Jul 4, 2018

New Update: you can now decide who can post a message in your WhatsApp group

New Update: you can now decide who can post a message in your WhatsApp group

I strongly believe that the future will be very incredible, a lot of effort is made by a different specialist in the diverse field to make things faster and easier. When we have a look at previous generation it really takes a lot of time to send or receive a message to your family, friends or relative who far from you.

Now with the help of technology things are really changing, you don’t need to worry anymore about how long your message will take to deliver or who to be given for delivering. With the support of social media and mobile technology, you can now communicate and share a resource with your family and friends in the easiest way in every part of the world.

Facebook is one of the best well-known biggest social media out there that have billions of users, and in every single day the amount keeps on increasing even though there are some other networks that play an important role in term of providing the same services and WhatsApp is best among them.  

WhatsApp support both mobile phones and computers the application has a lot of security which makes it more flexible. At the end of each month, WhatsApp officials usually add one or more feature to its application which is not available to other social media service. Some of the amazing features added to the application include two-step verification, who can change group details, add group description and delete send message which is absentminded in other social networks.

This month WhatsApp officials added a new feature which allows you to decide who can post a message in your WhatsApp group. Assuming you are running a business group and you want to stop unnecessary text messages this feature will be truly good for you and it’s very easy to set it up. This feature allows you to decide who can post in your group it’s only the admins or all the participants.

Note this feature is only visible to group admins  

Step by Step Guide On how to change who can post a message in your WhatsApp group

Go to Your WhatsApp group info >> Move to group settings >> click on “Send Messages” there are two options provided ‘All participants and Only Admins’ >> if you want only the admins to send message kindly choose ‘only admin’ or if you wish to leave it as default choose the first option which is “All Participants”.

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