Jul 10, 2019

Popular Stock and Customization Options for Gable Boxes

Gable boxes are widely used for commercial and personal packaging endeavors. The style of these boxes makes them a preferred contemporary packaging option. From food retailers to takeaway diners, cosmetic companies and accessory stores custom printed gable boxes are used for handing over products to customers and brand promotion. 

Large gable boxes are used for stocking up large-sized products and a bigger quantity of items. Gable packaging is also utilized for giving away a wedding gift or other favors to loved ones on festivities. The boxes also make the best of storage solution after a product has been utilized as these are easy to handle and stock up. So here are the popular material and customization options for gable boxes depending upon their usage!

Popular Stock and Customization Options for Gable Boxes

Kraft and Cardboard Gable Packaging

Kraft and cardboard are the most commonly used stock options for gable boxes. Cardboard is considered the resilient of materials and is laudable for enhancing the shelf life of the merchandise. Any kind of product can be safely packaged in cardboard boxes. Kraft is obtained from kraft paper which is grown on the trees. The material is recyclable, lightweight and chemical free.  Because of its eco-friendliness, kraft is replacing all other printing materials. Depending on the kind of product to be packaged inside gable boxes, kraft or cardboard can be used. For eatables, kraft is preferred; it is also being utilized for favor items as the boxes made of this material is not heavy.

Customizations for Retail Custom Gable Boxes

If the custom gable boxes are intended for the retail purpose, prevalently used customizations include embossing, debossing, glossy/matte lamination. The logo of the brand is embossed or debossed on the packaging to make it prominent enough to get noticed even from the distance. Based on the kind of artwork used on the packaging, glossy/matte lamination and other finishing options can be chosen.

Finishing Options for Food Gable Box Packaging    

Food takeaway businesses usually go with simple packaging as they are more concerned about keeping the flavor and texture of their products fresh for a long time. So matte lamination with an embossed logo is mostly preferred, a die-cut window can also be asked for if the packaging is intended for baked items. For special occasions or on the launch of new products, custom printed gable boxes are designed with pertinent themes having a relevant color theme and pictorial/text details.

Customization Choices for Favor Gable Packaging Boxes

This is the most stylish of custom gable packaging. For weddings, anniversaries, house warming parties and other events, gable boxes are designed according to interesting themes. To give the boxes more of gift packaging appeal, paper flowers, ribbons, cards, and other accessories are attached to them. Personalized messages and guests’ names can also be printed on these boxes.

Based on the kind of packaging purpose, you can have your gable boxes customized just the way you like. Usually, a printer gives you design and customization options, if you are looking for something inspiring and original, artwork can be personalized for these boxes. Make sure that the material and finishing options you choose to go well with your event’s theme or product idea. Your packaging should have an aesthetic appeal. You can have a detailed look at online sample options to get a better insight.

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