Jul 4, 2018

New feature: WhatsApp added Media Visibility to all users

WhatsApp keep on updating and adding a new amazing feature to its application which makes it speak around the crowd, there are different features available in WhatsApp chat application which certainly makes it more flexible and secure. Most of those features are vague in other social media service, some of the amazing features of the chat application include; two-step verification, add group description, change who can post in a group, delete send a message and much more.

There are various people that receive secret files and they don’t feel very happy to see it in their gallery, sometimes they try to download and install other application that the will used to locked those data out in both smartphones and computers.

So, a, for now, you don’t need to worry your self-looking for other application to be used for data locked, with the help of WhatsApp media visibility you can decide which media file should be displayed in your gallery.

What’s media visibility in WhatsApp?  

Media visibility is the second new feature added to WhatsApp application in this month, it allows you to decide which chat media file should be visible in your gallery. Assuming you receive files or data from someone or a group chat and you don’t want it to be seen in your gallery you can now easily change the chat media visibility in the receiver’s number or a group chat in your WhatsApp and ones you change it any file that you receive from that user or group won’t be shown in your gallery anymore but you can find it in any time in the chat ones you haven’t clean it.        

Step by Step Guide on How to change media visibility of a contact or group chat in WhatsApp.

The following steps are the same for both contacts, number or group chat.

Click on the user’s number, contact or group info, kindly scroll little bit just after ‘custom notifications’ you will see “Media visibility” click on it >> there are three options provided first is the ‘Default’ second ‘Yes’ while the last one is ‘No’, here both default and yes works the same if you click one of them all your chat media will be visible in your gallery but when you choose the ‘No’ option all the media file you receive will not be invisible in your gallery but you can found it any time in your chat history if you didn’t clear  it out.

New feature: WhatsApp added Media Visibility to all users

Note: This feature as for now works separately, one step doesn’t work for all chats means if you want to hide your media file for two users or two groups in WhatsApp you need to follow the above steps and assign it to each number, contact or group.  that’s it!

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