Aug 19, 2018

7 Hidden Android Features You Are Not Using (2019)

7 Hidden Android Features You Are Not Using (2018)

Hy Guys you are welcome to another series of Technology, in this post, I am going to discuss the 7 hidden android features that you are not using and you should definitely try. This secret android feature will make your Android experience even better so let’s get started. If this is your first time for visiting this blog don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for more useful stuff

1.==> Screen pinning

This is one of the latest features of android it happens when your friend asked for your phone to make calls and after making the call there is a tendency he may decide to browse your private data such as messages, email and private folders that’s very annoying that’s when screen pining comes to play an important role.

Screen pinning prevents anyone from switching apps and forces them to stay on a particular screen that you pin. To enable screen pinning on your android device, Just Go to Settings>>Security & Lock Screen >> Scroll to the button of the page you will see Screen Pining then Click on it. Simply change the setting to On” and also make sure that the ‘ask for a pin before unpinning’ is also on.  
Now when you go back to the home page open the application you wish to pin minimized it and check out the minimized pages select the app you want to pin and there you will probably see the ping icon, just click on the pin icon and you will see the screen is pinned. Now no other button will work until it’s unpinning so, to unpin the application click on any of your button you will see a message that provides you with the simplest way on how to unpinned it because the unpinning method differs inversion. Some you need to click and hold the minimized button and the back button while others you need to press and home button + the volume down button at a time.    

2.==> Multiple User account

If someone asked you to let them check your mobile phone either to make call or to play games you may be worried about your personal data but you didn’t know that you can easily enable a gest mode and you can let them work with your phone such as play games, install apps or even make a call whatever they want without worry about your personal data the guest mode will serve as a profile where the mobile phone will look like a new phone without any single data. To enable guest mode just swipe to quick settings and click on the profile icon and you will see “at guest” and also “add user” if you wish to create a user for an individual you can click on the add user icon or you can click on the added guest and the guest mode will be activated both works the same.

Now To get back to your original profile again go to the profile icon and click on your original account icon note: if you have a password on your smartphone you must insert it before it changes to the normal profile. It’s a cool feature and it also helps you to protect your privacy. 

3.==> Adaptable Storage

If you have an android phone that has 8GB or 16GB of memory you must be having a hard time installing a lot of application and games even if you have an SD card must of the applications can’t be installed on the external SD card but now from the latest version of lollipop 5.0 you can easily format your SD card as internal storage.

To do that simply Go to Settings>>Storage>>SD card and click on the option icon >>Storage Settings >> Format as internal, but make sure you back up your SD card data because all of your SD card data will be formatted just click on ‘Erase & Format’ it will ask you to move the old data of course to the new storage you can choose “move now” or “Move Later” and click on ‘Next’ Click “Move” and the process will continue it will be done and you will have available space on your internal storage because the external storage will now serve as the default storage.

4.==> Split Screen Multitasking

If you wish to multitask like me then you are going to love this feature, this cool Android feature that allows you to use two application at a single time. To enable split-screen multitasking just click and hold the gear icon and this will turn on the “System UI Turner” then go to System UI Turner >> others and click on enable screen split swipe up gesture and also in the latest Android version you don’t need to enable this option to get the multitasking feature, just go to any application and drag it on another. You can also click on the split multi-tasking icon which is available in some of the Android version to use the multitasking feature.

Some many applications like Instagram Don’t support Split screen Multi-Tasking to force such applications to open in multitasking Go to Settings>>About Phone now tap the ‘build number’ seven (7) to Eight (8) times to enable ‘developer options’. Now Go to Developers option and head down to the button of the screen you will find “Force activities to be resizable” just click on it and next time when you try to open Instagram as a multi-window it will work totally fine.

5.==> Smart Lock

Smart lock will keep your device unlocked when it detects that its with you or at a safe place like your home to enable smart lock Just Go to Settings>>Security>> Lock Screen and head down to smart lock it will ask you for your pin if your smartphone has password if you don’t set any password protection on your device you need to enable the password protection then smart lock will be accessible.  

There are five options provided you can select the trusted face, body detection to keep your device unlock when its with you and more options when you select your preferred option at the top just click on the enable button and hit on continue and it will enable the feature It’s a quite amazing and hiding android feature.

6.==> Hidden File manager

There are smartphones that don’t come with file manager as an application, Do you really know that android have hidden file manager feature, this allows you to see the categories of your files from the file manager to enable this feature simple Go to Settings>> Storage>> then ‘Files’ in other phones it may be label as “explore” depending on your android version and phone just click on files or explore and you will be taking to the file manager, there you will see the categories of your files such as applications, music, photos, and videos.

7.==> Screensaver

Do you know that android have a screen saver that most people don’t know about, it’s an awesome feature that enables you to check out time and notifications when your phone is sleeping? To enable screen, saver on android Go to Settings>> Display>> Screen Saver just click on the screen saver and there you will see many options such as the clock, colors, news & weather and also photos when you click on start now your screen saver will start automatically.

These are the 7 Android hidden features that you should definitely try if you really find this post very helpfully show your appreciation in the comment section below and don’t forget to share with your lovely ones. Thanks, and have a nice day!  

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