Nov 23, 2018

5 Most Useful YouTube Shortcut keys You Must Know!

5 Most Useful YouTube Shortcuts You Must Know!

Internet helps us a lot in our life to success in term of financially, economically and academically. It assists us to access information in the world wide web within some few minutes without consulting anybody unless you wish, in compare with the pass which you need to meet somebody to teach or guide on something relevant that may be useful to your life but now all what you need is internet connection and a simple device.

YouTube serve as one of the most popular video streams in our world today a lot of people spend their specious time making many videos just to provide solutions to our problems and also to make us happy; thought YouTube serves as one of the simplest ways in which you can make money online that’s by monetizing your videos to get some tokens from your hard work.

YouTube also serves as the teacher of the feature because billion of videos have been made that will guide people on how they can solve their certain problems and for each single day millions are also introduced that shows some other easiest ways than the past ones. in some coming days, many amazing things will be introduced on the internet, in fact, teachers will be migrated to the internet which attending of school may become useless because anything will be found in the internet and also you can communicate with many people as you wish around the world just by sitting in your room.

There are many useful YouTube shortcut keys from your keyboard that can help you saved your time. So today in this post I am going to show you the best 5 most useful YouTube shortcut keys you must know.  

1.==> KK: Do you know that whenever you are watching a video and you press “KK” on your keyboard will pause the video and ones you press the Kk button again the videos continue from where it stops. I really know you can do that by pressing the space bar on your keyboard but I think this feature will be useful to those that want to rest their finger from the keyboard while watching try and I am sure you will feel more comfortable.

2.==> J and L keys:  Do you know that pressing ‘J’ Key on your keyboard while watching a video it will rewind the video by 10 seconds you can also forward the video by 10 seconds by pressing the ‘L’ Key. So, if you really want to forward your video in a simple way, I think this shortcut key will help you.   

3.==> F Key: by pressing “F” key on your keyboard while watching a video would take your video to full-screen mode so you don’t need to reach your cursor all the way to the video player to watch a video in full screen. You can do this without leaving the comfort of your keyboard.

4.==> M Key: while watching YouTube video you can click on the “M” key to mute the audio so if you quickly want to mute an audio while watching a video on YouTube in an urgent situation like when your phones rings you can easily click on the m key to mute the audio and you can also unmute the audio using the same key as well.

5.==> 0-9 Number Keys: while watching video on YouTube you can easily click one of the numbers ranging from 0-9 on your keyboard to skip part of the video for example when you press 3 you will skip 30% of the video from the beginning similarly when you press 6 you skip for the percentage, pressing 0 will take you to the begging while pressing 9 will take you to the end of the video.

I found this shortcut is very useful whenever I am watching a long video. So, guys, that’s for today I hope you enjoy it. Do you know other shortcut keys that you think should be added to this post? Kindly let us know in the comment section below if you found this post very helpfully do share it will your lovely ones and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more awesome and fresher tech update.

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