Dec 26, 2021

Requirements for Google AdSense: 10 Best Practices You Should Keep in Mind

Requirements for Google AdSense:  10 Best Practices You Should Keep in Mind 

Some people like me are busy enjoying Google AdSense while others are running here and there to find what is the requirements for Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is one of the best and simplest ways to make money online and it’s one of the most popular wells know a program that helps publishers and bloggers around the world to make some few amounts of money from there website by just displaying ads.        

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Been its popularity become a problem to some newbies, AdSense is so sickly than before when it comes to reviewing new applications, though there are some certain requirements for Google AdSense that some newbies are not aware of which may lead to their disapproval or suspension.

What is the minimum requirement for applying to AdSense?   

As an AdSense Publisher for some years. Here, I am going to analyzed and detailed the requirements for Google AdSense approval, based on my experience these things that we are going to discuss are very vital because these are the major things you need in other to use Google AdSense.

  •  Valid Email Address
  • You should have a website/Blog
  • Your website/blog must be active
  • Your website/blog must be at least 6 months old
  • website/blog must be valid URL
  • Content
  • The language you use on your website/blog must be supported
  • Don’t opt for paid traffic
  • Page speed
  • Required pages

1.==> A valid email address: Yes, this is the first thing you need to have and also keep in mind you must have a valid email address and also created with original credentials not fake because it will be a problem to you in the future. E.g. Entering the wrong date of birth to match the AdSense age limit. If you are less than 18 years of age or maybe you are above that and you added less than 18 years while creating your account will definitely lead you to a serious problem, you can use AdSense with a parent account data. But make sure the payment and billing information that you will be providing are these with your parent details.

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2.==> You should have a website/Blog: Yes, that’s just when it comes to this aspect, Google AdSense is a program basically designed to help authors and publishers to monetize their blogs by placing ads on their site to get some few amounts of money, another important aspect that you should keep in mind is that you must have administrative access this will enables you to paste some code that Google AdSense will send to you to confirm if really you are the owner of the site.   

3.==> Your website/blog must be active: After having a blog the next most important requirements for Google AdSense approval is your site life, you must make sure your site is always active and there are no other hidden technical errors if you are using hosting which may block visitors from access your site, this will enable the AdSense Team to have a review on your site and then decided to whether approved it or not. 

4.==> Your website/blog must be at least 6 months old: it is not compulsory that your site must be 6 months old there are many bloggers that got their site approved less than that but having it longer will enable the AdSense team to understand how long you have been using the site and how you have been serious managing it.


5.==> website/blog must be valid URL: There are many bloggers that create a site and also design it perfectly but after some times they end up forgetting the site URL, imagine you just forget your home way how would you expect someone to take you correctly? The same when it comes to this aspect when you forget your site URL you can never give it correctly to somebody unless you remember.  That’s why it is always advisable that you should avoid using dashes, commas or full stops in your domain name as they are very annoying and hard to remember, use simple and remembered text.    

6.==> Content: Content is always a king! I don’t mean “out of this world”. It simply means not to rip off someone else’s article and change a few words like some 10-year-old who tried to copy homework. Do your own research, and write your own stuff doing it will increase your knowledge. Your website or blog must have some good contents in it and the content must be unique and original, this will enable your readers to find what they are looking for and understand your writing method.   

7.==> Language you use on your website/blog must be supported: when it comes to this Google AdSense will only approve your application if your site it’s written in one of their support languages. This is the first step, if your web site's language is supported, then they move ahead to the next step else straightway they will click on the button and you will receive a rejection mail from them.

8.==> Don’t opt for paid traffic: If Blogging is your passion then never let it down, if you’re receiving after paying some third-party agency, then I must say you are the luckiest one. Else if you’re part of those programs that encourage readers “to click” or “to surf” or “to read an email.” You better stop or SEO will take you back to the village”.

I always advise AdSense publishers to always check and read AdSense program policies from time to time as the always make some modifications to it, always read them before or after your approval. I guess these aren’t too difficult and if you’re a newbie then don’t hesitate to reapply for AdSense program. Many bloggers got rejected for the first time but later on, they got accepted and I am a good example of that I apply for Google AdSense Almost 23 times but on my 24 application I got accepted as for me I know they are tired of seeing my blog URL. 

9.==> Page Speed: Does the loading speed matter? I know you may be asking this question to yourself, yeah of course If your website or blog is taking 40 seconds or above, that is going to be another bad strike. Plus, a lot of people like me don’t like slow websites as I visit a site and I realize it is very slow I usually click on the back button and look for other alternatives. If such a thing continues to your site it will increase your site bounce rate, and a high bounce rate of webpage affects SEO ranking.

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10==> Required pages: Somethings may look or sound useless to you but it is a valuable thing to somebody, it happens here, what I really mean by ‘Required Pages’ those are the pages that are often ignored by many people or seems “boring” and “useless”. But in fact, these are the pages that are very important to any legit website, not just for the purpose of AdSense approval and they are:

  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Disclaimer
  • Privacy Policy 
  • Terms of Use
  • Terms and Conditions

Just concentrate on your content rather than anything else on your site. Write and Post as many unique contents as you can. You should have at least 20 unique articles before you should apply because the content is a big thing that the keep into consideration when reviewing a webpage. Posts should be of high quality. I will recommend you that make 1000 words lengthy articles and have 3 images related to that article. Google Search Engine usually fall in love with these kinds of articles and blogs.

And don't forget to add 4 basic pages that I have to discuss before which are; Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms Conditions. Don't copy-paste these pages, try to create your own content for pages.

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Get minimum 200 to 250 traffic per day it is not must but it will help you. I am sure your blog/website will be approved once you understand those requirements for Google AdSense and you implemented them correctly.

Those are some 10 best minimum requirements for Google AdSense that you should keep in mind before applying, do you know other awesome requirements that you think will be helpful to be in this post? Kindly let me know in the comment section below and also don’t forget to share this post with your lovely ones.   

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