Jun 14, 2019

Action Plan for Conversion Rate Optimization in 2019

 Action Plan for Conversion Rate Optimization in 2019

Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO, is a process to increase the percentage of website visitors into consumers, or for them to perform any significant action on the website. Not only is bringing viewers to your website a challenge but converting them into customers is another time-consuming and difficult process. However, by following proper guidelines, you can make the most out of Conversion Rate Optimization in 2019.

Action Plan for Conversion Rate Optimization

1. Make the most out of SEO: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process which affects the online visibility of your website or webpage. Thus, it is a tactic, which if properly employed, can not only lead to more organic visitors but can also convert them to customers. Whyis SEO necessary in 2019? The image you run a used car shop in Dubai and it is located in an area with five other similar businesses. 

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Want customers to find your shop first? Then use SEO effectively in order for your website to show up at the top of search results. Again, SEO is mostly concerned with bringing potential customers to the website and not with conversion rates. However, no conversion would be possible without the proper utilization of SEO. There are many SEO strategies that you can use including proper utilization of keywords, inputting inbound and outbound links, as well as following a specific word limit. 

You can also choose the appropriate CMS (Content Management System) which is responsible for the creation and distribution of content. WordPress is a popular CMS as it offers many SEO plug-ins with Yoast SEO being one of the most frequently used ones among them.

2. Take advantage of social media: Businesses can benefit as much from social media as consumers do on a daily basis. Popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are home to millions of potential customers with registered users increasing on an annual basis. 

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But taking advantage of social media doesn't simply mean creating a Facebook page or Twitter account for your business. You should know which site is optimized for what type of content. For example, Instagram and Pinterest are optimized for imagery while YouTube and Twitch are appropriate for video. You can also hire a digital media agency as there are many in Dubai right now. Plus, it is difficult to balance handling your business along with your company's website.

3. Balance your approach between platforms: Smartphone users are rising as rapidly as social media users. One main reason for this is competition between smartphone companies which leads to an abundance of smartphones available to be purchased by potential customers. Another reason to emphasize on mobile users is that in the United Arab Emirates, the majority of mobile users are the young and this leads to a vast segment of the population ready to be targeted by businesses. 

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However, emphasizing mobile users does not mean that PC users should be ignored. Majority of PC users generate the most valuable orders. Thus, balancing both platforms will lead to the greatest success in CRO for your website in 2019.

4. Make a proper timeline of actions to be taken: If your goal is to improve CRO in the long term for 2019 that doesn't mean you should be taking actions simultaneously. If you want to work on website design, then do that before and not alongside composing SEO-friendly articles.

5. User experience is key: One of the strongest aspects of website design is user experience (UX). If the website that people visit to make a purchase isn't working properly or looks inappropriate then the Action Plan for CRO in 2019 would fail. Thus, remember to fix all the problems relating to your website so that visitors not only glance at your website but stay long enough to take a favorable action.

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6. Stay up to date: 2019 is another year of technological innovation. Each year brings advancement in digitization. So be aware of the latest technological trends relating to CRO. Gain feedback from friends on your website changes. Research articles on CRO successes in 2018. Etc.

7. 2019 CRO Action Plan is not a one-person endeavor: The Action Plan for CRO in 2019 cannot be done by a single person. Remember to involve teammates as much as possible. Present your strategies to the higher-ups at your company. Listen to advice from people who are outside your department as you never know where the next viable idea could come from.

8. Sales are not the only aspect relating to CRO: Alright, so you utilized SEO effectively for people to visit your site to gain an answer to their questions. But not all of these visitors will convert into customers. Your primary goal shouldn't be sales. Some strategies will allow consumers to come back for more. Many websites offer free PDF guides along with other perks when a customer makes a purchase. 

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Maybe you could offer the option of email subscription to your customers after they have made a purchase. Also, focus on pre-sales tactics as well. Inputting a how-to video alongside your SEO-orientated articles' text might lead to users subscribing to your YouTube channel (if you have one) as well. This leads to better CRO in the long run.

9. Don't forget to monitor and evaluate: Okay, so you have executed your Action Plan for CRO in 2019. But that doesn't mean you should simply let it run unmonitored towards the end of the year. Review monthly reports to evaluate which tactics are working and which are not. Google Analytics is an immensely useful tool in this regard. 

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