Mar 20, 2019

3 Best Laptops for Bloggers

3 Best Laptops for Bloggers - Guide Tricks

Most Bloggers have a very busy routine. This is because of the work they do. They have to do simultaneous tasks together.

Things link writing new posts, getting in touch with people through email or social platforms, setting up the technicalities of their website and much.

For this very reason, a blogger needs to have the best laptop so he/she could easily set up all the tasks and do them efficiently.

Additionally, the majority of bloggers also love gaming. This is why bloggers mostly like to have a laptop which has good gaming performance too. For all these things mentioned above, we have brought together a list of 3 best laptops for bloggers. These laptops are definitely up to the mark and overall good performers.

1.  Apple MacBook Air 13”

There is a separate class of users who always prefer Mac over windows laptops. This is because of the way a Mac operates. MacBooks are always good for professional use and there are a number of reasons for that.

Apple MacBook Air 13” is a nice piece of advanced technology. It is thin, lightweight and is super-fast. By default, MacBook’s OS is designed in such a way that it makes it fast and does not hang. This enhances our multi-tasking capabilities.

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Another good reason for a blogger to own an Mc is the charging. On average a MacBook can give you around 12 hours of battery backup. Now 12 hours means half a day. No one would be using his/her laptop for such a long time, but even if one does then 12 hours is a very good battery backup time.

2.  Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

For quite a long time MacBook had no face to face competitor which would look straight into the eyes. But then a few years ago, Microsoft rolled out the Surface Laptop and then the Surface Laptop 2.

These are state of the art laptops having a good thin design, good performance, and a massive battery backup.

It has elegant looks because of the fabric used in manufacturing. Design aside, performance wise it is a beast. It comes with all the latest tech components for fast speed.

It can be called a MacBook for Windows lovers. From the outer side, design, looks, and battery one would as if it’s a Mac but from the inside, it’s a windows laptop. But the fact, that no windows laptop can beat it so far.

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So for a blogger, it is going to be the best option. You can carry it easily anywhere because it is lightweight and has a nice battery backup of over 12 hours.

3.  Razer Blade Pro

And finally, at number 3 we have Razer Blade Pro which is a gaming laptop. And as we mentioned earlier that the majority of bloggers are good gamers too. This is why they should have a laptop which is good or gaming and professional use at the same.

The reason we’ve chosen this laptop is that if we talk about its gaming performance, it is simply unbeatable. And on the other side, it is lightweight, has good battery timing, a big screen, and very much portable. All of this makes it a good gaming laptop for work and play together.

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Additionally, it comes with a GTX 1080 GPU which means video editing could be made easier and quicker. Because some bloggers like to add videos to their posts too, for them this one is going to be a perfect choice. or also laptop hungry

So, these were the 3 best laptops for bloggers. These laptops may have a higher price tag, but the work they do and the way they make your work easy and fun are quite amazing. Hope you liked one of these for yourself.

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