Sep 7, 2018

5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2019

5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Are you looking for free software designed for your computer? there are a lot of them out there to choose from. To separate great software from the bad one's today in Guide Tricks I am going to show you some free software that is actually great. This edition will primally focus on the free software for computer running Windows operating system.


5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Puffin browser is a perfect browser which has been getting popularity on the mobile phone for the last few years and now has the version of windows. Puffin browser uses cloud servers when you browse the internet server preprocesses and compresses the data so that you download fewer data to show the web page which can be useful for those of you with internet service providers that are rolling out data caps for home internet users. 

The cloud servers also help to secure your computer by blocking any malicious website. Puffin browser is currently in data on windows other than a cloud computing technology the feature set is limited for increase privacy you can open a new incognito window by selecting the menu upper right then select “new incognito window” this one sure that the browser does not save your cookies, temporary file, web pages, and searches. The windows version of this browser should become more interesting as more feature get added. Puffin is artificial out of data and available for use on IOS and ANDROID. Check Website          


5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Pot player is a multi-player that is similar to VLC and KM player, in fact, it was created by the same theme that created KM player. Pot player supports any type of audio and video format that you can think of. It will also optimize your media for similar playback. When you first install pot player you will notice that it has minimum less style without a lot of colors. 

Along the button, it has all the typical playback options at the right-hand side it has the settings option which when you click it will bring up the control panel where you can easily change the audio, video, subtitle and playback settings. If you want to access more features just right click anywhere inside the window to easily go to the settings that you want to change. Having only used the pot player for a short time it has already replaced any media player on my computer. Check Website


5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

This is a type of video editor that has full features that are often found in expensive software. It contains a lot of visual and audio facts including color correction, object transformation, object filters, special effects, and transaction effects. VSDC also allows you to export video in different format and Adding files is very easy in the upper ribbon you can select add object and select file type from list you can also use click and drag method open the folder where your file it is either audio, image, video or amination just simply drag and drop the file into the main window. 

One the limitation of the free version is that it does not allow hardware acceleration to speed up the process of exporting and you won’t be able to export unless the hardware acceleration is turned on. In the upper right go to option select acceleration option and make sure you use hardware acceleration for encoding video is not check then select ok. The higher the quality the longer will take your video to export. If you need additional help you can visit their help forum which has many types of tutorial and YouTube is a great source for full tutorials. If you are looking for a new video editor with a great feature check out VSDC free video editor. Check Website

4.==> CPU-Z

5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Is a system profiling and modeling software that detects the CPU, ram, motherboard chips along with other hardware features on your computer it is more inadept than the tools provided within the Windows operating system. When you open CPU-Z you see your data and a tap interface with several categories to choose from including CPU, caches, motherboard, memory, SPD, and graphics. The data here is rove with no explanation and so it is not for beginners. At the button, if you select tools you can check for a driver, or BIOS update, check your clock speed and you can save your report in.TXT or.HTML format. CPU-Z is a great program that can give you a lot of useful information to help you analyze your computer. Check Website

5.==> Real world Cursor Editor

5 Free Software That Are Actually Great! 2018

Is a tool that helps you create a mass cursor or modify the existing one. This is for those of you that have been asking me how I am highlighting my cursor in some of my videos. Some of the features include being able to create a cursor from images, make multi revolution cursor and the ability to make animated cursors. Some screen recorders don’t have the option to highlight a mouse cursor that’s when the software will play an important role. Whether you are creating a video for a presentation or you just need a unique cursor for personal use gives Real World Cursor Editor a try. Check Website

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