Dec 26, 2021

How to Make Your Own Anime Character

How to Make Your Own Anime Character 
Creating a manga or an anime character is a bit of backbreaker. You cannot simply hold a pencil or your digital pan to sketch the character. You have to carry out brainstorming and extensive research to create a personality first. You have to seek inspiration from your surroundings and ponder on every minute details.

You may find the guide a lot different from the one scripted for making a usual character. So here it is, let's begin the read!

Decide the Blood Type

When making a manga character you have to follow the procedures Japanese animators do. You have to choose the blood type to identify their personality. The standard division as per the personality traits for the animation monster service is listed below:

O- Optimistic, confident, self-centered and strong-willed
A - Creative, reserved, stubborn, and responsible
B - Active, selfish, passionate, and irresponsible
AB- Rational, adaptable but also forgetful

Decide Their Birth Date

According to the Eastern Zodiac the traits various in a personality for offering the animation monster service. You have to select a birth date according to the personality you are planning. The traits in the person will shape his decision-making and responses, therefore when planning an anime character be more logical. There are two zodiacs the western and the eastern usually the eastern zodiac is used for anime and manga characters.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Next in the list is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI gives the exact elaboration of how the character responds, react, and think. About the anger and optimism and the entire trait of his brief personality unfolds in front of you. It becomes easier to predict his responses and preferences if you carry out the test. It is one of the most reliable and legitimate types of personality test.

Use A Personality Balancer

Now you have to use the personality balancer to sketch a more comprehensive personality. You need to and some negative and positive aspects of your character. A bit of manipulation with optimism, emphatic and friendly on the other hand rude and possessive as well.

Facial Features and Figure

Keep one thing in mind when sketching an anime character and that is, you have to keep things sharp. The nose and jawline. The strands of hair to the cuts in the figure, everything must be fine and sharp. You have to create delicate curves that show softness along with the flexibility to fight taekwondo. The anime characters have colorful dressing style. They wear long coats with popper shoes and other accessories. You have to be more comprehensive. It’s better to carry out a thorough analysis and ponder on things that are required.

Make the Plot

Now when you have done all the possible and necessary aspects, compose a strong story for your animation. Depending upon the responses and reaction of your characters place them perfectly into the story and define the setting.
From choosing a perfect setting to sketching the details of the scene, keep a check on your animation quality. Your storyboard is the backbone of your video; hence, be more conscious.

Use Expert Tools

You can get your hands on a number of professional tools and software that can help you in making fine curves and edges. The tools like Adobe and Canvas can assist you in gathering possible templates and icons.
The tools are easy to use and have a huge collection of tutorials as well. You can choose from the collection and add in your story. Moreover, they can assist you in choosing a compelling color palette. It’s better to view the other manga and anime characters to get a more professional idea of building a story. You will be able to add more essence to your work.

Wrapping Up

Follow the above-mentioned guide and seek feedback from your co-workers in order to make the possible changes. Take special care of the story as a captivating story can make things work out in a better way. Choose an interesting name and browse into the Chinese glossary to get the best suggestions. The characters if sketched beautifully can gain a lot of fame and attention of viewers. Plan out every little step a stay focused.

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