Dec 26, 2021

5 Serious Mistakes You should Avoid when Hiring a Web Developer

5 Serious Mistakes You should Avoid when Hiring a Web Developer

Are you hiring a web designer? If yes, then you need to focus on some serious mistakes people make in this respect. Once you understand the mistake, avoid it for your website project. Here are a few serious mistakes made by business owners when hiring a web developer. Make sure you avoid these as far as possible:

1. Allowing a Web Designer Register Your Domain Name For You

It is definitely a good idea to allow your designer to handle all of the technical aspects. However, the domain name is a valuable brand asset. Hence, you should not allow anyone else to takes control of it. It is not easy to register your own domain. You must register your domain with a “forever” email account. Since domain names are purchased annually, you should renew them regularly.

2. Not Ensuring about Control of Future Updates

It is a big blunder if you do not take control over making future updates. This means you should have a CMS (content management system such as Squarespace or WordPress) powering your website which helps you to make simple site changes all by yourself. Preferably you’ll be provided some training on it and some tips and instructions on how to do that. So make sure you ask about various ways to make changes to your site once it’s launched. Do not take, ‘you need to contact me’ as an answer. Although there’s no harm in allowing the web designer/developer do this job, the maintenance costs aren’t cheap. Make sure your clients have training resources to help them do it themselves. They can also ask a cheaper company to do this job.

3. The Wrong CMS can Ruin it all

Most web developers and designers work with a specific CMS platform such as Shopify, WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine, or Squarespace. Each website has different needs. It is up to the professional to decide what he/she wants or the CMS they choose. You must see what suits your site than blindly trusting any designer.

4. Hidden Costs of a Cheap Website

Being on a tight budget is not new for businesses. However, this should not tempt you to go for a cheap website. Not paying decently for your website may require paying in other ways in the future. If you are serious about having a fabulous website that can help you make a lot of money and grow your business sans spending money, you should be prepared for it.

It is not tough to find a web developer who can build a site for you in a tight budget, creating requisite strategies will take time and special skills. For a small budget, you should be prepared for important things to be skipped. Additionally, it will not create miracles for your business.

5. No Involvement in the Process

Do you consider your web developer, a magician? No, they aren’t. They do not have a magic wand to create a website specific to your business goals. This is only possible if you keep providing your input from time to time. They can create an attractive website but you need to get involved and engaged in the process to make it work for your business. So spare some time and answer some important questions about your business to ensure best results. Most web developers will ask about a business problem they wish to solve with website, ideal clients, unique value proposition, present position in the market, primary actions visitors should take upon visiting website, mission, vision, and values of a specific brand.

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