Jul 8, 2019

8 Busted Online Networking Mistakes Nobody Will Tell You

8 Busted Online Networking Mistakes Nobody Will Tell You
While networking online isn’t a new phenomenon, few ever seem to get it right. As my business has grown, so have the numbers of cold invitations to connect, or friend requests me. I happen to offer services to generate new business online for my clients, and these mistakes are made over and over when approaching new potential clients or referral partners.

Don’t pitch

This may seem obvious, but this is the most common error. If you’re selling something within the first few interactions I’m regretting connecting in the first place. You haven’t even attempted to earn my trust, and by pitching before that you’ve proven I should tread carefully. You care more about selling me than qualifying me- this is the business equivalent of catcalling. Has that ever worked? I doubt it.

Stop talking about your company

This is kind of an extension of pitching - when you’re talking about your company right away your connection’s anti-sales fight or flight spider sense will be tingling.

Stop talking about yourself

I don’t care how great you are if you’re messaging is talking about what you do or results you get for your clients, the spider sense is going off yet again.

Small talk will get you nowhere

This is basically what you start to do when you’ve made the previous three mistakes too many times. So, you lead with “How is business?” Some will reply, in a guarded fashion, but everyone is wondering what you want - and how long you’ll take to say it.

Don’t send your calendar link

This one is somewhat subtle, but if you’re asking to connect on a call with someone suggest a time - don’t send a link and make them do the lifting. Allow them to simply reply yes.

If they say that time won’t work, sending a calendar will help them feel to reciprocate your effort they should book - especially since it is convenient that they can pick the time and know it will work.

Keep following up

It’s imperative to continue to develop relationships, so schedule follow-ups with your new connections do show them you care. People respond really well to polite persistence that gives them the benefit of the doubt. Just don’t fall into space where...

You’re following up too quickly

You’ll spoil it all by seeming to needy and urgent. Don’t forget they haven’t even met you, they don’t know who you really are. If you message them more than once a week it is too much. You haven’t earned their attention or given them time to get to you.

If you feel like you need more urgency from connections than making inroads over several weeks or more realistically months then...

You’ve started networking too late

Too many treat this process like the fastest way to get what you want for your business, job, commission or whatever. Here’s a reality check: If for you networking is about you achieving your goals you aren’t doing it ethically.

Start from a place of service to the people you’re trying to connect with, and you’ll be amazed at what you can harvest.

Author: Brandon Smits

Bio: Scaling is my passion. I’m a growth expert and founder of GrowthInc, a social advertising agency helping Inc. 500 companies, niched high-dollar coaches... as well as young, bright eCommerce companies.

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