Oct 4, 2017

How to Block Someone in WhatsApp or Facebook

Hy!! Welcome to guide tricks today I will be discussing on how you can block someone in your Facebook and WhatsApp, in today’s world, everyone is now found online. It is very hardly to find someone in this world without single social media account. There are so many social sites we use every day, also every single day new ones are introduce. Social media helps us to share idea, knowledge and also skills with our family and friends, there are a lot more things we can do on these social networks that helps us in our daily activities.  However, among these things there are a lots of problems to. In Facebook and WhatsApp, you may get attention of unwanted people. Sometimes people do not realize that they are offending some peoples due to their bad behavior, character and comments. Well, these people are created such a way they are reacting, but that does not mean that you have to tolerate them. If you think someone is messing up with your privacy or offending you in any way that is not good to you then you can report that person, unfriend him or even block him from all future communication. Once you block someone, your profile becomes unavailable to them. They cannot send you a message or like/comment on your photos, etc. They lose all kind of connection with you forever unless you unblock them.

How to Block Someone On WhatsApp

First you need to open your WhatsApp Application and select the menu button at the top rightmost. Which looks like three dots stacked on each other.

it will open a list of actions to do. From there, click on the “Settings”,

 from the menu click on “Account” and choose “Privacy” 

option. It will show you some options just scroll little bit you will see “Blocked contacts”.

Select the Blocked Contacts option and it will open a new window with those contacts who are already blocked or you want to block now. There is add contact icon at the rightmost top of the window. Which looks like a person with a plus sign.

When you tap on it, the contacts list will be displayed to you and you can select the person you want to block from there, when you want to block more than one person then keep on adding them from the list one person at a time by tapping on their contact name in the list. Finally, the unwanted species are blocked and you are free to do whatever you want to do.

How To Block Someone On Facebook

You might have noticed that there is an option to Unfriend these unwanted bug peoples. Once you block someone on Facebook, they can never contact you.
First thing you have to do is open the profile of that user to block. Then you can find the three dots “…” at the rightmost beside the “Message” option on the profile page of the user to block. And when you click on it. 

There are some actions to do, select the “Block” option. Also, Also, we suggest you to read the instructions carefully and finally click the Block. With these easy steps you get rid of that annoying person and block them.

Then he/she can neither contact you through any messages or can tag you in their picture. Also, he/she can no more see your posts updates.

All the above stated information will definitely help you to get rid of those bug, irritating or unwanted people or contacts by blocking them forever until you change your mind and want to unblock them. It’s not social that you make someone worried by constantly doing wrong things like unnecessary messages, tagging photos, offending comments etc. Social media sites and apps must be used for productive purposes and to ease our lives. You can get in touch with other people, make friends, share messages with them but if there is an annoying friend then thankfully there are ways to block them and get rid of them. 

If you find this information very useful please share with your friends and if you have suggestion quires you can drop it in the comment box below.  

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