Jan 2, 2022

4 hosting mistakes that prevent you from getting digital rewards

4 hosting mistakes that prevent you from getting digital rewards
There are many hosting mistakes such as no SSL certification, going against the guideline of SEO, not focusing on bandwidth, low-level security, web hosting plan limitations, etc.

Either it’s a business web hosting or corporate hosting, in one way or other when we can’t understand web hosting solutions properly, we often commit mistakes that result in low site performance, increased downtime, malicious issues, and more.

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In order to counterfeit it, your must need is to roll out a healthy plan for the site hosting.

It is not always you're a mistake because maybe you are a non-tech person or you have less knowledge about hosting. In any case, your site face processing issues, and the traffic on your website suffers.

More importantly, your visitors, consumers, regular customers, and others lose a connection which you established with the help of digital rewards.

What Are Digital Rewards?

Motivating employees and customers to visit on your site is a never-ending challenge for the site owners. Publishing a detailed-oriented creative content is one significant factor in getting more traffic.

However, nowadays, visitors want more from your site; actually, they want rewards from you on your site visit. Digital rewards help in establishing a connection with the consumers.

A digital reward is a kind of incentive to the customers given by site owners such that they revisit you. It means you are tempting the consumers/customers for your business benefit, but providing them what they deserve, i.e., reward.
Though digital rewards are the same as physical rewards we get from the shop owners, online digital rewards are open for every site visitors.

"There are kinds of digital rewards like coupon codes, offers, freebies, gift rewards, surveys, loyalty cards, membership cards, extra services, etc. These rewards on your site work as an attraction to the consumers."

Once these rewards are on your online platform, then the consumer gets attached to your site and keeps visiting it. There are several advantages of digital rewards, but the most important one is that your traffic increases once these rewards come into public eyes.

The second advantage is if your traffic increases, then you need the best out of the best hosting plan. And keeping that in mind, I am going to tell you the 4 hosting mistakes that prevent you from getting digital rewards on your website.

Remember, a cheap host giving you hosting services can impact your web future. Thus, rather than looking for affordable web hosting services, I suggest to lookout for the best hosting services or hosting provider.

Never Make These Web Hosting Mistakes

There are lots of options available in web hosting services, but the choice to chose one as per your needs makes it harder. If your decision goes wrong, then your website performance will suffer.

A poor website performance provides you poor user experience. Consequently, good user experience uplifts your business in search engine rankings.

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In the long-run, simple web hosting mistakes hurt your business eventually, putting a big dent in your profit margins. So avoid making below hosting mistakes in the first place.

Understand How Host Affects SEO

Choosing the wrong web hosting puts your hard work in vain and decreases SEO. There are many ways how negatively host impacts your SEO. Some are discussed below:

  • Slowly loading website damage your web credibility, people receive bad experiences, you don’t get a chance to use digital rewards, which ultimately reduce your web traffic.
  • If people click through your site but quickly leave, they didn’t find what they are looking for, which increase your bounce rate and reduce your rankings.
  • In a shared hosting service, if other websites quality is low, credibility in the eyes of search engines is weak, which prevent you from getting coupon codes, offers, gift cards, etc.
  • A frequent downtime, database connection errors, and speed issues lead to poor user experience.

“Don’t only follow positive reviews, follow negative one too while choosing a hosting plan and reacting to irregularities quickly.”

Know What You Get

Downtime is when your website isn’t available when someone tries to visit it. It’s why we sometimes face 404 error page while browsing the net.

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Many business owners don’t take note on this and fail to get the profits from digital rewards. Before, choosing any hosting, you should be asking the following questions:

  • How much of the storage and bandwidth I will get?
  • Can I use SSH (Secure Shell) on my website?
  • Is it possible to maintain multiple POP accounts?
  • Can I add any new software without taking the help of a developer?

Not Using SSL Certification

For most search engines, an SSL certificate is must for a website. Providing a secure site for your audience to access digital rewards is a must.

Make sure your web hosting provides give it to you. More importantly, web hosts include an SSL in your package, not like an add-on.

Cheap Or Free Website Hosting Solutions Is Your Call

Though a cheap host can save your money now, later on, it can become less productive. Sites hosted with free services rank lower in search engines. This is a problematic situation for a lot of businesses because;
  • Site downtime increases
  • Running scripts for animations or videos in digital rewards tends to become impossible
  • Even more, you don’t get the chance to advertise something on your site, which could have become the best digital reward from you to consumers.
However, all of this can be prevented with the right web hosting service. You can grow your business, can make consumers go gaga with digital rewards over your websites.

It is achievable by avoiding these key mistakes and remaining top of your competition.


Digital the reward is considered as an incentive to the consumers from the site owner in the hope that they revisit them. However, you may give the best rewards to them, but if your website hosting isn’t well enough, then the rewards will never come in the public eyes. Hence, this article is about avoiding the key mistakes of hosting and choosing the right hosting plan for your site.

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