Apr 18, 2019

DesignEvo Review - Easy online logo maker

DesignEvo Review - Easy online logo maker

The company logo is the core of the company identity. Because the logo will be the focus of business cards, websites and will help commercialize its business. It has an impact on your customers, new employees, and business partners ' perceptions of you. Here are some key features you should look for when designing your logo.
  • Memorable: a good logo captivates with simple, clear shapes. Too many playful colors and gradients reduced the recognition value.
  • Timeless: Good logo design is timeless. It usually accompanies its wearer for a whole life. Even with later modifications, the skeleton remains. A long life contributes to the recognition value of the logo.
  • Versatile:  It looks good not only on its own corporate website or in a PowerPoint presentation, but also on business cards, stationery, brochures and promotional items.
  • Flexible: A good logo will work on both a dark and a light background if the colors are adjusted accordingly.

If you decide you want to design a logo by yourself, but have no idea where to start. I would like to suggest you try out DesignEvo, which allows you to design a logo by providing 9000+ well-designed templates. It is possible to create a professional logo through online programs, without having to download any software on your PC and without necessarily having any design talent. Okay. Let's see how to use DesignEvo now.

To use this tool and start creating your own logo, the first thing you need to do is open your favorite browser and go to the official website: https://www.designevo.com/.
DesignEvo Review - Easy online logo maker

After you have chosen the template you prefer, you can type the name of the company or project for in the pop-up text field and click on the green button get started.

DesignEvo Review - Easy online logo maker

You will find that DesignEvo focuses on the four key aspects of an optimal logo: Icon, Text, Shape, and Background. If you use these different functions to customize your template, your logo will not only appeal to your potential customers but will also get some recognition that the company needs.

DesignEvo Review - Easy online logo maker

Besides, all forms and texts can be modified through the integrated tools visible on the screen, such as Flip which is used for rotation, Opacity which regulates the degree of transparency and other effects, all useful functions for conveniently customize your design.

DesignEvo Review - Easy online logo maker

As soon as you are satisfied with the results, click on the green button download. DesignEvo allows users to download a low-resolution free logo. You can also choose to purchase its basic version, which costs $29.99.

Anyway, if you are not very good at designing logos, DesignEvo is the tool that could do for you. As you have seen, in addition to being characterized by a very intuitive interface that greatly facilitates its use, DesignEvo allows you to create logos starting from highly customizable templates.

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