Sep 8, 2019

Best Methods to Prevent Website Break from WordPress Plugin

Best Methods to Prevent Website Break from WordPress Plugin

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) used for creating websites. WordPress started in the year 2003 and is written in PHP and MySQL. Due to this reason, it is a PHP and MySQL based framework. WordPress is quite popular and is also dominating the majority of the content management system market. 34% of the website from all over the world use WordPress. The best thing about WordPress is that it is open source and easy to use CMS.

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Even if a person does not belong to a technical background, still they can use it and create a website of their own. This makes it one of the popular CMS even to non-technical users. Even the IT students who are interested in web development or designing creates or begins with WordPress due to its simple to use features. “For a beginner building a website using WordPress is the best option”, says an expert of Assignmenthelp4me, who provides Assignment Help to students. Along with this, there are many other features of WordPress that makes it a popular choice for users.

1.==> TinyPNG – TinyPNG is a plugin which is used to optimize the images used on the website. It optimizes at a faster speed. Images with extension jpeg or png can be compressed automatically. Image optimization is important for user interaction and experience with the website. It has different features like – it optimizes images in bulk from your media library, animated png images can also be compressed, it is compatible to WooCommerce, in order to save memory and for additional compatibility, it converts CMYK to RGB, etc.

2.==> WPForms – With the use of WPForms plugin, the users can create any kind of form by themselves. They do not need to hire a specific form developer for their website. Even people with less technical knowledge can create a form. All types of forms like feedback, subscription, query, suggestion, payment, etc. forms can be create using this plugin. WPForms plugin comes with a facility of drag and drop. Even small business can use it to create their website without using any professional help.

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3.==> Yoast SEO – Yoast SEO is a plugin which is used to improve the ranking of your website. All the SEOs can use it for this purpose. It allows you to add various tags that are necessary for improving the search like meta, description, alt and other image tags. This plugin also helps you to avoid broken links by creating auto-redirect links. It has more than five million active installations.

4.==> MemberPress – If your website has members or you provide membership to them, then MemberPress is the right plugin for you. With the help of this, you can easily manage your members and provide a subscription to users. The owner of the website can also charge others when they access their site. You can sell your products online and manage your members by granting or revoking their permission to access their website or their service provided on the website.

5.==> Jetpack – Jetpack plugin is free of cost. It is one of the ‘must-have’ plugins. Jetpack looks after the security of the website, its performance and manages the growth of traffic. It does not allow unauthorized users or intruders to access your website and scans for malware, viruses, spam filtering, etc. It also back-ups data in real-time. it includes built-in performance like loading pages at a faster pace stimulates the speed of the website, etc. Also, supports customization of widgets or homepage of the website without changing the code. It is called code-free customization.

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6.==> Everest Forms – Everest plugin is also used for creating forms. It has a drag and drops feature due to which it becomes easier to create web forms. Every website needs to contact us page. In the contact us page, there is form, after filling this form the user can contact the necessary authorities. It has one lakh plus active installation and popular among other plugins that are used to create web forms. It has many features like – no restriction on creating web forms, it supports all kind of forms elements like radio or checkboxes or date, etc., it has a variety of layouts, options in template designs, form produced through this plugin is responsive (meaning, it can adapt itself according to the end user’s screen).

7.==> Google XML Sitemaps – Sitemap is a type of document in which data related to audio, video files or pages related to your site are their relationship is stated. SEO can use it for improving their search rate. It supports all pages made through WordPress. With it helps the search engines are able to index the websites. It is also a popular plugin and has more than three million-plus active installations.

8.==> WooCommerce – WooCommerce plugin is used by e-commerce website. It is used by more than four million websites. You can create an online store and is an open-source plugin. There is a variety of designs to use, paid extensions, free extensions, secure payment options, and its alternatives, etc. are available. It has various themes and will assist you to build different pages like the product, cart, etc. As it is used to develop e-commerce websites, all kind of goods and services can be sold and payment can be collected easily either through credit card, cash on delivery or any other payment option.

9.==> VaultPress – VaultPress plugin is another plugin used for security purpose. It records and keeps back up of every post or comment or any blog posts on your website and the back-up is in a real-time environment. It detects malware, intruders, hackers and prevents them from accessing or misusing your data on the website. Accidental damage can also be prevented by this plugin. It has eighty thousand plus active installations. It has themes powered by Jetpack which help to make an automatic back-up and sync various blogs and posts of the website.

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10.==> MonsterInsights – MonsterInsights is a Google Analytical plugin. It tells you about the various ways through which the users are able to search your website. It is a free plugin and will be useful for small scale organizations, it also has paid version. By taking the paid version, the users will be able to access all the premium features of MonsterInsights plugin. Using this plugin, there is no need to hire a developer instead you can use its advance Google Analytical tools for making your website powerful just by few clicks. 

11.==> MetaSlider – MetaSlider is a slider plugin. If you have a gallery on your website, then it can be used on that page for displaying various pictures. It can be used anywhere, whether your website belongs to a photography studio or online store, or online nursery, etc. It has a higher ranking and eight lakhs plus installations. Using this plugin is very easy, the user just needs to drag and drop the pictures from the library and add them, if you want to, you can add captions or other links according to requirement. It is responsive, support SEO-optimization, slideshow themes, auto-cropping or adjusting the image according to the slider, etc.

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