Feb 6, 2019

Scan And Update Your Windows Drivers With Driver Tonic

Scan And Update Your Windows Drivers With Driver Tonic

A Download driver tonic with free activation code is what you need to keep your PC drivers up-to-date.

Now, this being said you must be wondering - what is driver tonic?

Well, driver tonic is an excellent driver update utility that helps you install the latest drivers for your PC with only a few clicks.

Not enough information? Wish to know more?

You are in the right place. This Driver Tonic driver updater review can help you.

In this article, you will know about its features, highlights, and benefits so you can make the right choice.

Driver Tonic - Free Driver Updater for Windows Review

You need a utility software like driver tonic driver updater to keep your system perform at optimal pace and increase stability. It scans and detects corrupt, broken, outdated drivers, download the latest updates and installs it automatically on your system.

Key Features of Driver Tonic

Like other similar software found online, this driver updater has some very cool and important features. Some of the most mentionable ones include the following:

1. Installs drivers very quickly, thanks to it foolproof machine learning technology while maintaining speed and quality at the same time.

2. Update drivers for Windows and cleans invalid registries in a very short time.

3. Improves overall PC performance and keeps the system optimized.

4. Does not need an active internet connection to perform properly.

5. Scans detect and download the latest drivers automatically. No manual interruptions required.

6.  Offers one-of-a-kind backup and restore features.

7. Driver Tonic is safe to use.

8. Solves all driver-related issues without you having to go through it manually.

9. Actively keeps track of motherboard, USB, graphics card, wireless adapter, sound card drivers and more.

10. Finds which drivers are outdated and update them automatically.

These are the major features of Driver Tonic driver updater. From automatic scans and updates to keeping backups, everything is perfectly designed and programmed.

Sometimes the latest driver updates may be full of bugs and may not function properly. In such a case, you can go back to the older version by restore backup. System restore feature makes sure that you can roll back your system if something goes wrong.

Furthermore, you can update your drivers automatically which is great. Driver Tonic downloads and installs only certified drivers from official manufacturers. So, of course, it is a lot secure than you think.

Updates by Driver Tonic

A lot of uses face driver related problems like a sound issue, network driver not working and similar incompatibilities. Driver Tonic is the best driver updater tool in this case. It can scan, find and fix broken and faulty drivers by keeping them updated to the latest version.

Here is a list of the most drivers Driver Tonic updates.

•           Updates Mouse drivers.
•           Updates Printer drivers.
•           Updates Drivers for TV cards.
•           Updates Drivers for cell phones.
•           Updates Modem drivers.
•           Updates Motherboard drivers.
•           Updates Monitor drivers for all Users.
•           Updates SCSI drivers.
•           Updates WLAN drivers and Wi-Fi drivers.
•           Updates USB drivers.
•           Updates Network card drivers
•           Updates drivers for network controllers
•           Updates Webcam drivers.
•           Updates Drivers for Bluetooth.
•           Updates Keyboard drivers.
•           Updates Hard disk drive drivers.
•           Updates external hard drive drivers and RAID controllers.
•           Updates Drivers for DVD and CD drives.
•           Updates Blu-ray drives.
•           Updates all Sound card drivers.
•           Updates all audio drivers.

A few other updates include drivers for DVD / Blu-Ray, SSD / NAS, Firmware, Media Players, Card Readers, Joystick, Network Card, HDD / USB Flash, Digital Camera, Camcorder, BIOS, Sound Card, cell phones, etc.

Driver Tonic – Interface

Driver Tonic has a very clean and easy-to-use interface. As you open the driver update software, you will find a big button at the center to fix your driver and registry related issues.

This is the scan button and after you are done with the scanning, you will be redirected to the scan result screen that displays a list of all the items that needs fixing.  This way you can understand the drivers’ update condition in your system.

Driver Tonic – Performance and Details

The driver download speed is pretty fast. Even the installation process is very smooth. And there’s the one-click update and fix button too. Overall, this free driver updater for Windows does a decent job, and you will like it.

Another good thing about Driver Tonic is it downloads drivers from authentic manufactures only. This means you are bound to get on the compatible driver updates which are great.

Driver Tonic – Extra Features

Apart from driver update, here are a few additional features that come with Driver Tonic.

1.         Web protection: Driver Tonic offers online security to its users with its Web Protection module. It creates a safer online experience so malware infections cannot reach you. It even blocks suspicious websites and downloads for you.

2.         Invalid registry scan: Okay, let’s first get this straight. Invalid registries are not harmful to your system. But it is wise to clean it from time to time as it can boost the communication time between various software and system registries. With Driver Tonic, you can clean or fix such invalid registries with a single click.


If you are a Windows users, this driver update can, in fact, prove to be good for your PC. It not only finds the latest compatible drivers but also installs them for you.

This all-in-one device updater software has all fixes for you. And it is truly automatic. It will automatically search for updates, download the updates, and then installs them to your system without the need for any manual interruption. This is what makes it handy and popular among users.

Driver Tonic also keeps backup and restore drivers if something goes wrong during the process. As mentioned, you also get a free registry cleaner to scan, detect and clean invalid registries.

Then there is the add-on web protection feature for secure and safe browsing. This pretty much sums it all.

You can try this driver update utility for free, i.e. without the driver tonic activation code before purchasing.

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