Jun 14, 2018

Internet Tutorials Are The Teachers Of The Future

I know some people don’t even believe that the Internet or World Wide Web exists. They think that it is an abstract concept and that if asked to show it to someone they would fail miserably. Well, whether it exists or not I think that the collective realization of humanity is evolving every day because of the sharing of ideas on the strange boxes called computers and the electronic network that connects them.

Internet Tutorials Are The Teachers Of The Future

Every time I go on the Internet these days I am surprised by some new function that it has for our lives. My most recent discovery has been on-line tutorials. Tutorials are websites that have been created to help novices and amateurs alike learn more in their areas of specific interest. Just about any aspect of life seems to have tutorial sites dedicated to it that will teach you what you want to know. Of course, some knowledge can cost you money but you’d be pleasantly surprised to see how much information you can get for free.

For example, I am interested in learning about how to be a successful webmaster. You should see how many sites are out there, just look up Website Design or Website Solution tutorials on your search engine (E.g.: Google). There are all sorts of great help from how to create a blog, how to build a relationship, how to make money online. There are often diagrams, photographs, and intensive explanations relating to everything you ever wanted to know. Some sites have video and audio to help drive the lessons home. Life really has changed.

In the past, you had to get lessons from a teacher, either at their house or school, pay high tuition fees, and buy books. But now Everything is downloadable these days, and a lot of it is free. Web designers could also probably learn a few things from these Website design tutorial sites. It is an extremely thorough way of teaching without ever having to meet anyone in person. 

However, a strange wonder is the fact that if the site is good, the visitor does feel a connection to the personality of the creator. Making the site individual is a major factor in both achieving success and touching a personal chord (no pun intended) with people. Many of the sites have means in which you can get direct contact with the site owner thus creating an opportunity for real personal interaction. Check out some of my favorite sites:

Get connected to the teachers of the future. Find a tutorial that helps you to follow your dreams.
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