig is also a common name who sells themes. Especially lifestyle blog temples are produced by them. Installation is free and also they provide great support.

Studiopress: Studiopress is another popular place for purchasing themes. They provide a complete package with hosting attachment. They also have some themes of their own. Most of their themes are easy to use and reliable. So you can visit there to get a good suggestion.

7. Ease of use

Before downloading or purchasing a theme you need to be sincere about the customization and installation options. If you are going to do it alone then it is mandatory to understand all the instructions.

Some code requires some coding knowledge. If you are not expert then avoid them. Find out if the theme is well documented or not. Also, check out the providing supports are enough for you or not. So don't waste your time and money without knowing anything.

8. Don't choose a theme with a complex font

Sometimes some fonts look great but hard to read or understand. Your main target is to catch the attention of the audience. They can find out your theme as garbage if they are uncomfortable with the fonts. It is a very sincere fact for selecting a theme.

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There are some popular fonts available online. You can select Open Sans, Josefin Slab, Lato, Arvo or Vollkorn. These fonts are popular, clean and sophisticated. I am suggesting to select those fonts.


I have discussed the most necessary facts you should beware before buying a theme. Finally, I will say you should check if the theme is responsible, a good marketplace and easily customizable or not. Don't be in a hurry. Take enough time to find out the appropriate one for you.

Hopefully, you will meet your dream theme.

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