Feb 1, 2018

How do I log-in? A note on WordPress.com login

In my previous post, I have discussed step by step on how to sign up in wordpress.com for today’s post you are going to learn how to log into your wordpress.com dashboard after registering. I assume you are Now done with the signup! But before you can start blogging you need to verify your email address.

Simply head over to your mail and hit the “verify” link (it should appear in few seconds). Once you have done that, feel free to log in from http://wordpress.com/wp-admin

This is the log-in screen you should see:

How do I log-in? A note on WordPress.com login

Here you need to provide the correct email address and password you have provided when registering before you will be able to have assessed to the dashboard. Ones you are sure that the details are correct just click on the “login” you would be successfully redirected to your dashboard. 

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