Jan 8, 2019

How Bounty Hunter Can Ease Your Start up Pain.

How Bounty Hunter Can Ease Your Start up Pain.

The ico campaign is typically contacted to raise money that will help the company develop. If you are a user, you can feel free to join the team in the campaign program that will aid in raising the money needed for the projects. It is usually a platform that is created as a startup and website developers which helps the people to be recognized and compensated for marketing tasks, social media campaign and also translation. The form in which they are rewarded is through the tokens which are the sales that they make during the campaign.

How To get a Good ico bounty program online

Finding a bounty program is not a hard task as people may think; rather some sites may be accessible to find that will help them in tracing the bounty program. Some of the sites that will help people in discovering more about bounty program is the forum called bitcointalk and also talking similar topic is the ico bounty hunt. All the information that you want to know about bounty program will be found in these two. The most common type of ico bounty campaign includes content campaign, social media campaign, signature campaign, translation campaign.

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Content campaign

In this area, content plays a vital role as people will be rewarded when they create a blog. This can either be in the form of writing or video posts. The only distinguishing factor that will separate the bounty is the number of viewers and followers that it will gain in the course of the campaign. Just as another campaign has terms and conditions to be followed this is not an exception, those terms should be followed to the later to enable it to get approved and awarded some points for the same. If your capacity to write good review articles you can visit websites like EssayMojo.com

Social media campaign

A lot of people know how social media works, and therefore this sector won’t be new to many. For a successful bounty campaign, you need to post, share, like as a form of spreading the content online. Social media can be a better way to do this since a lot of people nowadays spent a good time on social media. The bounty that each person will get will full depend on the number of followers you get in your post. 

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Signature campaign

In this, you are not required to create a complicated image. The company will create some signatures for you which you will use to post them. The signature created by the company is generally with codes, in which you are required to post them and win people over. In this signature campaign there is usually some level, then you will keep on upgrading once you reach the targeted post for that particular level. What you should know in this particular campaign is that each level has its stake.

Translation campaign

Just as the word suggests, translation campaign will give the participant tokens basing on translating some pages. The translation is normal on Ico and landing pages. The terms in translation include; if you want to render a specific page, then you should have the full knowledge required for the conversion of the piece of work. The bounty will always vary on what you translate, and therefore there is no need of translating additional pages as they will be rejected automatically.

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