May 20, 2018

14 Amazing Tips that will Make Your Smartphone live a longer life.

14 Amazing Tips that will Make Your Smartphone live a longer life.

Nowadays there are some certain activities we do that really affect the behavior of our smartphones, in today’s post I am going to discuss the 14 major mistakes that we do that shorted the life of our smartphones and way out. A lot of people buy smartphones and work with them without reading the manual instruction for a single day, the manual helps you to know how to use and operate the mobile phone without facing any difficulties. you may come across that your mobile phone consumes a lot of battery or get hot all these are some sign that indicates you are not working properly with your smartphone or your smartphone got affected due to some bad activities that you are doing, but here are some few tips on how to make your smartphone live longer life without facing any problem or challenge these include;  

1.==> RECHARGE YOUR BATTERY MORE OFTEN:  when I say often it doesn’t mean that your phone should always found charging. Do you know that you shouldn’t charge your cell phone battery until the energy drops to zero well that’s not true, normally to increase your gadget battery life you should recharge it more often the best option is to recharge it whenever the battery percent drops to 20% this will increase the number of discharge circuit up to 1000 or 1100 and this helps your battery life to stay longer.

2.==> DON’T KEEP THE BATTERY CHARGE ALL THE TIME: are you one of the victim’s people said to them when you got a new mobile phone you should charge it for 24 hours? I have good news for you, by doing such activity some circuit of your cell phone got affected when the batteries are fully charged normally there are in build controllers that stop the battery from receiving any current so the current is transferred to other places which do not suppose to be and by so it lead to serious problem. you should always try to keep your battery charge between 40 to 80% to extend the life of your battery.

3.==> DON’T BUY CHEAP CHARGERS: normally cheap things don’t come in proper way their disadvantages are more than their advantages, they always come in low quality and they don’t have any in build control in some cases it leads to fire outbreak or it leads to serious problem to a cell phone, so you are advised to use a well good charger for your cell phone.     

4.==> BE CAREFUL WITH ULTRA-FAST CHARGER: sometimes is good and necessary to charge your cell phone quickly but I recommend you to avoid using chargers that would charge your battery for or less than an hour.

5.==> REMOVE YOUR PROTECTIVE CASE: if your smartphone has a protective case it makes the device or battery overheat during charging, you see there are different cases in the market, that phone manufacturers can’t take all the precautions so if you are using a phone protective case you should always remove it when you need to charge your battery.

6.==> DRAIN YOUR BATTERY FROM TIME TO TIME: it is recommended to discharge your phone battery to zero percent after each three month and immediately charge it to one hundred percent this help in the increment of the cell's battery.

7.==> AVOID HIGH TEMPERATURES: a high temperature is worse than you can imagine it affect the cells of the battery that’s why you should never expose them to direct sunlight or put them near a heat source, mobile phones have quality screens but when you take them to direct sunshine the color will fail or disposes.

8.==> AVOID COOL TEMPERATURE: you may ask no cold no heat where should I use my cell phone? So, I don’t mean that you can’t use your cell phone but when you use them in such unnecessary place your battery would not live along. So, the best way here is to get your mobile phone inner part of your cloth or outer pocket but it should have a protective case. Low temperature is unharmful to the battery because It needs more power to warm up the function also keep in mind battery get drain much faster in a cold weather.

9.==> Avoid Bright wallpaper and adjust screen brightness:   when checking the time, messages or miscalls you always look at the main screen of your phone a bright or colorful wallpaper of your phone on the main screen can really consume out the battery it is better to use a black wallpaper this will help in retaining out the battery also, try to lower the brightness of your screen at least to 30% or 40% this amount of light is usually more enough to see all the information on the display more over it will help to extend the life of your battery. It is recommended to use the auto-brightness function to help you see the phone screen even in the sun plus, it will turn off after 15 minutes

10.==>Clean the ports and wipe to display: because most of the modern phone has a touchscreen that’s why they got pretty dirty over time so wipe the screen over time note: don’t also use some liquid materials when cleaning the screen because it will actually damage the screen. So also try all time by cleaning the ports of your mobile phone this will prevent dust from getting assets to the engine which will lead to serious problem.

11.==>Keep the phone far from water: this may see as normal thing but still many phones die in water if you drop your mobile phone in water or it fails first what you need to do is to turn off your mobile phone and remove out your battery, sims and SD card in your mobile put the mobile phone at the top of rice, the rice will absorb the water and if you are lucky your mobile phone will survive. You should also avoid taking your mobile phone to place with high humidity even if your mobile phone is water resistant.

12.==> Handle your phone carefully: Don’t put your phone on the dashboard when driving moving and pumping will lead to serious damage it doesn’t happen quickly but all the little things add up over time. Try not always to carry your phone on your hand when the weather Is hot due to high temperature the smartphone heats up as well also the warmth of your hands brings an even greater chance of the phone battery overheating.

13.==> Avoid Software update: big company’s release software update ones a year we don’t recommend updating your phone two years after the model was release trust us the performance will become worse keep in mind it’s just the technologies are constantly developing, and your hardware stays the same the need to update the software to enhance the functionality which your phone would not support that’s why at least read user review before you hit the update button. The problem with such update is that it’s hard or impossible to go back to the previous version of the software unless you are a mister- robot- hacker kind of person, always think carefully before updating.

14.==> Use cloud Storage: even if you have a lot of space on your SD card Is better to use a cloud storage because if something happens to your phone the data won’t be lost it can easily to found and retrieve very easy.          

This is some Amazing Tips that will Make Your Smartphone live a longer life. Do you have another way on how to make your smartphone live longer? Kindly drop it in the comment section below and if you found this post helpfully don’t forget to share with your family and lovely ones!

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