Jun 24, 2018

22 Quick ways on how a College student can make real money online in 2018 Part 1

22 Quick ways on how a College student can make real money online in 2018 Part 1

20 Quick ways on how a College student can make real money online in 2018

A Lot of effort is made by different experts in the world to make the generation appear more different. Technology is growing so fast that you can't imagine, the rate of our daily activities now can’t be compared with the past generation because everything now is changing from manual to automation which leads to serious development in a nation and also makes our daily work flexible, accurate and easy to retrieve information.

Some people god give them the ability and knowledge to provide an idea or a solution to a problem which will lead to the serious development of a nation, but due to some certain activities they engage them self this always makes their mind not to think about a problem than providing a single solution.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools now a day that overcomes the mind of people, a lot of people spend more time in social media without achieving a single objective, social media allows you to communicate with family and friends which is pretty good but spending much time in it won’t provide a good thing for you than a huge bill.

My recommendation here is We should stop wasting much time, in over connecting through social media!! I feel very sorry for those people who waste days and hours of their valuable time on Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media it may be, which doesn’t give out anything at the end of the day.

Also, don’t be among those who always complain that there is no opportunity, the spend ten minutes complaining while they haven’t know that the lose ten expensive minute in their life which if the use in a proper way the will definitely achieve something, keep in mind ‘opportunity always lays in a place where people always complain’ so stop complaining nobody is listing and complain won’t provide any opportunity or solution to you if you really want to succeed in life let patient be your best friend all the time.

At this point of time where I know something about the feasible of productive nature of the internet, I can’t even look back where I use to waste over 8 --10 hours for just gaming!! That was really terrible. My best gaming app (Temple Run) I Wish I had spent those hours blogging or any other constructive work on online.

I would endorse my associated friends through this post, that kindly have a review and think out of the missiles (beyond your age). Gaming, what sapping or Facebooking is not everything in the world and won’t ever lead you to any success. Today here in Guide Tricks I am going to list and briefly explain about some of the 20 great ways by which college students, housewives, teens, or whoever it may be, would free fell blessed to know, the list of top 20 ways money making ventures online in 2018.

Didn’t you ever wished to have that extra pocket money, that you could spend out by your own will?? Floor the gamers out there, who just can’t leave their gaming activities (I couldn’t get out of it very easily), I have an exciting news for you later in the post. You need to reread this paragraph before you jump back to your gaming world!

Same is the case with the housewives, who often want to pass their time constructively, they can earn really good cash through these money-making opportunities while sitting in their homes. It’s very interesting and exciting. That’s why I wish I had started my online carrier 5--6 years from now. 

Here I will list out the 20 best ways on how college students can make money online in 2018 in part 2 and 3 I explain how to get started with them;

  • Make Money by Playing Games Online (Testing/Reviewing)
  • Chat With Friends To Make Money Online
  • YouTube Career- Make Money From Uploading Videos To YouTube
  • Write Articles To Get Paid Online
  • Freelance Write for Blog
  • Freelance Write for Business
  • Do Online Design Work
  • Creating and Designing of Application 
  • Web Design and Development 
  • Become a Translator
  • Become A SEO Guru for Others
  • Find Programming Bugs
  • Help Name A Business
  • Answer Pressing Question 
  • Sell Your Idea or Invention
  • Get Pay by Answering Questions
  • Computer Repair and Maintenance Advice
  • Published and Sell Ebooks
  • Gigs on Fiverr
  • Buy and Sell Domains
  • Sell Product in an E-commerce site 
  • Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies 

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