Dec 26, 2021

10 Website Design Optimization Tips

10 Website Design Optimization Tips 

An enticing website has become a crucial factor for all type of businesses who are looking to find success online. However, if your website doesn’t rank in top search engine rankings, then that attractive website design is useless.

How attractive your web design may be, it is worthless, if your user doesn’t get what he is looking for. The most important element of designing a successful website is knowing the user intent.

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Whether you are making a major overhaul in your website or designing a new website, you must know the effective website design optimization tips that ultimately generate high traffic and increased conversions.

     1.    Design keeping user in mind

You are not the only one to look at the website. Remember, your website is about the users. Design your website so that users can easily find out what they are looking for. Improve your site navigation and make as easy as possible. Today, users want to access the information quickly, and they don’t find it on your site, they will bounce back quickly.

     2.    Keep it simple

While you may think of an impressive website with a lot of add-on features, animation, and trendy designing elements, most web designers agree with the fact that simple is attractive. Websites which are easy to navigate and minimal design features are highly appreciated. Let your service and product speak for itself.

     3.    Don’t ignore Image Alt Attributes

Use descriptive image alt attributes for all your pages. Image alt attributes are very important as it helps in increasing the rank of your website. However, many people just add text for the image alt attribute. No alt attribute is much better than inaccurate alt attribute.

     4.    Make it easy to contact you

Design our website in a way that it is easier for the user to find your contact information. As a customer, when you visit a website, you surely don’t want to waste your time in looking for the phone number or any other contact information to ask a question.
The most effective way to offer quick access to customers to get in touch with you quickly is to add your contact information permanently on your homepage.

     5.    Make mobile-friendly website

With the increasing number of mobile devices users, optimizing your website for mobile is a good SEO strategy. A website which is not optimized for mobile phones is difficult to navigate. 

     6.    Use concise messages

When a user lands at the homepage of your website, you are surely wanted to address their needs with the short yet compelling messages. Having too much text on your websites’ homepage compels users to bounce back from your website.

To hold the user, use concise and compelling messages on the homepage of your website.

     7.    Use strong calls-to-actions

Call-to-actions are what attracts the users to take action. It offers you the opportunity to engage with users. However, simple calls-to-actions won’t serve your purpose. Like simply saying, “learn more” won’t compel the users to click on it.

Use strong and enticing call-to-action to create user engagement and keep your audience involved in your website.

     8.    Update pages with fresh content

Include a blog section on your website and update it frequently with the new and updated posts. Search engines love to see changed web page content as it shows that the website is alive and working well.

     9.    Make it personal

A website that does not show any connection with a company or a person that represents the company is very unpleasant. When any user visits your website, they want to know the real people behind the website.

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One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is to use stock photographs. Users today quickly recognize the stock photos and give your site a fake feel. So, use high-quality photos to give a professional look to your site. This website design optimization technique offers better ROI helps in gaining a better ROI on your website.

     10.    Use design that drives conversions

The most important thing about website designing is that your main focus should be to answer the user’s questions very efficiently. So, design your website keeping user intent in mind.

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Incorporate these website design optimization tips on your website and enjoy a great user experience with increased traffic and conversions.
Start optimizing!

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