Jan 4, 2019

Top Website Designing Tips for Modern Website Designing Professionals

Top Website Designing Tips for Modern Website Designing Professionals

Understanding the Present Age Web Design

Do you understand the web design today? Modern web design is actually the process of creating a browser-based product/ experience. This must be delivered to and accessed easily by diverse device sizes, types, and resolutions.
A good website designer will keep in mind the following web design rules to attract more visitors and make the entire experience easier for them. Here are a few website designing tips that may help you out for the year 2018-2019

Define the Goal

This is one is a no-brainer. Remember that a website without a crystal clear, a single goal cannot achieve success. You and your client must have a well-defined goal in mind.

Trust Style Guides

These are very popular in the publishing world. Available in the form of very large books or documents, these include all including the way states and nations are labeled to the way numbers are written. As a web designer, you may create own style guides. This will ensure that the websites you build follow uniform styles throughout.

Have a Minimalistic and Clutter-Free Homepage

Make sure the homepage is minimalistic and free of clutter. Visitors quickly scan pages and pick out keywords and sentences. Keep this behavior pattern in mind and use the text. It is very necessary to have Text and Calls to Action on a website. However, you must break them up and include larger subheadings and readable paragraphs. Use of icons and images will help you communicate your point better.

Integrate Readable Content

Focus on creating easier to read website content. “Readability” means the ease at which visitors can recognize words, phrases, and sentences. Keeping readability of website high will help users efficiently scan your site and get information effortlessly.

This goal can be achieved by maintaining an ample amount of contrast between your text and its background to make the text clearer. Avoid sacrificing readability for creativity.

The 12pt fonts are hard to read online. Keep it at least 16pt. Times New Roman a Sans Serif is the best choice for online texts. Also strictly avoid using more than three different typefaces throughout a website.

Make the Website Easier to Navigate

Yes, it is very important to make sure your website is very easy to navigate. Strictly avoid experimenting such that your visitors are forced to go on a wild goose hunt while browsing through your site. The navigation should be solid enough to enhance viewers’ experience. 

Start by linking company logo to the homepage to save visitors time and precious clicks. The menu should always be placed on the top. Vertical navigation is also important so that visitors can quickly go back to the top, down or straight to a preferred section of the site.

Do not neglect the footer. Since this is the last thing visitors see on your website, you must include all the crucial links here. Also, add social icons and contact us button here.

Get a Mobile Friendly Interface

The present age is all about using mobile phones. You use it for everything from connecting with people to watching a movie, texting, shopping, travel and much more. So make sure your website gets accepted by the new age mobile society. The visitors and potential customers must be able to access the website on the go. A mobile-friendly version of your site will do the trick. Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes. Check out all pages, buttons, and everything else before launching the site.

Final Tip: Be willing to learn. Look for inspiration! This is how you would know about newer and most exciting possibilities.

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