Apr 15, 2019

What is affiliate marketing and how it makes money? Beginners Guide

What is affiliate marketing and how it makes money? Beginners Guide
Affiliate marketing is an online marketing strategy where marketers/publisher/ or bloggers are selling or review other company’s products that get commission by the company. The better example is: you can sell any of publishers product if they have an option for affiliate commission then you have to apply to get access to their affiliate products. And then you can promote their products following their rules and regulation.

Make sure there is no limitation by earning from affiliate products. That means you can earn money as much as you can. This is why I love most to make money from online by doing affiliate marketing.

It’s a very simple process that you can follow. Only 5 steps that you have to follow as a beginner.

Choose your niche => Build your website => Join affiliate programme => Promote => Earn Money

Let me describe some more information about affiliate marketing:

Marchant depth: A merchant is a company, brand or retailer. If you want to start affiliate marketing then you have to find a company, merchant, brand or retailer to promote their product. Because of those different company’s product, items, or service you have to choose and promote those items following their rules. That’s why it's one of the most important parts you have to know before start affiliate journey.


Here I listed two big Marchant Amazon and eBay.

You need to know more Affiliate: I hope you already know what is an affiliate. And at this time as an affiliate marketer, you have to choose good products or service that can be physical or virtual then promote them following their rules and regulation. However, most of the affiliate company offers you to promote their products through a website. So, if you have a good looking niche specific website for your audience then that would be really a great opportunity for you to promote products to your audience.

If you didn’t build your affiliate website yet then I highly recommend you to start your website today and choose a niche that you know better and love to learn more about that niche. Also, I recommend you to choose WordPress CMS to build your brand new website. Here is some awesome free blogging or Affiliate WordPress Theme that you can download easily and start your website.

Consumer: This is the customer. You can’t do anything without them :P this makes so funny but it’s a hard truth for all affiliate marketers. If you can’t provide good service or product to your audience then they will leave you in a dark space. :( So think twice before choose any affiliate product. Research those products very deeply before promoting them to your audience. I hope you got my point how much important is to choose a perfect product for your audience.

Affiliate Platform: It’s a networking system or platform where the Marchant and the Affiliate marketer can see their progress salse report, clicks, traffic details, commissions, etc. There is some big merchant who provides their own affiliate platform and some other connected with 3rd party affiliate programme.

  • Now you might think how can I start right now my affiliate marketing journey and what is the step?

1.     Sign up affiliate network that you like most: I hope you have already a blog where you receive a regular visitor from google or any other platform. And all of the traffic sources are organic traffic then it’s the perfect time to choose any platform that pays you affiliate commission and sign up to their platform. You can join Amazon, Flipkart, etc that pays you lots of money continuously.

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2.     Choose a perfect niche: If you have niche specific audience then you have everything you can start selling niche specific products to your audience. For doing this you have to need to know your audience type, age, location and what they are looking on your website. Then you can choose a perfect niche that your audience looking for. And start promoting them by the written blog post or email marketing.
3.     View and manage sales:  You can view and manage your sales easily from your affiliate network website. Every affiliate network platform has clear information or analytics for the marketer so that they can see what’s going and the behavior of their traffic. So, it’s one of the most important parts. And you have to keep eyes on it a regular basis.
4.     Get Commission: Now It’s time to get a commission. If everything is set up perfectly then you are ready to go and check your affiliate analytics. I hope you will start getting little commission day by day from your visitor. You can take commission directly to your bank or PayPal and some of the different company offers you a different payment method that you can choose. 

  • Bottom line:

If you follow everything that I mention on the above and if you have the right audience then you are ready to go from today. And surely you will see some money on your affiliate network dashboard. Again I should say that the key is to get succeed on affiliate marketing is to choose a perfect niche and build up your audience. And if you already have the audience then you should choose a perfect product that your audience loves and also helpful for them. Dont’s choose bad quality products. 

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