Apr 6, 2019

Best tips to avoid pitfalls while buying domain names

Best tips to avoid pitfalls while buying domain names

Buying a domain name is the first and foremost thing that you need to officially start your digital business and enjoy a good reputation. It offers you a distinct appeal in the digital landscape and plays a great role in establishing your brand identity. It might seem to be an easy and quick process but actually, there are a number of important factors to keep in your mind when you buy the domain name

If you are not careful enough while buying your domain name, you might end up making costly mistakes. In this blog we will discuss some of the major things that you should certainly consider if you want to enjoy the best benefits out of your domain name while avoiding any pitfalls:

Avoid unnecessary delays

One thing that you should consider is that there can be a number of people who might be interested in buying the same domain name. So, there are very strong possibilities that by the time you finally make up your mind on buying a specific domain name, it might already have been purchased by someone else. So, avoid unnecessary delays. If you are really determined to buy a specific domain name, just check its availability and buy it immediately.

Be careful while selecting domain registrars

When you visit an unethical domain registrar, search for your desired domain name, and leave it without buying, the information is recorded by them. The registrar quickly raises the price of the domain name as it becomes sure that there is a potential client. So, be very careful while choosing the ideal domain registrars. Instead of just visiting any registrars you should prefer only the reputed companies with a good position in the industry that you can fully trust.

Use updated and regularly accessed contact info

Another thing to keep in mind when buying the domain name is to use updated information while filling the registration form. Many people hesitate to disclose their real phone numbers and email IDs. Others would prefer to buy a new sim card and open a new email account just for the purpose of signing up and maintaining communication with the registrars.  This is not the ideal practice. There are strong chances that you lose the track of updates over a period of time as it is not possible to devote an extra bit of attention and time out of your hectic schedule and regularly monitor your email account to check your registrar’s emails.

Opt for WhoIs protection

Whois data is a platform that reveals the major information about the domain name owners. By visiting it any visitor can find out the customer information. While it helps in maintaining the transparency required for a healthy ecosystem, it can also cause hassles for you and does not align with your privacy/security requirements. Unscrupulous elements use WhoIs website for the hacking purpose by sending you virus-infected emails while the marketing agencies of all sorts of business services use this data for sending you marketing emails and calling you up for marketing their services. 

Thankfully there is an easy way out. Most of the reputed domain sellers offer you the option of keeping your information private with whois protection facility. This facility can either be paid or free depending upon your registrar. While this provision is available for free with many registrars, paying a negligible fee for protecting your site against hackers and spammers is not a bad deal either.

Don’t share your domain credentials even with web professionals

Be very serious about the security of your domain credentials. Many clients freely share their domain credentials with web designers and developers and it can be really harmful to you. There are a number of risks associated with it. The unscrupulous designers/developers might use the information to spy on your sensitive, mission-critical information and misuse it for their own vested interests. So, it is always best to keep your login credentials private.

Change your login information periodically

Practically it cannot be always possible to hide your login credentials from your employees or the web professionals especially when you need them to repair technical glitches. So, whenever it is extremely important to reveal them, don’t forget to change them back once the task has been completed. Also, make it a regular practice to change your login credentials on a periodical basis to further extend your security.

Don’t use a domain name as an SEO boosting factor

While it is still debatable that the domain name affects the SEO activities, one thing is for sure that you should give first preference to your brand and business. Also, make sure that it sounds natural and people can easily remember it. Unreasonably long names or minutely descriptive names can even bring trust issues as the clients tend to get suspicious when they observe anything unnatural.


Buying a domain name is a very crucial exercise that marks your initial journey into the digital landscape. However, many clients might neglect some of the significant points when buying a domain name and make mistakes that can harm their business interests. In this informative blog, we have mentioned some actionable key tips to keep in mind when buying your domain name to prevent the possibilities of costly mistakes by taking wise decisions.

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