Aug 17, 2021

Learn Some Secrets of Video Advertising through Facebook

Learn Some Secrets of Video Advertising through Facebook

Facebook has become the best ally of video advertising.

In a revolutionized world in which investment for television advertising has been canceled almost entirely, platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or Snapchat have become a new channel for video advertising. Within all the possibilities that exist to start up an online audiovisual advertising campaign, some sites like YouTube have already found their promotion formula to which many corporate video production companies in Dubai and around the world follow to guarantee the success of their video.

With approximately three years since the function was activated to upload promotional videos on Facebook, it seems that this social network has also begun to develop a unique format. If you want to go beyond the classic YouTube and become a master of the videos on Facebook, below we will give you some tips so you can achieve your goal.

1.==> Choose The Type of Video Advertising You Want for Your Facebook Page.

One of the main advantages that you can find on Facebook is that no matter the trajectory of your company, anyone can make a good low budget strategy. So that you can make the most of your video advertising through the most famous social network, you must first know that Facebook presents two ways in which you can post a video. The first is to create your video ads directly on the platform, you can upload a previously made material or generate a presentation of up to seven images at a time. The second is to make a publication with a Vimeo or YouTube video and promote it with a small investment.

2.==> Analyze Very Well The Objectives You Want To Achieve With Your Video Advertising.

Another benefit you can get when using Facebook as a promotional tool is the possibility of segmenting your market to find the ideal customer. In order to reach that specific client, you must plan your objectives thinking about it. Once you know who you want to reach, you can use the marketing settings offered by the platform to add all the options you need.

3.==> Take Care Of The Image And Titles Of Your Publications.

If you have ever paid attention to Facebook videos, surely you already know that this network contains the auto play function; that means that the video will start playing on the screens of all your followers and clicking on it will only make the sound integrate with the image. Taking into account this function, it is best that the video includes an attractive visual load in the first few seconds. Another resource that you can use in search of effectiveness is to accompany your publication with an interesting title that engages the user or invites him to participate.

4. Quality Will Never Cease To Be Important For Video Advertising.

Although the theme is the best and your video is very entertaining, no one will want to see it if the quality is not good. We recommend that at all times you have a clear image and a clear sound that is understood very well. Although quality is very important, you should also take into account that the heavier the video, the longer it will take to load. Do not make the mistake of recording in extreme formats such as 4K, the best format for this social network is the HD 720.

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