Dec 12, 2018

Most Common Design Mistakes Designers Make

Most Common Design Mistakes Designers Make 
What makes a great design? You must have read several guidelines to learn about the tips and tricks to create a perfect logo. No here you will unleash the techniques and practice that can take all of your efforts to go down the drain. You will learn about the things you must not attempt and the things that can slowly influence your design and its performance in the long run.

To learn about the tips to create a successful and engaging logo when offering logo designers services UAE, you have to go through the following list of most common mistakes which many designers make: Read on

Relying on Trends

The first and the biggest mistakes which most of the designer make is to follow the trends in the wrong manner. Trends come and go every year and you have to seek inspiration from them. You must follow them blindly. Your logo must be free from every boundary. You can restrict its approach to a single trend or color. Many designers adopt the latest trends and create the logo and once the trend disappears, their creation also loses the charm.

The Use Of Typefaces

The second most important thing is the wrong use of typeface. Every font depicts a certain message and serves a purpose. You cannot pick the font without noticing the fact whether it is playing its role in the logo or not. You have to analyze its look on the interface and see whether it will help to deliver the right message or will leave an entirely opposite outlook. That’s the reasons why there are tools with hundreds of font options to let the designers offering logo designers services UAE the chance to select the most appropriate font for their logo. Therefore, when you plan to create your logo you have to carefully look into the characteristics of the font.

Poor Color Selection

Color plays the most important role in making or breaking a logo. It can double the effectiveness of a logo or negatively influence its outlook. Designers carry out a deep thought process and study the color psychology before selecting a tone or shade. That’s how a great logo is sketched. However, there are most of the designers who pay little to no attention to creating the logo. You have to analyze the impact a color can create on the identity you created for your logo. The color you select must be able to deliver the core message and attract the viewer.

Moreover, every color and its shades have a different meaning. For instance, the deep blue depicts professionalism and a corporate identity while the light blues shows fun, cheerfulness. Therefore, you have to learn about the shades of each color palette as well.

A Complex Design

Look for ease and convenience for your target viewers. You must not create an intricate or complex logo design that becomes difficult to understand. Your design must be such that can deliver its core purpose in the first glance. Within a few seconds, it must be able to grab the attention and persuade the viewer about the quality of the services you offer.

The best tip to overcome a complicated design is to follow the minimalist approach. You have to stick to the rules of adding only those icons, elements, and graphics that is necessary and one, which supports your overall idea of the logo. You must keep the outlook as simple as possible. A simple logo is easy to transform in a responsive layout. Moreover, it can be resized to be used for different platforms.

Copied Design

The biggest mistake that you can make is to copy the designs that other designers make. You cannot directly copy every feature and think that nobody will get to know about it. The internet is far more advanced than being called a global village. Every other user is keeping an eye on multiple options and platform to extract information. Once your mistake gets caught it will leave a negative impact on your professional career as well. Therefore, be careful and it’s good to seek inspiration but it’s not acceptable to directly copy the entire design.

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