Feb 11, 2019

Latest Smartphone Games for Kids

Latest Smartphone Games for Kids

The use of a smartphone is increase day to day in the world. The kids demand something special for their smartphones. There is a massive collection of video games that are available on the Google Play Store for Android and App Store for Apple Products. However, we researched on latest smartphone games for kids and collected the top five most popular games for kids.

Temple Run

Take the idol if you dare! Temple run is a full stirring and fantastic game. The primary endeavor of you is only run to the short way the monkeys are devotee you and you can just run.
Temple run game controls are simple. You can swipe the mobile to the right and left or collect the coins. You can face many challenges in a running way like trees, holes, broken bridges, lakes, and fires, etc.
However, You gain the coins on the way and spend these coins to unlocked the seven different typeset and collect the power Rup. You spend money on Utilities and play the game again with more features.
You can collect the different gifts on the way and use to increase your running speed. Try to forget the obstacles and run fast to achieve a high score by gathering a massive number of coins. We suggest you download, install and Play the temple run. Once you started playing Temple Run, then your next target is creating Records. We place Temple Run on the first position among the latest smartphone games for kids because is too much addictive.

Robbery Bob 2 MOD APK

In this digital world, we search for something to refresh ourselves and kill time. We examine about impressive miraculous and outstanding games. Play these games in free time is a new inclination and many collections are available on Google play store as well as App Store. However, if you like action games, then Robbery bob 2 is a perfect match for you.
In Robbery Bob 2, You will have to go in the house and rob the things, but when you craft a noise, you will hide to the help of hiding gadgets and also you will also have to hug the walls. And when the woman sees you in light and calls the guards, you have to go back swiftly. Otherwise, the guards will kill you.
In the latest version of Robbery Bob 2 Mod, you can see the tougher patrolling that trap you, and you can work to escape to this house and search the keys to unlocked the door, and you go away. we placed 2nd position of Robbery Bob 2 among the latest smartphone games for kids because it is a trending game nowadays.
If you have interest in Robbery Bob 2 MOD APK, then click on our URL and Download this game from here https://robberybob2modapk.com

Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is an operational game in which you have to run and collect incredible gifts. However, the sonic dash is the same as the Temple Run, but the features are different in this game.
You can also challenge your friends to play this game and beat your points. However, You can engage in recreation this game online and even offline but you have to play online if you want to break the records of the higher scores that every player gain and you try to beat this score and create a high score.
You can purchase the startling characters and gadgets in this game that help you to face challenges in this game. The Sonic Dash is a very uncomplicated and fantastic game for kids. we ranked Sonic dash third in latest smartphone games for kids.
The joysticks are very simple and effortless. You can role the dash to avoid the obstacles and run fast with the booster of your running. Also, at the end of running, you get a fantastic prize and a gift.

Minion Rush

Minion Rush is a fan preferred endless runner game. You can download this game from Google play store and enjoy the unlimited fun by playing Minion Rush. Minion rush is a running game in which you can run and collect the bananas.
The way is not uncomplicated and clear. But you can face the obstacles in your way you can forget these difficulties to jump roll and dodge to avoid the obstacles. It is a multiplayer game you can play this game with your social media friends.
Minion Rush also has online features, and you can challenge your friends in fast running. You get points during the running and amass the bananas to help you to purchase the things that you need in this game. we placed a minion rush on fourth in latest smartphone games for kids.
So, download this game from Google play store fast and run the endless way or get your running rewards.

Car Salon

Car Salon is an improbable game for car lovers. You can see all the new brands of car that need your service and repair the vehicles. You can build a fantastic car salon and fix the cars at high rates.
In this game, you can see a brand new car coming into your service station, and you need to repair the car and make it awesome. Car salon is poles apart to other games because you do not drive you can service the cars and get money.
The money that you gain after repairing a car is helping you to upgrade the mechanic skills, and drivers demand about other things. You can play this game online and get daily gifts and spin chances that give you lovely repairing tools free of cost. We have ranked Car salon on the fifth among the latest smartphone games for kids.
We recommend you to download and enjoy this lovely game. This game is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.


Every kid needs a beautiful collection of games for their smartphones, but we do not unearth any attractive type game on the Google Play Store or App Store. This is the reason we researched and finalized the latest smartphone games for kids. The above five games are amazing that encourage the skills and develop new ideas. So download these games and enjoy unlimited fun.

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