Apr 10, 2018

I have a perfect website running on localhost 8080 how would I find a domain for it?

I have a perfect website running on localhost 8080 how would I find a domain for it?
I have a perfect website running on localhost 8080 how would I find a domain for it?

This is one of the major questions I got from many people so I decided today to explain what to do when your website is running on localhost. Well, first I would like to let you know that when your website Is running on localhost that doesn’t mean that your website will be found on the internet you need to do something before it would be active on the internet. By the way, What is localhost?

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Localhost is the standard hostname provided to the address of the local computer in computer networking. The localhost denotes the hostname used in communicating with the loopback network interface; that is, with software on the computer that originated the transmission. It’s also a reserved top-level domain name set. It only works in your computer means it can only be operated in a computer system that already contains the localhost without sharing it to anyone. You can easily read more about localhost here.

When you completely finished designing your website in localhost in other to be found on the internet you need two major and important things which are “Hosting” and domain. what are Hosting and Domain?

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A web hosting is a type of Internet tools or service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Normally hosting comes in different size and bandwidth before you own your own hosting you have to be paying some amount of money either monthly or annually to make it active it depends on how you wish, but there some other good companies that provide free hosting for a lifetime.

Domain Simply means is a service that allows a user to have his own unique address name for either blog or website that can be used all over the world and with the unique address can be used to visit the page, example www.jamb.org, www.fceyola.edu.ng, www.guidetricks.blogspot.com,  www.google.com.ng. so also like hosting before you have your own unique URL address active in the internet you need to pay and be renewing it at the end of each month or year it depends on your wish, if you cannot afford to buy or to renew it annually you can try some other companies that provide free domain name for your website.   

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So when you have your own unique hosting and domain name you can now easily move your site from localhost to online server which would enable people to see your website live on the internet.

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