Jan 4, 2019

Simplifying Illustration Creation: Top Design Tools and Software

With constant transformations occurring in the field of design and sketching, the notion of drawing has been moved to digital tools and software. Creating illustrations has become easier with the introduction of such software and every passionate artist can now turn that passion into a lucrative profession by resorting to learning through digital tools.

The demand of people looking for custom illustration services increasing at a great rate, we thought that it would be an excellent idea to gather all of the top painting and drawing tools at once place.

Here are the top five tools, software, and apps you can utilize for creating your next stunning illustration:

Adobe Illustrator CC

Adobe Illustrator has earned a prominent name as graphic design software. From beginner level illustration design to a professional level, this software is a great option for every designer or illustrator out there. Since it is based on vector graphics, you do not have to worry about the quality or the resolution of your drawings. Vector images allow you to transform low-resolution images into a better quality without ruining the pixels of what you are drawing.

Illustrator CC is no longer available for a onetime download as Adobe changed it into a subscription-based software. Some might think it is taxing but the onetime cost was expensive for many and dividing the complete payment into a subscription has proven to be less costly as compared to its price before.

As for its features, Adobe released an entirely new crop tool that lets you crop images in Illustrator itself. There is even a panel of colorful themes, from where you can acquire several types of themes from Adobe based apps. A puppet wrap tool has been introduced and using it you can warp and pin design elements easily.

Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk Sketchbook is a favorite among several digital artists. The unique part about this software is that it is more than a drawing tool. You are provided with a variety of features but it even allows you to scan your drawings through its built-in paper scanner. You can transform your hand-drawn illustration into a piece of digital art.

The range of brushes is extensive as well. A collection of 150 brushes is available that you can even customize. You can create different color combinations using the color palette and add textures or patterns according to your preferences. Like any other design tool, the option to resize and change the intricate details of brushes is available as well.

This tool can even be used along with Apple Pencil. This notion has made digital sketching easier that is why most professional illustrators prefer using Autodesk Sketchbook the most. You can change from layer to layer without any difficulty and make changes to the drawing simultaneously. From animated characters to stunning static visuals, you can do so much using this desktop application.


ArtRage might not be as widely recognized as Autodesk or Illustrator but it is also a convenient painting tool with both desktop software and a mobile app. The tool was released for small-scale drawings and illustrations but professional designers are now using it as well. Ambient Design, the creators of ArtRage, has recently released a completely revamped version with new tools and features for even Mac desktops.  

The visual appeal and design of the new ArtRage software are different from its previous version. It is not equipped with a wider range of editing tools, brushes, and an extensive color palette as well. You can customize both the brushes and the colors by following a guide provided in the tool itself. Usually, some design software does not have the option to add effects or filters but you can do so in ArtRage.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

This software is somewhat similar to Adobe Photoshop but the only difference is that it in the form of a mobile app, available on both the Android and iOS app stores. PS Sketch works the best on iPad and you can utilize the tools that are alike to tools and features Photoshop has. If you are using it on your iPad then you can draw stunning illustrations with Apple Pencil.

PS Sketch is the go-to app of many new digital artists and illustrators as it provides them with a simple user experience combined with quality features and tools. The quantity of brushes is less as compared to Autodesk Sketchbook but you can not only customize them but also add brushes from your Photoshop software to this design app.


CorelDRAW is available only on Windows and it has become popular over time. Many of its features and tools are similar to most of the design and painting tools designers usually use. However, it caught everyone’s attention after its creators launched a LiveSketch tool that seemingly works on the concept of artificial intelligence.

You can draw on a tablet while the tool learns your gestures and hand movements while you draw. It is an extremely intelligent feature, which has proved to be a great example of AI in design-based software. Once the drawing is made, you can make tweaks to it by customizing it. The rest of the unique tools include a healing cone feature that lets you touch up minor details or imperfections.

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