Mar 22, 2019

Most Profitable Business Ideas For The 2019

Most Profitable Business Ideas For The 2019

Starting your own business in 2019 is not less than a great idea. You are lucky if you have a startup right team, if not even then no worries. There are various examples in the business sector where people started on their own and made a huge sum of the money.

A good and ideal business needs a professional attitude, enthusiasm, and hard work. If you have these three you can conquer the world.

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The following article will give you 12 great business ideas where one person is responsible for analyzing, designing, planning, executing and coding the whole business.

1. Insurance and Finance Firm

If you want to invest in something that generates ongoing revenue for the next many years then the insurance firm is the right business opportunity, as customers buy insured products keeping in mind that coverage will be there. Among the best insurance products are a lifetime, whole health or term annuity products, automobile, causality, homeowners, disability and property. You can have a franchise or your own insurance firm with a proper license.

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Likewise, starting a finance company on your own is also a great idea.  One should have a strong business plan in order to make the company huge success along with the detailed product line and understanding the requirements of the customers. You need to met funding requirements and have to follow federal and state rules and regulations.

The average revenue from insurance and finance firms are around $5million.

2. Retail

As a single person, you can also open some retail shop. The startup is no doubt bit difficult as many hurdles are there but with proper planning everything is possible.

In order to open the retail business first decide on the products, you want to include. Find a suitable and right location, prepare all the legal documents, select a name, make store policies, make relations with vendors and do the intensive marketing plan. If you want to have a retail shop, one can earn from $2.5 million to $4.99.

3. Real Estate Manager

Being the real estate manager, you are responsible for tenant interaction and management of rent. He also deals with apartment or home repairs apart from collecting rents. If you have skills like property, social and good communication, you can be a real estate manager. Moreover, in order to be more competitive, you should have good knowledge of accounts, fiancé, local laws and taxation.

As a  real estate manager, you can make $47k annually and if you are experienced then you can earn $72k annually.

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4. Designer

Being a freelance designer is a great idea to enter the market. You should have some product design in mind and then the success depends on the definition, specification, and implementation of a design. One can be any designer such as fashion designer, jewelry designer, graphic designer, interior designer, and  UX designer. Always make sure about the design you want to sell and also the latest designs and likes people prefer to buy.

5. Currency Miners

Through currency miners, a new currency comes to the market when the transaction is added to the public ledger and are verified. If you have the right hardware and good internet connection you can start this business. The famous currencies are doge coins, lite coins, feather coins, and bitcoins. The importance of these lies in security and privacy.

6. E-commerce Store

You can also have an e-commerce store and start selling your valuable products to the rest of the world. The stores are much easy like word press where you just pick and drop the item to the world.e-commerce stores are basically linked to the big website like Ali express and Amazon.  You can go for two options one to choose products from the e-commerce associated portal and secondly you can sell clients products or your own. When you choose products from different websites, you are not worried about delivery and shipping.  Even if you are not a technical person, even then this business is for you.

Just advertise your website or products as you will make huge commissions with the sales.

7. Fast Food

It's hard to believe that revenue from fast food business is more than 570 billion dollars annually and it is ideal to invest in that business. Fast food is the service which is always been in high demand and still rising. If you are a good cook or have some nice cooking staff, start your own fast food.  You can choose any fast food items as per the market want such as pizza, burger, pastries, cake, Pani puri, samosa, patties and much more.

8. Seller on E-commerce

If you have some great products to sell such as clothes, shoes, watches, books, electric goods, gifts cards then you can register on e-commerce platforms and make a huge living. Shopping world is highly competitive, get the basic rights and start selling on Flipkart, eBay, and Amazon.

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The best approach is to get huge stock at a cheap wholesale rate and then sell it as a good price. Keep in mind different parameters of sale such as the return of item when finalizing the price.

9. Coach/tutor/trainer

The biggest source of income nowadays is from online coaching and training. If you have good teaching skills, you can earn as much as you want. You can sit at home and teach others from around the world. You need to register yourself with some websites and bypassing the interview job is in your hand. You can earn more than 20 dollars for one hour.

Online training and coaching is the biggest source of income now. You can earn as much as you can with the help of your teaching skills. According to the article by The Daily Telegraph, the online teaching industry has grown by about 40% in the past five years, adding approximately $6 billion to the economy. Nationally about 36,100 people now telling that teaching is their primary job, their average earning is around $1400 each week.

So, why don’t you try your hands on this business? As per your skills you can charge Rs1 to Rs 100000/ hour from your client.

10. Start a YouTube Channel

Google-owned YouTube which is a website for sharing videos. If you have an account, you can simply start earning money by uploading videos. It is without any fee and even a video from a smartphone can be uploaded. However, in order to earn more the video quality and content should be great.

11. Child Care

If you are free, have the patience to keep kids at home convert your home into the daycare center. Ladies are usually very loving towards kids and if you so then start this business. People are earning huge from this business idea. There is a huge demand for child care as more women are joining the workforce.  Learn about childcare and safety and start a daycare center.

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Among childcare, you can also go for a nanny, childcare assistant,  caretaker at playschool, a teacher at a daycare, day mother and much more.
12. Mobile Laundry Service

Mobile laundry business is for busy people who don’t have time because of a busy life at home or work. In this business, you go to customers’ homes, pick the laundry and then returned them iron and clean dresses.

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Laundry business is growing at a rapid pace and to get the benefits you can start this business today. You can set up the business in a good location such as town, tier II cities, and big metros. You don’t need to be technical, it just requires enthusiasm, energy, and effort. It also doesn't require huge investment as a proper workforce, nice cool and steam irons, a vehicle for pick up and drops off is required.

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