Aug 17, 2021

6 Awesome Ways to Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu today

6 Awesome Ways to Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu today

Windows operating system is one of the most popular and well-known operating systems in our world today, it helps us access our pc in an efficient way without much stress. Though much effort has been made to the operating system to make it more user-friendly and easy to use. Windows operating system has different versions such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and the latest one which is windows 10 that have been upgraded from time to time which comes with a lot of features some are well known while others are still hidden.

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            Most people love to use windows 10 because it has a lot of amazing features which are mostly absent in other operating systems, but not people like me because I personally prefer to use windows 7 on my pc rather than windows 10 because windows 7 is a user-friendly and easy operating system.

The most thing I hate with Windows 10 is system and application upgrade from time to time which always consume my data, for that reason people have even give it a unique name called “Hungry window” but when it comes to security windows 10 is the option for you.

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            In today’s post, I am going to show you the 6 Awesome Ways to Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu, Windows 10 gives us the beautiful start menu and the ability to customize it than ever has been before these ways include:

6 Awesome Ways to Customize Your Windows 10 Start Menu today

1.==> Resize the start menu: Do you ever know that you can quickly resize your windows 10 start menu by simply moving your mouse to the top age or right side age of your start menu? you can easily do so by making it taller or shorter by clicking and dragging the top end age of the start menu. You can also make it wider or thinner by simply clicking and dragging to the right or left using the end age of your start menu.      

2.==> Pin and Unpin Tiles: You can easily unpin tiles inside your start menu by just right clicking on each one by selecting “Unpin from start” you can also drag them to where it looks more comfortable to you. If you also want to pin an application to your tiles you can do so by going to your all application, choose your desire application then right click on it and choose pin to start. You can also pin mostly used application at the right-hand side if you want to or if it looks more comfortable to you. As you know you can also pin an application to your taskbar using the same method.

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3.==> Resize Tiles: You can change the size of any tile on your start menu by just simply right clicking on it then choose to resize and choose the size to prefer to you, different tiles give you different option to choose between small, medium, wide and large some accept all size while others choose between the ranges. It just depends on each individual application.

4.==> Turn Off Live Tile Updates: If all those blinking tiles are annoying you, you can simply stop them by right-clicking on the application or tile that is blinking and choose “Turn live tile off” if you want you can also turn them on later using the same method.

5.==> Change The Start Menu Color: You can easily change your start menu color by right-clicking any empty space on your desktop and choose “Personalize” from the menu and then choose colors.

You will find different colors out there you can easily change the present one by just picking the one that looks good to you. Or you can also set it to automatically choose a color from your background by just turning the button “automatically pick a color from my background” toon.

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6.==> Remove all Tiles and make it looks like Windows 7: One of the best and simplest way to customized your start menu is by removing all your tiles and make it looks like windows 7 and for that all that you need to do is unpin all the tiles on the right side but the one you prefer you can move them to the left side and then resize it down to look good.

Do you know other windows 10 customization way that you think should be added to this post? Kindly let us know in the comment section below and if you found this post very helpfully don’t forget to share with your lovely one's Thanks and happy customizing!!   

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