Jul 10, 2019

Browser Push Notifications: Principles Of Operation And Benefits

Browser Push Notifications: Principles Of Operation And Benefits

How it works?

  • Sending push notifications are possible only after the user's consent! (permission in the dialog box on the site). Sending spam is technologically excluded.
  • The user receives short notifications directly to the desktop, regardless of whether the browser is open or not.
  • A click on the notification leads the user to the page indicated by the sender
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Pushnotifications are a great way to always keep subscribers updated with the latest updates (news and articles, new products on the site, order processing, account renewal reminders, etc.). Now the receipt of significant news for the subscriber does not depend on how many times a day he checks e-mail and if the message is not in spam. And this is an opportunity to return the user to the site. And while push notifications are supported only by Chrome and Safari browsers, this is already a potential reach of 350 million users worldwide.

Benefits of push notifications:

  • Displayed on top of all windows, even if the browser is closed
  • Simplified subscription process (you need to click only the button "Allow")
  • Accurate hit to the target audience
  • No need to install additional applications or plugins to receive push notifications.
  • When clicked, the subscriber goes directly to the site
  • Users do not receive spam, as they give their permission to send to the device they subscribed to.
  • Cross-platform (come to computers and mobile devices)
  • Communication with the subscriber in real time (messages come instantly)
  • The price of push is several times lower than SMS
  • Unsubscribe occurs in one click

Who Else Can Push Notifications Be Useful For?

Online Stores Or Services

Now you can report on promotions and great deals in real time, as push notifications come to your subscribers instantly. When a customer has ordered a product, you can send him a push notification “Order accepted”, then a notification about payment, sending and receiving.

If you are segmenting the audience by the purchases made earlier, then with the help of push, you can report on new arrivals or sale of your favorite brands of buyers. Believe me, they will be happy and surprised. In order to make this new channel more effective, it is important that the notifications meet the interests of the subscribers.

If a visitor spent more than 10 minutes on the page of a certain product, you can send him a push-notification with a 10% discount on this product, provided you purchase within 30 minutes. Such trigger notifications will encourage a potential client to take targeted action.

The most common problem of all online stores is an abandoned basket. According to statistics,  visitors throw 2 baskets out of 3. Some drop out and start looking for lower prices, while others leave the site during the payment process. Most importantly, such buyers demonstrate the intention to make a purchase. This needs to be used. Push notifications are a new tool for reducing the number of abandoned baskets.

When developing the next advertising campaign, consider the fact that push notifications are much cheaper than SMS. This will help you minimize the waste of transactional messages.

Event Marketing And Education

Informing subscribers to the audience about the webinar, presentation, concert, etc. You can start sending notifications a month before the event, gradually telling subscribers what is new and useful they will get for themselves from the program, what emotions they will get.


Push notifications are a new channel to alert readers to new blog posts. This method is now extremely relevant, as the Internet is oversaturated with information, the number of mailings, websites, blogs, etc. Each author wants to achieve recognition, interest, and involvement with the audience. Push notifications can add functionality to the site, expand the target audience, promote the promotion, and most importantly, make it easier for users to subscribe and always keep them up to date with the latest news.

Browser Push Notifications: Principles Of Operation And Benefits

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