Aug 17, 2021

11 Free Programs You Need on Your New PC! 2019

11 Free Programs You Need on Your New PC! 2018

Technology is growing so fast that you can’t imagine our day to day manual activities now change from manual work to automation which does not only makes it faster but flexible and easy to retrieve data. So you got yourself a new computer and now it’s time to follow the process of installing the programs that you need. Thanks to the various type of software including open source, free applications, and many others. Loading your new computer doesn’t have to cost you much after purchasing whether you have a desktop or laptop computer, I would like you to know the top 10 free programs you need to install in setting up your new Pc.

11 Free Programs You Need on Your New PC! 2019

1.==> Internet Browser: One of the most important pieces of software in your computer is the internet browser, browses help and allow us to access the internet in an efficient way. For example, when you have windows 10 operating system install on your computer you will find out that the default browser is the windows edge and on apple you get safari both are very good but if you want the best browser for your PC then consider installing some browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Other popular automated browsers to consider include Opera mini, UC browser, and many others.

2.==> Office Suite: office suite has to be in any type of computer this include Microsoft office but if you need a completely free office suite libber office is for you it is an open source and it includes alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and access. Libber office has also improved over the years with their capability with Microsoft office, if you want better capability there is WPS office free but unfortunately it ads supported. Instead of downloading software’s to your computer you can also use the online free version of Microsoft Office and the Google docs, sheets and slides are really good to work with.

3.==> Media Player: To play a media file stored in your computer you must have a media player; VLC media player will play any type of audio or video file that you have even some format that you haven’t hear about it. Quite simply VLC get the job done must of the time without any problems other media players to consider include pot player and media player classic home cinema.    

4.=> Image Editor: If you have a photo that has to be retouch or you want to create a new image there are several free programs that are similar to Photoshop you need to choose from, GIMP as the best image editor that you can get it has many the same features just like the Photoshop including a photo enhancement tool and the ability to work with layers in some reason GIMP doesn’t satisfy you is another solid alternative that most people use in their computers and you can also give it a try.

5.==> Gaming: if you are PC gamer one of the first programs that you must install is Steam it contains must of the games you will ever play on your computer they are known of having awesome sell and super easy to use to keep your game library organized. Certain games are not found in Steam can be found in computing services including UBISOFT UPLAY, ORIGIN or GOG GALAXY those are just a few among them you can find many more using the google search.

6.==> Pc Cleaner: Even with the new brand computer it is a good idea to use a pc cleaner tool to remove unuseful files from your computer which helps to keep your hard drive in a good health. My favorite application is Bleach Bit it’s an open source by the way and simple to use. Another PC cleaner I like using is Glary Utilities and there is the most popular one which is CCleaner that has malware attack by hackers last year and more recent issues I recommended you should never use this software if you have it installed on your pc after reading this article make sure to uninstall it to avoid any upcoming problems.                             

7.==> Torrent Client: Torrent have a bad reputation due to the illegal file sharing but we have many uses including sharing free software and be able to download files that you already own. QBittorrent is the free client that I used its open source, fast and reliable it comes with a search engine and media player built in, if you used torrent client you may also like it its ads free.

8.==> Security: If you are in need of security software Bitdefender antivirus free edition does a great job in protecting your computer from virus and malware attack. Malwarebytes anti-malware free is good to keep you around as a good backup for those times you need to run an additional scan the normally provide 14 days’ trail of the premium version when the trails ends you will be taken back to the free edition, others to consider include AVAST, SOPHOS HOME, and WINDOWS DEFENDER offer decent protection for the average users. If you want to protect your risky behavior online or you are running an unsupported operating system like Windows XP, for example, you will be better saved by getting a premium security program.

9.==> Text Editor: For my fellow coders and developers one of my favorite text editors is Subline Text which has a lot of more features which is not build up in notepad program for windows, speaking of notepad; Notepad++ has been around for a while and it is also good. Visual Studio Code and brackets are two more to be considering.

10.==> Storage: For many people using a cloud service to back up your data is most. if you used DROP BOX they offer 2CB space for free that’s not alone but that may be useful for the most important files. If you combine that with other services that storage can add up Google offers 15GB free storage to be seen between Google Drive, Gmail and Google photos. There is also Microsoft OneDrive offering up to 5GB and ICloud for apple users get you another 5GB.

11.==> Automated Installer: If you want to simplify the process when installing new software on your pc one of my favorite application is NINITE it is an automated installer that includes many popular programs you just pick up the one you like and select get your NINITE ones the file is run it will install the program you selected without any toolbars, Ads or any other crap. NINITE is completely free for home users.

If you know the programs that you think to be useful to those with the new computer let us know about it in the comment section below and if you are new to this blog, make sure you subscribe so that you don’t miss out the new stuff from Guide Tricks and Don’t forget to share this post with your lovely one’s thanks and happy installing!                                   

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