Sep 18, 2018

Free up Space on Android internal memory 5 Simple Ways

Free up Space on Android internal memory 5 Simple Ways

Nowadays the way our smartphones are structured helps us to perform a special and amazing task that before can only be done with either a computer or a tablet. Android device has many amazing features which some’s are well known while others are hidden features in both plays an important role in our day to day activities. Android device comes in different version and also with different type of internal memory, the capability of this device may vary than the other one which also packages from the same company that’s why sometimes you will figure out that some device accept and store a few application and other media file  because their internal storage capacity is very low, whenever you try to fill up that provided space your android device may hookup at a time or it will start slowing down which is so annoying. And in some circumstances where you don’t fill up space but there is a possibility where you will be found out is just fill up so how? And what to do? The solution is to free up space in your device.

The good thing you should know is that freeing space on your android device is a very easy and simple task, in this post I am going to show you the best five (5) great ways on how to free up space on your android device so that your phone will perform well and have a great space for your favorite photo, application, audio and also video.    

Free up Space on Android internal memory 5 Simple Ways

1.==> Uninstall unused applications: if you have some applications that you are not working with them consider removing them. As I always said your device is not a dictionary or a search engine that everything must be found there, adding such unused or unnecessary application in your device only consumes your internal storage memory and also leading to device slow down. Removing or uninstalling such applications will free up some space and increase your device performance to do so Go to Settings>> application manager or apps>> uninstall the application that you don’t use or you don’t want to use anymore.     

2.==> Clear App Cached: you can also clear app cached on your android device clearing the cached removes the application temporary files and can free up some space in your device to do so simply go to settings>> storage >> clear cached >> and hit ok in some device this feature is actually absent don’t worry you can easily download some other applications that work the same feature those applications include clean master or phone master and in some latest version of the Android device you will find the phone master application which is now an inbuilt application.

3.==> Upload your photos to online storage: some pictures often occupy a lot of space in any device rather than storing them all on your phone you can easily use a cloud storage like google photos which will automatically backup all your pictures in the cloud to enable cloud syn open the photos application go to settings>> backup and syn>> change the settings to on and now all uploaded photos can easily be used on your desktop or other Android devices that are connected with your Google account. Even if you lose a picture in your device you can simply retrieve it back any time anywhere with any device.

4.==> Delete unnecessary files and folders: Most of the people downloaded files and gadgets and after use you can easily find them in the device, those files consume space in your device so it is advisable to always delete them after use by doing so it provides space in your device and space will be available for the next download. Deleting unnecessary files regularly keep your device storage free.

5.==> Moving files and Applications to SD card: moving apps and media file to SD card storage could not only free up your phone internal storage but it will also increase your phone performance by making it work and respond faster to move application to SD card storage Go to settings >> Application manager or Apps >> select application >> click move to SD card though keep in mind there are some apps that do not support moving to SD card they have to be stored in the device internal storage and also there are some Android devices moving application with one click feature is not available but you can use the method I provided in my previous post about the 7 hidden features of android device.     

So, guys those are my simple ways to free up your space on android device. Give this post a share if you found it very helpful, do you know other ways on how to free up space in android device that you think should be added to the post? let me know about it in the comment section below and if you are new to this blog subscribe to stay update with the tech related stuff.                       

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