Jul 8, 2018

What programming language should I learn?

What programming language should I learn?

What programming language should I learn?

Which programming language should I learn first? This is a great question to asked because you heard about so many programming languages include Pascal, Basic, Cobol, Java, Python, PHP, javascript, jquery, Ruby, C, C++, C# etc.

so, which one did you love? Or at least where should you start? Well asking such question which programming language should I learn Is just like going to the market asking which product should I buy? So today in Guide Tricks instead of telling you which one you should learn or which one you should not learn, first I will start by telling you some of the benefits of the major programming languages and what some of the languages are used for, after that you can now make your own decision to which you could go first.

So, in this post, I am going to list out some of the popular programming languages and what the are used for   

1.==> JavaScript
2.==> Ruby
3.==> Java
4.==> Php
5.==> python
6.==> C
7.==> C++
8.==> objective C
9.==> Swift
10.==> C#
11.==> Html and Css

Those are not in particular order or the above one is more perfect than the other one is just a list out of the popular languages, there are few other programming languages out there but the above listed are the most powerful and popular languages and with those programming languages you can develop any type of application any game any website or any piece of software you can dream out and all the top software’s that are used now days are built with those top programming languages that I have listed above.

There all relevant and all marketable. So, which one should you choose? Let’s discuss them.

HTML and CSS: if you want to start web development HTML and CSS is the first and best option to get started actually HTML and CSS are not programming languages but they are the languages you need to learn before you get started with web development.

JavaScript: for highly and enjoyable to used website javascript is your language that really helps examples of websites that used heavy javascript include Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube.

Ruby: is a high language used for highly functional websites examples of site build with ruby include twitter and Hulu.

Php: PHP is a programming language just like ruby is highly and powerful programing language that is used for software development or website, Facebook is one of the wells know social media website which is built in original Php, other websites that are designed using PHP include Wikipedia.  

Java and Python: There is a lot of software and website that are purely writing in the server site meaning you can never actually see the anything it happens behind the seen java and python are the major programming languages that are used for this process.

C, C# and C++: Game development now when it comes to development of games the can be developed in different ways but must of the popular games are writing in C and C++ for example play station games are popular design in C and C++, X box games are mainly writing in C++ and C# same with Desktop games C++ and C# not only that other games are developed in Java and Payton.

Swift: This is one of the major powerful programming language that Is used for iso App development, with swift you can easily develop an application that will support mac computer and other pc that works with the same operating system.

Those are the most popular and powerful programming languages that we used nowadays, so the decision remains yours if you wish to get started with any of the above programming languages feel free to learn, all those programming languages are simple and easy to learn. There are different websites online that provide tutorials w3school is best among them that provide full tutorials for different languages.

Let me know in the comment section below if you need any assistance and don’t forget to share this post with your lovely ones.  

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