Oct 12, 2018

5 Hidden Google Games You Probably Didn't Know Before!

5 Hidden Google Games You Probably Didn't Know Before!

Computers are designed to perform a special task such as calculations and other arithmetic operations not just that it also makes our day to day activities accurate, faster and easy.

A lot of people spend their time on the computer making research while other spend their time working with it as a source of income no matter what the case it is there is some situation where you have no work to do and you are feeling so boring that’s when computer games play an important role.

There are different designed computer games from various programmers around the world that are actually great and that would always make you busy while playing them. That’s why today in guide tricks we decided to show you the top five (5) hidden google games you probably don’t know before. This is a simple game don’t expect a high graphic design game, it's just a fine and simple game that you may be enjoying when you are boring.   

1.==> SNAKE: Just search for “Google snake game” on google and click on the first result and prepare to enjoy a good-looking game for free. This game is an awesome game that is just similar to Nokia device snake game that you can play on google search engine.

2.==> PACMAN: simply go to google search engine and type “Pacman” and click on the first result and start enjoying the popular Pacman game. I still remember I usually play this game when I was a child surprising you can still enjoy the game today.

3.==> TERRACE RAN: have you ever know what this type of icon is doing on your browser 

5 Hidden Google Games You Probably Didn't Know Before!

when you run out of internet? Well, it is a game just press the spacebar on your keyboard and you pretty much start the game. To keep the dienolide avoid the Kandis jump over with the help of your space bar. This is a simple game that you can enjoy with your google chrome browser when you are offline you can also play this game on your mobile devices if you are using a google chrome browser when you are offline.

4.==> FLY STIMULATOR: have you ever dream of flying in an aircraft? well, it is now possible kindly download and installs the “Google Earth” on your desktop and from the menu click on the tools and choose “Enter Flight Stimulator” or by pressing CTRL + Alt + A on your keyboard. You will see a window where you can choose the type of aircraft and the destination and click on start flight to get started, to control the aircraft you can use the following controls if you are interested.

A command for Windows and Linux
Exit flight stimulator                                      CTRL + Alt + A or Escape
Open Flight simulator options                      CTRL + Alt + A
Rotate pilot viewpoint                                 Arrow keys + Alt (slow) or CTRL (fast)
Display flight simulator help                         CTRL + H
Increase thrust                                            Page up
Reduce thrust                                              Page down
Aileron left                                                  Left arrow
Aileron right                                                Right arrow
Elevator push                                               Up arrow
Elevator pull                                                Down arrow
Rudder left                                                  Insert
Rudder right                                                Enter (numeric keypad)
Rudder left                                                  Shift + left arrow
Rudder right                                                Shift + right + arrow
Elevator trim nose down                              Home                                       

5.==> Breakout: This is another google search game which you can play by searching “Atari breakout” in the search box. Breakout is a 1972’s auto game player can drown a panel that bounces a ball into the grey which is located at the top of the screen the goal is to holly the ball that can fall quickly in the panel.

And that’s for today do you know other google game that you think should be added in the post kindly let us know in the comment section below and also if you like this post kindly show your appreciation in the comment box and don’t forget to share this post with your lovely ones. Thanks, and happy visiting!!     

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